Did you know that the Queen has her own Pantone swatches?

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    A few years back, when the Queen of England was celebrating 60 years on the throne, Leo Burnett London decided to get together with Pantone to do something special to celebrate the occasion. The result was a truly unique Pantone color guide, all done using the Queen herself as the focus.

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    No seriously, that's what they did. Look:

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    The concept was sound: the Queen is famous for perfectly matching her clothing, so why not show her in all different shades of the color spectrum? The results were glorious, to say the least.

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    And just for an added bonus, they created this video:

    These were a limited-edition run, so I don't imagine that you'll be finding any of these out for sale. But maybe if you do some digging on eBay, you'll find one of your own. Either way, this was a cool idea.

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