How to Create an Engraved Effect in Photoshop: Brushes & Actions

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  1. Antique Engravings PS Brushes

    Antique Engravings PS Brushes

    35 PS Brushes (.abr) gleaned from 18th Century engravings.

  2. Etching Photoshop Action

    Etching Photoshop Action

    - Easy to use - Well organized layers - Fully editable layers - Easy to customize - Non-destructive actions - Well documented instructions - This action has been tested and works on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2014 (tested in English version) - Recommended to use high resolution photo sizes between 1000 – 5000px (min resolution: 72dpi) **ATTENTION!!! BEFORE USE DO THIS OPERATIONS!!!** - Make sure you are using the ENGLISH version of Photoshop; - Go to: Image / Mode and check the "RGB color" and "8 Bits/Channel"; - (Just for CS5 and higher versions) Click on menu icon at the right on "LAYERS" panel and go to "Panel Option...", and check the "Add "copy" to Copied Layers and Groups". **HOW TO USE ACTION?** - Open the action (for that go to: Window / Actions, click on menu icon at the right and choose in list "Load Actions..." then find the action on your computer and open it; - Open your background image; - Find action in the action list and open it and click play - Wait a few seconds that Photoshop make all actions (speed of action work depends of the power of your computer); - Then change the colors and Effects if you need - Ready! just save. ------------------------------------------ Thanks for viewing! Please donít forget about rating :) ------------------------------------------

  3. Etch Vintage Photoshop Effects

    Etch Vintage Photoshop Effects

    Introducing Etch! Photoshop Text Styles created with smart layers No rasterising necessary, use on live, editable text! Just double click the first smart layer in the stack, change your text or drop in a shape and save. Styles are layered to allow easy customisation. Works on objects too. What you get: • 1 Adobe Photoshop file with all 5 text styles in individual, colour coded folders, clearly labelled. • Background texture is included. Requirements: Photoshop CS3 and upward. This file is not compatible with illustrator, or any other graphics program besides Adobe Photoshop. Basic skills using smart objects, smart filters and layer styles in photoshop.

  4. Money Engraving Photoshop Action

    Money Engraving Photoshop Action

    Turn your photos into actual currency. Recreate the look of a traditional money engraving effect in Adobe Photoshop. No Photoshop skill? Don't worry, this action just plug and play. you can use your self. for the beginner the step by step video included in the download folder. In addition, you can also apply the glitch effect after you engrave your photo, so at the same time, you are able to apply to engrave and glitch in your image. Please see the example in the preview image. The super exciting news is the final output also ready to use in adobe illustrator. when you play the action you will get a message for saving it for adobe illustrator, just save and use it later in illustrator. Easy right!!!!

  5. Quick Engrave - Engraver Effect

    Quick Engrave - Engraver Effect

    Introducing the **Quick Engrave Effect**. This effect will take your artwork and convert it into an engraved image in seconds! Load the patterns and actions in Photoshop, and hit play! There are several options to choose from, depending on how intense you want the effect to be. There are also two different engraving methods to choose from, for a total of **6 actions**. You have a lot of customization options with the **Quick Engrave Effect**. You can move your image around and tweak it to your liking, with the effect still 'live' until you're completely happy with the results. As well, if you want to adjust the shadows/highlights of your image, we've included 'Curves' adjusters as well. --- **Quick Engrave Effect** You get 6 engrave actions! Two versions of the effect, each with 3 different intensities. The results are easy to tweak and customize to your liking. --- **Colorway Generator** We've also included a 7th action, which generates 7 colorways for you to choose from. The colorways are inspired by classic engrave applications, such as stamps and currency. --- **BONUS PAPER TEXTURES** We've also gone ahead and included 9 paper textures. Each texture was scanned from books that are over 100 years old. When combined with an engraved image, you get amazing vintage looking results. --- **No Extended license needed** Looking to use this on a large scale commercial project? Go right ahead! No need to purchase an extended license. --- Thanks for checking out the Quick Engrave Effect. **Please note that this action requires Photoshop CS2 or above** Greg

  6. Worn Press Photoshop Effects Kit

    Worn Press Photoshop Effects Kit

    Now you can get this product at a nice price with **50% OFF!** Hurry up, this offer lasts for a week only 😻 --- We love color cacophony, but everyone sometimes needs a piece of modesty, where there might be an ode to a single color and clean, outspoken lines. That’s right the moment, so we’re just excited to introduce **Worn Press Photoshop Effects**, crafted to leave behind the noise and supreme vibrancy and finally bring you the plot of an image, its heart, and its idea. The kit includes **15 different effects** compatible with Photoshop CC, which you can apply and customize with ultimate ease — the secret is that the colors are editable and Smart Objects are used. But if you still find it hard and don’t know what to start with, check ‘How to Use’ file and do it! **What’s inside?** - 15 PSD files: 5 different effects with 3 grid sizes for each inside; - Artboard sizes: 2000x2000 px; - *Canvas Size* action included; - Editable colors; - Smart objects; - *How to Use* guide included. --- **Check out other Photoshop effects by Pixelbuddha:** - Toxic Potion Glitch Effects Pack – https://crmrkt.com/bD9JMB - Neon Underground Photoshop Effect – https://crmrkt.com/BVRxRa

  7. Engrave Photoshop Actions Kit

    Engrave Photoshop Actions Kit

    DGB Engrave action kit – That’s a tool to easily turn a photo into stylized engraving. Although this process is very simple, please read the manual to avoid mistakes. DGB Engrave action kit has been tested on Photoshop CS4, CS5 & CS3. Video tutorial: http://youtu.be/m-Al3a2h2a0 Quick usage: In Photoshop: 1. Load graver.atn to the Photoshop action panel. 2. Open graver-source.psd file. 3. Open your image. 4. Place your image into the graver-source document. (drag&drop or copy&paste). 5. Adjust size and position of the image. 6. Make sure the selected (active) layer is your image. Select any of the of 7 scripts. Run an action! Note. When the Curves or Hue-Saturation dialog appears, simply click OK and continue with the script. Do NOT interrupt the action! Actions: graver-Normal – A black and white touches of approximately the same contrast as an original. graver-Light – A black and white touches lighter than an original. graver-Dark – A black and white touches darker than an original. graver-Color-Image – A black and white touches with background image as an original. graver-Color-Lines – A colored touches in colors of an original. graver-Color-Back – A black and white touches and solid background color (editable in layers). graver-Color-Solid-Lines – A colored touches.

  8. Engraving and Halftone Creator

    Engraving and Halftone Creator

    **NOTE: Only for English version of Photoshop** ------------------ **IMPORTANT: READ THE INSTRUCTION! THIS ACTION DOESN'T WORK WITH RANDOM PSD FILE. ACTION WILL BE WORKED ONLY IN PSD FILE WHICH YOU GET AFTER PURCHASE. OPEN THE PSD FILE, ADD YOUR IMAGE INTO THE SMAER OBJECT AND SAVE IT. HIT THE PLAY AND ALL WILL BE WORKED! ANYWAY, WATCH THE VIDEO STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION.** --------------------- **Engraving and Halftone Creator** ------------------- Introduce you a Photoshop Actions to create awesome Engraving or Halftone effect for your images. This creator will take your artwork and convert it into an engraved image! Open the file in Photoshop, Load the patterns and actions, choose what effect you need is and hit play! Three preset settings for each style - for light, medium or dark images. 4 types of engraving - vertical, horizontal, angled and engraved wavy lines, as in currency bills. Also, a stunning semitone for a realistic "newspaper print" effect. Each effect also has two line sizes - small and standard. **So you get 30 actions!** ------------- **GRADIENT PRESETS** 150 Premade Gradient presets to give you colorway styles. **HQ. 5000x5000 px. 300 dpi.** **Please note that this action requires Photoshop CS2 or above** Vintage Voyage Design Supply. ---------------- **IMPORTANT INFORMATION** **Sometimes I get messages that people have a threshold command error.** **- Firstly: This is due to a too light image. To avoid this, I recommend use actions for light images. They have the ending *Light.* If you still have this error, use the brightness and contrast settings of your image. Try lowering the brightness. This can be done in different ways in Photoshop. Levels or Brightness / contrast.** ** - Second: To my surprise, many people do not know how to use smart objects and write that they have problems with the threshold command. The file contains the Smart Object layer. To edit it, double-click on the layer. After that, a new window will open where you need to add your image. Close and save it. After that you can use the actions.** Enjoy!

  9. Engrave Photoshop Action

    Engrave Photoshop Action

    **Description** Create engraving effect to your own photo just one click using **Engrave photoshop action**. The action has 10 color effects, all layers and folders editedtable, non-destructive, support newest photoshop version and all language. **Tutorial:** https://youtu.be/4UG6IFmHVPg --- ** You May Also Like** - Photoshop Action Super Mega Bundle: https://crmrkt.com/NJ7Dop - Photoshop Action Mega Bundle: https://crmrkt.com/AoX4jA - Photoshop Action Bundle 1: https://crmrkt.com/vEy3VM - Photoshop Action Bundle 2: https://crmrkt.com/R5jDxQ - Photoshop Action Bundle 3: https://crmrkt.com/G3vDy4 - Photoshop Action Bundle 4: https://crmrkt.com/d1qwgg - Photoshop Action Bundle 5: https://crmrkt.com/Qb4DKD - Photoshop Action Bundle 6: https://crmrkt.com/0OXDbb --- **Note:** - All Images in the preview are not included at the zip file. - For the best results, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of **2500px – 3500px**. *The optimal range is from 2000px – 3500px*. The detail and clarity in the effects generated by the actions reduce the smaller of your photo. --- **Action Test** Each action is thoroughtly teste across between **50 - 100 different photos** to ensure there are no errors. In this case where you do experience an error. Contact me via email if you area still having troubles. --- **Organize** After each action has finished playing, it creates a well organized layer structure. *Each layer and folder are named appropriately and color coded to create a neat working environtment for you*. Not only is the layer structure organised, each action comes with a highly detailed video tutorial teaching you about how each layer affects the design and how you can make customisations to it. So you can check my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYE6Kv3Oz9lNGRr7mGWmM_Q. --- **Time Saving** All my photoshop action are designed to **save your hours, days, weeks or month of work**. They area created in a way that booth photoshop beginners and experts can use it, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects. --- **Combine** *If you own multiple actions, have you thought about stacking the effects to build even more advanced designs?*. **Tips how to combine the actions:** - Run the first action on your photo. - One you are happy with the design, save your image out. - Now re-open your image and run another action!. You can then use the second actions layer flexibility to furher customize the design. You can follow this process and stack effects to build incredibly detailed designs with very little work.



    Conrad Garner’s FULLY PRESSURE SENSITIVE ENGRAVER brushes for PHOTOSHOP and SKETCH are an essential collection and tool for creating outstanding shading and grading engraved line effects and textures on your illustrations inside the PHOTOSHOP desktop app or on your tablet. Create awesome natural grading multi lined strokes in one stroke! Revisit areas after picking up your stylus to seamlessly shade more into areas. Enjoy this set from my personal collection! + This set includes 48 fully pressure sensitive engraver brushes with gritty, inky, and clean sets. + Includes: 1,2,3,4,6,9,17 lines per set. + Includes a pressure sensitive solid shading style, straight line engrave set. Horizontal, vertical, and both 45 and -45 degree angle lines. Conrad Garner’s brushes for PHOTOSHOP are handmade, high-quality, and have been used to create international award winning art and illustrations. These brush sets are an essential collection and tool for creating outstanding digital illustration effects and textures in the PHOTOSHOP app. THESE BRUSHES ARE FOR PHOTOSHOP



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