Free Procreate Cheatsheet: A PDF Guide to Brushes, Layers & the Can...

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    As we've shared here before, Procreate has quickly become professional designers' go-to app for digital illustration all around the world. Paired with robust stylus recognition, the app offers a truly intuitive user experience packed with shortcuts that enhance design productivity. Procreate's exciting possibilities have even inspired designers to create detailed brushes and brush packs to further extend its power.

    If you're just getting started with Procreate, or need a refresher on how different tools are used, download this free PDF cheatsheet. This straightforward 2-pager introduces you to the Procreate workspace, lists some of the most popular tools, explains how to use brushes to
    create artwork, and describes some of the features that make this app really unique.

    As always, we hope this resource improves your workflow and simplifies the process of learning and using Procreate. What's your favorite Procreate feature or tool? Let us know in the comments area below.

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    Free Procreate Cheatsheet

    Download it here


    Download it here

    Learn the basics of this powerful design app.

    A handy PDF guide listing tools, shortcuts, and unique Procreate features.


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