9 Best Web App Templates for December 2020

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  1. Extreme Laboratory Management system

    Extreme Laboratory Management system

    ExtremeLab ExtremeLab is an integrated website and mobile application to manage the medical analysis laboratories system, as it fulfills all the needs of medical laboratories from all their professional aspects, as it allows the users of the system the results of medical analyzes and facilitates communication and cooperation between laboratory employees and extracts all the required reports from the laboratory. Patients can follow up test reports, lab branches, and submit a home visit request. Admin panel Key Features: Managing Tests. Managing Cultures & Antibiotics. Managing Tests & Cultures price list. Doctors management. Patient ma

  2. Kitchen Recipe App

    Kitchen Recipe App

    Descriptions Kitchen Recipe App is an app created using JQuery Mobile framework for any Mobile Platform like IOS, Android, Blackbery and many other devices. This app created by two menus category, Recipe Category and About App. In Recipe Category have 6 menu recipe and you can add more. About App is menu for display about in this app.In this file have 2 file in 1 main file, for quest and admin. Different of that 2 file is Kitchen Recipe App for user just can look and give comment to all recipe and can’t do the other, but Kitchen Recipe App for Admin can handle full access for add, edit, delete, update all recipe, categories, comment, rate and slider on this app.    Features 1. Include 3 different themes.         – Main files include 3

  3. Airbnb Like Perspective Panel

    Airbnb Like Perspective Panel

    Touch friendly panel menu for mobile sites/phonegap that features a distinctive perspective effect similar to the airbnb ios application. This menu can be the basis of either a mobile web site or packaged as a hybrid app using phonegap. It uses the mobile friendly Topcoat library and jQuery to provide a clean starting point for your application development. The perspective menu itself is not jQuery dependent so if you’d like to swap out for another library it should be easy to do.

  4. Bank & ATM Finder - PhoneGap/Cordova App Template

    Bank & ATM Finder - PhoneGap/Cordova App Template

    Note : We no longer update this since Cordova changed lots of things on their current version. Although the included HTML is still fine, so if you want to grab them, you are welcome. We’ll help you regarding the Web App version (HTML, CSS, JS etc.) if you face any issue. Bank & ATM Finder is a PhoneGap/Cordova App Template built with AngularJS and Onsen UI. You can easily create a Bank & ATM Finder App using this template. All bank branches and ATM Booths contains in a single JS files, so you can generate them using a CMS. AngularJS and Onsen UI will give you the native experience in UI/UX. See a live App or Download apk here

  5. News Time App With CMS - Windows Phone

    News Time App With CMS - Windows Phone

    Full HD video iOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_SXeCYUn78 Full HD video Android: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx686_PtxY4 How to setup server side in any our app engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA8OBrAA8bA Xclusive Limited Gift [ FREE GIFT ] – Unlimited Access to over 24,000 premium courses for 2 months: Key features: PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build, Cordova: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery Compatible platforms: Windows Phone (all phones and tablets) TIF layered graphic included – users can modify and create own template for all app 2 different text postions in tiles 7 unique tile animation effects 16 scroll animation effects Full HD support Easily editable template Unique and beautiful design Support any language Animat

  6. Barebone Ionic Material

    Barebone Ionic Material

    What’s new in version 1.12: Youtube support for both username and channel ID based URLs. Slide menu remains open on wide screens. What’s new in version 1.11: Fixes and update to Ionic 1.3. What’s new in version 1.10: Ionic library update, native scrolling, minor fixes and obfuscation of code. Feature request Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously. Introduction Barebone Ionic Material is the Material Design you need in order to build your next extremely modular Ionic application. It is a well structured, well organised and implemented, full working app that comes with all the ingredients a modern applica

  7. AloTaxi - Mobile App Template

    AloTaxi - Mobile App Template

    AloTaxi is a Taxi service for mobile user. AloTaxi mobile app template was build for delivery service, taxi, location, food and drink service. AloTaxi template is build onionic framework with HTML5/CSS3 and Angular JS by Google. Include Google map API and PSD source files will be easy to customization. Admin is not include! — Update log version 1.2 - Add Awesome font and Pe-icon-7-stroke - Add SCSS Android demo: Backend link username/password: admin/admin

  8. IonWp - Ionic Phonegap/Cordova WordPress App

    IonWp - Ionic Phonegap/Cordova WordPress App

    IonWp is a WordPress to Android/iPhone app template built using ionic. This cordova/phonegap template will help you to easily convert your WordPress blog to Android, IPhone App. IonWp is built using Angulasjs and Ionicframework which makes it is easy for users to create WordPress android apps using latest web technologies. Features of IonWp WordPress App WordPress to Android/Iphone PhoneGap/Cordova Built using AngularJs Easy WordPress Integration Admob Integration PhoneGap build ready Recent WordPress posts Featured posts in home page Categories and Tags Authors Monthly archives WordPress post with comments Contact form ready Download Demo Android App Read Before Purchase Yo

  9. MBlog - Ionic Blog For WordPress

    MBlog - Ionic Blog For WordPress

    This APP get data WordPress Json Rest API For display Posts on mobile – http://v2.wp-api.org/ This is full blog app not just a feed display so you got more control on app display. check real life app demo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hairproductdirectory.blog Features: - Search All Posts in WordPress blog - Parallax scroll for posts in categories, tags, author and Home - Hide and Show Feature images - 3 Different styles on Mobile - Set Up your menu on WordPress and display it on your mobile app - admob integrated - inapp link to external website - splash screen - image pop up (swipe box) - image gallery ( still in beta ) - image slider ( still in beta ) - Add google map on your wordpress pages and displ



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