15 Things Incredibly Happy Creatives Do

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    The stereotype in our culture about artists—brooding and sensitive people dressed in black—is not applicable to all of us. While some do fit this mold, plenty of creatives are happy as can be. Misery doesn't necessarily make someone a better artist, so why not choose happiness instead? In this post, we are sharing 15 things that creative people do to keep their moods lighter and days happier. We've also selected a few quotes from some of our favorite creatives on Instagram to inspire you to be your happiest self:

    1. Set Boundaries

    Artists value freedom from the working world, but setting some rules for your creative time and space will improve the quality of your work. Happy creatives set a regular schedule to work with little to no distraction. They kindly inform clients, friends and colleagues about the best way/time to reach them.

    2. Give Back

    Blissful creatives support others. Whether it's as big as funding a friend's Kickstarter or simply saying that you like their work, encouragement goes far.

    3. Surround Themselves with Other Happy Creatives

    Creatives that prioritize their happiness seek out like-minded people in their area. Try to find events that interest you and mingle with the crowd. In 2015, we're sponsoring Dribbble Meetups all around the world. You're more than welcome to attend the next meetup near you.

    4. Find Time For Passions

    Days can fill up fast with work, school and other life events. Happy creatives open up their schedule to pursue different passions. Carving out a special time to create might seem like a feat, but it will positively impact your work and life.

    5. Grow Spiritually

    Spirituality is reflection, contemplation and meditation on the larger questions in life. Without a consistent spiritual practice, whatever that might look like for you, the routine can easily drain your energy. Happy creatives engage in some sort of soul-searching activity that adds meaning to everyday life.

    6. Take Care of Themselves

    Good health and personal care will make you feel and perform better. Go to the doctor for regular checkups, brush your teeth, eat healthy, and pamper yourself.

    7. Find Time to Rest

    Happy creatives maintain a consistent sleep routine to recharge their minds. Even night owls can find a way to ensure that they get enough hours of sleep. When working, try to take a break every once in a while and feel free to do something mindless.

    8. Avoid Drama

    Toxic people fuel toxic work. Create a peaceful environment by keeping honest, hard-working allies close and saying goodbye to the rest.

    9. Stick to a Plan

    Set real, concrete goals and stick to them. It's easy to let time get away from you. While a deadline does come with inherent pressure, nothing feels better than meeting a goal, especially if that goal is also a long-held dream.

    10. Don't Let Failure Define Them

    Failing is an inevitable result of creative experimentation, and happy creatives know it. It happens to the best of us. Instead of fretting about those failures, accept them as incremental steps in your progress and learn from them.

    11. Know Their Strengths

    Have you ever heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, king of none"? Ambition and multitasking are great attributes, but they will drive you crazy unless you focus. Try to stick with your strengths, no matter how scattered your passions may be.

    12. Put Themselves in Others' Shoes

    Empathy is beneficial to your happiness as well as your art. When you relate to another person by imagining yourself in their life, you gain invaluable insight.

    13. Open Up to New Things

    Nothing can kill creativity and happiness faster than banality. Make sure that you're trying out not only new creative techniques, but also novel activities outside the office. Go visit exotic restaurants, catch up on new TV shows and movies, and experience unfamiliar music. The best artists consume as much as possible.

    14. Avoid Comparison

    Success is one of the most subjective elements of life--there will always be someone better than you and there will always be someone better than them. Stay focused on your own progress instead of how others are succeeding or failing. All flowers bloom in different cycles and patterns, which keeps life interesting and beautiful.

    15. Enjoy the Little Moments

    "Stop and smell the roses" is a time-honored adage for a reason. Learn to enjoy everything in your life, starting with the simplest joys. Appreciate your successes, no matter how small they seem.

    True happiness doesn't happen overnight. However, incorporating these 15 tips into your regular routine will set you on the path to bliss. Develop these good habits and enjoy a happy creative life.

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