Antique Roman Fonts for Rustic Cards, Maps, and Lettering

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  1. 10 Fonts Schuss Serif Pro

    10 Fonts Schuss Serif Pro

    Schuss Serif Pro 10 OTF Fonts (5 upright, 5 italic). Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Light Italic, Regular Italic, Medium Italic, Bold Italic, Heavy Italic. The Serif is more filigree and more valuable than all the other families of »Schuss«. At first glance it is a usual antiqua, freed from the superfluous. Perhaps you’ll see its novelty and clarity in comparison to other antiquas. tabular figures (monospaced) old style figures/medieval figures (monospaced) proportional figures (different widths for a harmonic text look) proportional old style figures (different widths for a harmonic in text) small caps tab figures (monospaced, but smaller than width system) subscript and superscript figures (monospaced, but smaller than width system) All tabular figures have the same width in all fonts. Smal Caps Ligatures: fi, fl, ff, ffi, ffl German capital double s (ß) OpenType-Features: Old-style Figures, Small Caps, Ligatures, Subscript, Superscript, Fractions, no Alternates For PC-Users: all fonts are just autohinted, ineffectual for all Mac-User Slab, News and Serif are offered as Pro (Latin ext.) and cover most languages with latin characters. The Sans PCG (Pro/Greek/Cyrillic) contains greek and cyrillic additionally to Latin extended. All tabular figures have one identic width in all 40 fonts of the whole superfamily Schuss (Sans, Slab, News, Serif, exceptional Poster) with the relating math. symbol widths. All four Schuss families (Sans, Slab, News and Serif) use the same design idiom and can be mixed with each other of course very well. You are allowed to convert to webfonts for your site. Be sure you comply with the standard licensing restrictions (not for template or web app use).

  2. Geographica


    **Thomas Jefferys** (ca. 1710–1771) was the best-known map engraver in 18th-century England, chiefly because he won (and hyped) the title “Geographer to King George III.” Jefferys was more an engraver/publisher than a geographer, really, since he mostly relied on the cartographic materials of others. Still, his maps of the North American colonies were well known. **Geographica** is a four-style serif text-type family modeled after the neat hand-lettered place names and peripheral text on Jefferys’s maps. This legible typeface combines a hand-drawn warmth with a distinctly historical flair. With its long serifs and ample x-height, Geographica will add classic elegance to long blocks of text or display type, whether on paper or screen. OpenType features include small capitals and two stylistic sets of titling caps. *Comes with a slew of unique cartographic ornaments, and offers full support for Central and Eastern European languages—more than 1,200 glyphs in all.*

  3. 1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO)

    1669 Elzevir OTF (PRO)

    This family was inspired from the set of font faces used in Amsterdam by Daniel Elzevir to print the famous “Tractatus de corde...” the study on earth anatomy by Richard Lower, in 1669. The punch cutter was the Dutch famous Kristoffel Van Dijk. In our two styles (Normal & Italic), font faces, kernings and spaces are scrupulously the same as in the original. This Pro font covers Western, Eastern and Central European languages (including Celtic), Baltic and Turkish, with standard and “long s” ligatures in each of the two styles. The Roman (Normal) style is containing a U stylistic alternate, and the Italique style A. 404 Glyphs in each of the two styles (Normal +Italic), including OpenType variants.

  4. 1786 GLC Fournier Set OTF

    1786 GLC Fournier Set OTF

    This family (six files) was created inspired from numerous documents and books printed in Paris during the end of the 1700s. Mainly, documents printed by P.G. Simon & N.H. Nyon, "Printers of the parliament" were used for the Normal and italic styles and "Caps". "Titling" characters were coming from a collection of hymns printed by Nicolas Chapart. In France these Fournier's characters, as Baskerville's in Great Britain, were the most often in use in the late 1700's, just before - and announcing - the Didot's. This font supports strong enlargements, specially the capitals of "Caps" file and "Titling", remaining very smart, elegant and fine.

  5. Heirloom Artcraft Family

    Heirloom Artcraft Family

    NOTE: THIS FAMILY IS ON SALE for only $99! Presenting Heirloom Artcraft-- by Baseline Fonts within the Grit History B series. Like an auntie who insists on baking cookies from scratch every time you visit, Heirloom Artcraft is a beacon of tradition and consistent delight with every letterform. Gentleness and subtlety keep this font far away from kitsch. This font sincerely says "ma'am" and "sir" and is perfect for business cards, custom stamps, coffeetable books, letterhead, invitations and anywhere you or your client wish to make an extremely well mannered and charming statement. There are many alternate ligatures available within the font including capital alternates for T, A, P, B, D, and N. It also boasts a full symbol set and the most darling little swashes scattered tastefully throughout the character map you ever did key. Heirloom Artcraft is available in Thin, Thin Italic, Book, Book Italic, Demi Italic, Black, and Black Italic. It also features Metrics and Optical kerning-- metrics displays characters with letterpress-traditional spacing that is pleasantly askew, or more rigid optical kerning which displays characters at identical distances for times when the importance of readability exceeds that of stylistic merit.

  6. Attic Antique Roman

    Attic Antique Roman

    Years ago, while flipping through a friend’s old hardbound collection of John Burroughs nature essays, I thought it’d be fun to see if I could create a typeface with the same uneven, decayed look to it. I picked and chose from among the printed characters, then hand-traced their shapes painstakingly, warts and all. What I ended up with is this surprisingly legible weathered serif akin to the late-1800s Century faces. --- *This product is the roman style only.* Has more than 800 glyphs—including true small caps, scores of ligatures, lining and old-style figures, and a few floral (and other) ornaments, just for grins. Use to simulate antique printed text or simply to evoke history, age, and vintage goodness. One of our most popular fonts.

  7. Karma - Semi Bold Serif Font

    Karma - Semi Bold Serif Font

    a sleek semi-bold serif font. perfect for any project. full commercial license included. Uppercase and lowercase letters + all numerals and punctuation is included. Script font used for display - Can be purchased here: https://crmrkt.com/aRj09 **OTF file only**

  8. Roijer (single)

    Roijer (single)

    “Röijer” was born from a branding exercise done with “high care”, graphically developed thanks to the valuable help of designers **Marcela Aguilera** & **Pedro Gonzalez**, each letterform and every type design process was worked as a typographic jewel, as a strong bond between classical and fresh concepts (with a Lombardic and Art Nouveau touch). Röijer puts a dual capital model in your hands; a classic Roman and a fresh contemporary alternative, on each letter: the first located in a lowercase box looks formal and sober, while the uppercase box shows a glamorous and more daring look, ideal to being use at specific moments only. Röijer combine elegance and audacity in a very magistral way. It has 2 variants with 541 glyphs each one; a normal and a volumetric one, all with an ornaments set and a decorative objects set. Ideas that be useful not only for branding design but also for titling, headline composition, label design, fashion and luxury stuff. --- You can also find the complete "Röijer Family Font" at: https://creativemarket.com/peggo/1157501-Roijer-Family-Font

  9. Legion


    **Legion** is the 9th font release from the Esquivel Type Foundry. It is a typeface that was designed to be used for paragraphs and bold headlines. --- **Legion** has over 210 characters including - Uppercase letters - Lowercase letters - Numbers - Punctuation and Special characters - **Updated March 17** Extended Latin characters --- Get this font and all other ETF fonts together in a bundle for less than 50% off for a limited time only https://creativemarket.com/EsquivelType/339810-ETF-Font-Bundle-14-fonts

  10. Mussica OT

    Mussica OT

    Mussica OT is an exclusive and elegant hybrid font.

  11. Wolf Shadow

    Wolf Shadow

    Wolf Shadow is the 6th font release from the Esquivel Type Foundry. This font is an homage to the classic traditional structure of early roman serif fonts. This was made with uniformity in mind complete with all upper and lower case letter as well as numbers. Perfect for headlines or logos.

  12. Carrig Pro – 12 Elegant Serif Fonts

    Carrig Pro – 12 Elegant Serif Fonts

    *Carrig Pro* is a distinctive and elegant serif. Classed as an Antiqua, *Carrig Pro* is borne from a hybrid of influences that range from early Roman inscriptions to type of the Pre-Modern era, giving Carrig Pro a refined character all of its own. *Carrig Pro* will appear instantly familiar and friendly and could well be the perfect typeface for designers seeking to convey a message with a prestigious air. Now a 12-font family, *Carrig Pro* (2017) is an extended version of *Carrig* (2015), it has been completely redrawn, revised and improved. *Carrig Pro* has many useful features for typographers to exploit, such as easily accessible small caps, discretionary ligatures, gadzooks and stylistic alternates, as well as a number of ornamental glyphs. --- *Please click on the larger images to appreciate the detail and quality of these fonts.* --- **Key features:** - 6 weights in roman and italic - Small Caps, Ornaments, Alternates, Historic Characters, Ligatures and Gadzooks - Full Latin character set - 750 glyphs per font. --- **In the package:** 12 OTF fonts - Carrig Pro Display - Carrig Pro Display Italic - Carrig Pro Light - Carrig Pro Light Italic - Carrig Pro Regular - Carrig Pro Italic - Carrig Pro Medium - Carrig Pro Medium Italic - Carrig Pro Bold - Carrig Pro Bold Italic - Carrig Pro Black - Carrig Pro Black Italic --- PLEASE BROWSE THROUGH OTHER FONTS IN THE CARRIG FAMILY: - Carrig Basic Roman (3 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/EVN8M - Carrig Basic Italic (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/9JRok - Carrig Refined (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/5v8kK - Carrig Rough (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/qeyWQ - Carrig Compleat (Bundle Deal – 9 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/3RNev

  13. 1546 Poliphile Set OTF

    1546 Poliphile Set OTF

    This family (Two styles) was inspired from the French edition of "Hypnerotomachie de Poliphile" ( " The Strife of Love in a Dream ")( Attributed to Francesco Colonna, 1467) printed in 1546 in Paris by Jacques Kerver. He was using a Garamond set, including two styles : Normal and Italic ("Normal" carved by Claude Garamond, "Italic" we don't know. It was an Italic pattern very often in use in Paris on these years). We have thoughtlessly modified the slant angle of the Capitals used with Italics because the Normal capitals were used in both styles in the original. The present font is containing scrupulously all of the specific latin abbreviations and ligatures used in this edition (with a few differences between the two styles). Added are the accented characters and a few others not in use in this early period of printing.

  14. Turquoise


    Many calligraphers agree that Roman Capitals is one of the most beautiful yet difficult hands to master. Its beauty lies in its simplicity of form and structure, yet understanding and applying these skillfully can take years of mindful practice. My goal was to design Roman Capitals that were smoothly designed with a brush, not carved. The main concept was based on the fundamental strokes that are commonly studied when you practice Roman letters. That’s why many Serifs have these unfinished terminal serifs. I created the Turquoise typeface based on my Capitalis Romana practice with a with flexible broad edged brush and gouache. During the lowercase process I was still following Foundational calligraphy with a flat brush. My Turquoise Capitals were then adjusted and redesigned at the Tipobrda calligraphy workshop in Slovenia. Turquoise contains small caps, many discretionary ligatures, ornaments, swashes as well as several brushy nature-inspired ornaments, accessible via Opentype. Ideally suited for headlines or body text in advertising, packaging and visual identities, its delicate shapes, curves and endings give projects a harmonious elegance and stylistic feel in unique Turquoise style. My inspiration for this font showcases is one of the richest islands in the Mediterranean, the place where my parents are from, Sicily. This southern Italian region has so many unique spots: Stromboli, part of the Aeolian Islands and the Pelagie Islands, is one of my favorite places in Sicily. The pictures I used were taken there this year. So enjoy the sun, the serifs, the water and its Turquoise colors. The brush is mighter than the sword. *702 Glyphs Ligatures, icons, alternates and discretionary ligatures.* List of glyphs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gh8sfzfo8afytp9/Turquoise-2017-glyphs.pdf?dl=0 You will NEED A GLYPHS PANEL to access the alternates Take a look at the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Z9qHZbY9I --- Combine Turquoise with: **Nautica** http://bit.ly/2ptKrTn **Respect** http://bit.ly/2oEa9US **Timberline** http://bit.ly/2pqrALB

  15. Typnic Roman

    Typnic Roman

    This is just a small piece of a complex typographic system called "Typnic". The "Roman" font, composed only in caps, is ideal to use in small texts, and due to its rough contour it expresses a natural and rustic style. You can see the entire family here in CM at https://creativemarket.com/manuelcorradine/286380-Typnic-Typographic-Picnic

  16. Fnord Roman Collection - 5 Fonts

    Fnord Roman Collection - 5 Fonts

    The *Fnord Roman Collection* contains 5 professional-quality fonts that are perfect for titling, headlines, logotype and branding. **NOTE:** The 5 weights in this roman collection are part of the wider 23-font *Fnord* family available elsewhere. **FEATURES:** - 5 weights in 1 style – Five, Seventeen, Twenty-Three, Forty and Ninety-Three - 680 Glyphs per font - Small Caps, Ligatures, Swashes, Alternates and more - Full European Character Set **PERFECT FOR:** - Headlines - Logotype - Branding --- TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – you can *download 2 FREE samples* of Fnord via Font Squirrel: https://goo.gl/YB9IrY

  17. Marschel | a Classy Roman Typeface

    Marschel | a Classy Roman Typeface

    **Marschel** is an elegant and classy roman typeface with unique curves to creates the high-class impression of any letters that formed by this font. In Latin-script typography, roman is one of the three main kinds of historical type, alongside blackletter and italic. Marschel consists of 291 total glyphs and comes in 3 different weights, Light - Regular - Bold. All glyphs are divided into several OpenType features such as some astonishing special characters that formed into Ligatures and contextual alternates, Marschel is multilingual and support more than 60 languanges. If you are a huge fans of classy, robust and fashionable typeface, then this one is certain to become a staple in your font collection. Marschel is well-suited for prints, branding, magazine, headline, poster, packaging and applicable for any type of graphic design. --- Follow Zeune ink Foundry and stay in touch on our page to get more updates : https://www.facebook.com/zeuneink/ https://www.instagram.com/zeuneink/

  18. 1533 GLC Augereau PRO OTF

    1533 GLC Augereau PRO OTF

    Antoine Augereau (circa 1485-1534)was a punchcutter before to be a printer in Paris, one of the first French who engraved roman letters, when the French printers were mostly using blackletters. He began to work for Robert Estienne, one the first Parisian printer to use this types. He is the principal punchcutter who create the Garalde type, perfected by Claude Garamond, his pupil. Our font is inspired from one of his three roman typeface : the "Gros Romain" (±16 Pts) size, used in 1533 to print "Le miroir de l'âme...", a religious poetical compilation by Marguerite de Navarre, sister of the French king François the first. It seems that Augereau had also engraved italic styles, but there is not any certainty about. Our "1689 GLC Garamond Pro" italic style may be used without anachronism. The alphabet, with his complete small caps collection, is covering all West, East and Central European languages (including Baltic and Celtic) and Turkish.

  19. Carrig Roman—3 Elegant Serif Fonts

    Carrig Roman—3 Elegant Serif Fonts

    **UPDATED JUNE 2017** Carrig Roman has been completely redrawn and revised. This basic version uses the same glyphs from “Carrig Pro” – please view Carrig Pro before you buy to compare https://crmrkt.com/PqlgjG --- *Carrig Roman* is a typeface that was inspired by classic letterforms that have been carved into stone. - Full European Character Set - 410 Glyphs - Alternate Letterforms for capitals O, Q, R and U. **Ideal for:** - Headlines - Body Text - Logotype - Branding “Carrig Roman” is the evolution of both Carrig Refined and Carrig Rough. I have taken the essence and personality of my original hand drawn typeface and refined it further by adding a full lowercase character set. --- PLEASE BROWSE THROUGH OTHER FONTS IN THE CARRIG FAMILY: - Carrig Pro (12 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/PqlgjG - Carrig Basic Italic (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/9JRok - Carrig Refined (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/5v8kK - Carrig Rough (2 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/qeyWQ - Carrig Compleat (Bundle Deal – 9 fonts) https://crmrkt.com/3RNev



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