Design News for July 19 - 25

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    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Every Friday, we'll be sharing a round-up of what's happening in the Design Industry, such as new digital product announcements, platforms being launched, unique peer projects, interesting experiments and much more. Follow along as we keep a pulse on exciting news in design each week.

    Here's our recap for the week of July 19th through 25th, 2014.

    Responsive Logos

    An exploration into scalable logos for the modern web by Joe Harrison. This looks really promising for identities that contain multiple elements.

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    Giffer App

    Here at Creative Market, we love a good animated gif—some of us more than others. Whatever kind of animated gifs you like, now you can quickly and easily create or collect them on the go with this awesome iPhone app.

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    Browse the largest marketplace for unique brands with available domain names. A very handy platform to dig through if you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your start-up.

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    Narwhals Podcast

    Narwhals is a podcast by Drew Wilson and Keiran Flanigan about design, development, business, family, fun and more. They’ve already posted their first episode, and we can expect many more to come!

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    Check out this nifty click effect inspired by Google’s Material Design project.

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    Foursquare Redesign

    Last week, Foursquare quietly announced their upcoming new logo and platform—teasing users with visuals over on their blog. Despite the grumblings of the community around the fact that they pulled check-ins into a different app named Swarm, the revised logo and app looks pretty great so far.

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    Looking for efficient access to Git on your Mac? Then Tower2 is the version control app that you’ve been missing. Check it out.

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    Design Salaries 2014 Survey Results

    With over 1,000 responses from 58 countries, have a look at the highlights from this robust survey that collected great data on what designers are making these days. (via Cameron Moll)

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    Sagmeister and Problem with Storytelling

    The infamous designer Stefan Sagmeister is at it again, this time calling out designers and creative professionals for their use of the label “storytelling” for the craft of design. (via Creative Review)

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    AirBnB Redesign

    The popular travel lodgings start-up got a controversial identity redesign. The agency which produced the work, Design Studio, offered up behind-the-scenes in the form of a blog post for those who are curious about the project. Also, check out the story of the new mark on Airbnb’s blog post, Belong Anywhere.

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    Macaw 1.5

    The folks behind Macaw are at it again! They just published version 1.5, which includes a ton of exciting features, such as rich text, element states, display toggling embed tools, responsive properties, layout engine enhancements and more.

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    Media Temple Account Center Redesign

    Do you use Media Temple? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that they’ve just redesigned their account center (it's open for beta use), and it’s looking much more functional and clean.

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    Ugmonk Look Book 2014

    Jeff and team just launched their latest 2014 look book, which captures the current inventory of products in a hip urban and natural settings. The shots beautifully capture the spirit of the Ugmonk brand.

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    The New Yorker Redesigned

    Who doesn’t like the classy historic publication, The New Yorker? Well, we’re all in luck — it just got a fancy new responsive redesign.

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    Can I Use

    If you need know what web elements and code snippets are supported on which browsers and devices, then browse through this handy archive.

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    Compyx: 8-Bit Multicolor Font

    After creating a CSS hack for multicolor icon fonts, Pixelambacht discovered that brewers were about to support true multicolor fonts so he decided to build out a layered pixel font reminiscent of the NES gaming days. The 8-bit font captures the video game glory of the 80s through a smart implementation of SVGs.

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    Austin Kleon: 10 Things

    Austin-based writer and artist Austin Kleon shares his top 10 things each week on his email newsletter. He shares a mixture of inspiration, books, artists, projects and much more.

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    Shopify + Dribbble Playoff

    Dribbble and Shopify launched a Playoff in the theme of “Design is ___.” Simply post a rebound to the original piece by Paul Pritchard — depicting your definition design and try your hand at winning some great prizes.

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    Created by Xether Labs, Ultratext is fast, colorful and the currently the #2 messaging app. Have a look at what all the rage is about.

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    This might possibly be the newest trend of advertising in digital — ads that leverage exclusive “exit-intent” technology to pop up an ad as you leave a website.

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    Mountain Game

    A charming experiment for Mac, PC or Linux, Mountain is a simulator that’s meant to relax and inspire viewers of all ages. In general, time moves forward and things grow and die on your mountain as you watch nature expressing itself.

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    Hotel Wifi Test

    Many of us require great web speeds as we travel. Check out this Internet speed testing website that can detect the actual speed of your current hotel’s Internet connection, or browse locations and get stats on the number of hotels tested and the strength of the signal too.

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    Less Accounting

    A project created by Allan Branch, Less Accounting is a story book that Allan wrote with his son and he’ll send you a copy for free. It explain what an entrepreneur does for kids age 4-13.

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    RWD Bloat

    Read this article by the talented Dave Rupert to learn about why responsive web design nets a bad rap for poor web performance.

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    Star Wars VII Cameo

    This might quite be the dream for the generation that grew up in the 80s: apply for a chance to have a cameo in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII that’s being directed by J.J. Abrams by supporting the charity, UNICEF. Expires at the end of the day today!

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    Emmy Nominations for Title Sequences

    Beautiful title sequences are always captivating, and it’s no surprise that the 2014 Emmy Nominations for main title sequence got a ton of interest as they were announced this week. Have a look at this dive into the top 5 intros of this year on Art of the Title.

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    Matter App

    Add 3D images to photos on your smart phone. Interesting stuff in an app format.

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    Google Analytics Dedicated iPhone App

    Google recently launched a much needed dedicated iPhone app targeting their Analytics platform. This is extremely helpful for folks who want to check their traffic sources on the go. (via TechCrunch)

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    Facebook Save Feature

    Sometimes, "right now" isn't the best time to read an article that you stumble across in your Facebook feed, which is why the social network giant launched their new Save feature. It's one of those features that makes you wonder why it hasn't been a part of their service all along.

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    Badge-Hunting Club Unite!

    Allan Peters has been growing a campaign for his personal side project, Badgehunting. He’s making badges for popular cities, posting them on Dribbble, making shirts to crowd fund on Cotton Bureau (Minneapolis, Chicago), and wrote about uniting the project over on his blog.

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    InVision: Comprehensive Reading List for Designers

    Looking for more great articles to read? InVision has collected an excellent reading list for designers that is totally worth combing through. Enjoy!

    What Did We Miss?

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