17 Best JavaScript & jQuery Sliders for February 2019
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  1. CJ Shuffle - A jQuery Banner/Ad Rotator

    CJ Shuffle - A jQuery Banner/Ad Rotator

    CJ Shuffle: A jQuery Banner / Ad Rotator CJ Shuffle uses jQuery 1.10.2 CJ Shuffle: A jQuery Banner / Ad Rotator, is a nice departure from typical banner rotators. It will instantly grab a users attention with its shuffle effect and help engage your website’s visitors. Options Include Adjustable image size Set the vertical margin between slides Set the scale-down percentage Choose to turn on autoPlay Set autoPlay delay Randomize the slide order Text items are optional Easy text positioning Use as many text items as you want per slide Hyperlink an entire slide or just the text items Special Notes CJ Shuffle does not allow for unlimited items. The visible stack will always equal the amount of items used. All banner images

  2. xSquare - Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery

    xSquare - Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery

    xSquare – Responsive Image Slider html5/jquery xSquare is a responsive jQuery image slider. It has a layout that consists of grids making it useful for variety of web page positions. Though the main purpose of the image slider is within a banner position it can easily be implemented as an image gallery or something similar because it is compatible with lightbox, prettyPhoto etc. The loading of images is done via smart lazyLoad with an implemented loader. Effective sliding transitions make the slider have a more dynamic look. The xSquare responsive image slider gives you the option to place up to 7 images in one slide or to place one effectively sliced photo. Responsive design The responsive layout of the image slider can eas

  3. Timeliner


    A jQuery plugin that enables you to easily create slideshow presentations showing the progress in an animating timeline. The slides can contain any content and can be skipped and paused. Including the plugin on your page will turn an unordered list into a slideshow with the list items as slides. Then style it by CSS, with or without images, and customize the behavior using the plugin options. Full documentation and examples included. Features: Very customizable by CSS & plugin options Use any type of html / media types inside the slides Use a global or individual slide interval Optionaly show / hide most of the features 4 transition types (fade, slide, reveal, instant) Compatible with all common browsers, even IE6 Multiple instances o

  4. Point of ViUU

    Point of ViUU

    Overview This perspective slideshow plugin using jQuery framework is really flexible, you can use it as an original carousel that will fit all kind of projects. With 4 differents orientations display in one unique plugin. You will be able to manage many options for transitions speed and display, darkening color and opacity and more… Features With a simple option, choose the display orientation Automatic rotation, manual or both Show or hide controller and/or timer Choose darkening color and opacity Simply manage images display Options for transitions speed Add text contents or links If you have any questions or need assistance integrating the slider, please feel free to contact me; I will gladly help you. Also, if you like

  5. Prezent - Web Presentation Slides

    Prezent - Web Presentation Slides

    Prezent is a minimal JavaScript framework that enables you to create & present fashionable slides. Although your slides’ content is entirely up to you (imagination is your only limit!). Prezent includes 6 modern-yet-classic navigation styles† that are suitable for any presentation. Key Features: Deep-linked Slides — Send links to individual slides Extremely lightweight — 1kb of JavaScript, 11kb of CSS! Fullscreen Mode — For a true “presentation mode” experience. Boxed Mode — For embedding slides within an article. SASS included — Core values are extracted as named variables for quick-n-easy customization. Build Tools included — The original build suite is included; as well as instructions on how to use them. Novice friendly!

  6. AMY Slider - jQuery Plugin

    AMY Slider - jQuery Plugin

    AMY Slider – jQuery plugin Looking for a truly impressive slider / carouser for your site or app? Hands on AMY Slider jQuery plugin This is a sleek and very unique slider, applicable to every site / app. It will make your content memorable. You can place anything inside and AMY Slider will do the rest. Embed video and audio players, images and all kind of widgets. It is extremely flexible in terms of adjustments and easy to work with. It comes with 7 different tile styles with unlimited color and lots of customisation options. This is definitely a product for you, if you are looking to add creativity to your site. FEATURES 9 scrolling effects 7 slides styles Unlimited color variatons Infinite scroll Multiple instan

  7. Boutique Carousel

    Boutique Carousel

    A unique customizable jQuery image slider with perspective and smooth interactions. Simply link to the JavaScript and CSS files and apply it to your HTML element like other jQuery plugins. Customize the settings and CSS to match your style and purpose. Full documentation and examples included. Please check the FAQ before purchasing. Features: Unlimited scrolling Unlimited number of images Customizable 14 Example styles/usages out of the box Fluid width (suitable for responsive layouts) Optional headers Optional description text Optional hyperlink Optional autoplay (paused on mouse-over) Keyboard support Lightbox support Right-to-left language support Multiple instances per page Uninterupted navigation (try quickly tapping the ar

  8. ZoomSlider V1.0

    ZoomSlider V1.0

    ZoomSlider V1.0 FEATURES Image preloader Custom image with custom background color Link on the images Mouse wheel controller Keyboard controller Easing support Tranzition types : Zoom (you can set up your zoom size) & Fade Autoplay function (with adjustable autoplay speed) Set up if mouse wheel & keyboard is active on slider Set up if next/prev arrows are active Set up if buletts are active SETUP Transition Easing Zoom size Animation Speed

  9. AA-Scroller Slider - Javascript

    AA-Scroller Slider - Javascript

    Presentation Hello guys, Here’s our newest script Scroller Slider , AA-Team way! It’s modern, trendy and very simple to use. Inovative design, smart coding & lots of passion! Compatibility Compatible in all major browsers Iphone/Ipad too! Features This script is very simple to use, and integrate as well. Now, let’s see what are the main features. Universal! You can use it on any website! Smart navigation and image pre-loading. Keyboard navigation using Right/Left buttons Mousewheel navigation

  10. jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox

    jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox

        This is a jQuery content scroller with lightbox. The scroll bar/indexes and directional buttons allow for easy navigation of your gallery. Slide click can either open the included lightbox or a regular link. The scroller can also be responsive and it’s fully configurable through the plugin’s parameters. Features: Horizontal or vertical orientation available. Responsive mode available. Slides can contain image, flash, iframe, ajax, and inline content. Configurable number of slides visible per scroll. Can turn auto rotation on/off. Auto play can be paused by mouseover, scroller’s interaction, or play button. Image posi

  11. Premier - Responsive Slider + Slider Builder

    Premier - Responsive Slider + Slider Builder

    Features: Layouts: Responsive, FullWidth, Fixed Slider Builder Unlimited Slides Unlimited Layers Vimeo&YouTube support Code generation/Clean code Parallax effect Transparent Effect Navigation: Hidden/Arrows/Thumbs/Big Thumbs Different Arrows styles Bullets: Hidden/Rings/Circles/Dots Different Bullets Effects Frame Shadow easy customizable Timeline Lots of effects & unlimited variations Google Webfonts Support Text Animations Add animations by Drag&Drop Scaling images in layers Mobile devices support (swipe gestures) And much more!

  12. Glider 3D Photo Slider v1.7

    Glider 3D Photo Slider v1.7

    Overview Glider – is a simple slider script that automatically animates layers of still imagery for creating illusion of 3D. It pans and zooms photo in any direction to achieve Ken Burns 3D effect. You can use any HTML content as layers, like text or buttons. Try before you buy Open Live Demo Video Demo Documentation Is your site on WordPress? Check out Glider WordPress Plugin Instructions Buy this product to get the project archive. Then extract project, open index.html in Documentation folder for offline documentation or use online version. Open index.html in Constructor folder to

  13. Rama - The jQuery Slider Plugin

    Rama - The jQuery Slider Plugin

    What is it? Rama – The jQuery Slider Plugin animates your image and text slides with transition effects of the wide library (21 transition and 10 object animation effects available). Easy installation, state-of-the-art transitions and text animations define the freshline style. See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! Customize this slider with just a little HTML and CSS to your very needs. Give each slider a description and more elements to transport your message (see all our Example pages). So what is so new? What makes this Slider unique is that you not only can animate your picture transitions but the elements (Text, Icons, Pics…) on each slide too. You can create unlimited amounts of objects and l

  14. UnoSlider - Responsive Touch Enabled Slider

    UnoSlider - Responsive Touch Enabled Slider

    The basic installation video What is UnoSlider? UnoSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin with an unlimited transition animations (really, unlimited!) and a wide range of a features like touch enabled, mobile optimized interface, animated layers, responsiveness and a lot of other features.Browser support UnoSlider works in all modern browsers and mobile devices, as well as in older browsers, including IE7 and IE6 (with some limitations)Features Fully responsive Mobile optimized Touch enabled Literally unlimited transitions Animated Layers More than 30 options Per-slide options Easy installation Html content Easily themeable 12 prebuilt themes Well documented More than 40 preset transitions Public api Images preloader Multiple slide

  15. Content Timeline - jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 plugin

    Content Timeline - jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 plugin

    Content Timeline – Responsive jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Plugin Content timeline is powerful and lightweight responsive jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 plugin, best for displaying any organized content. It is fully customizable, and easily implementable with any js script, video, flash etc. Well structured code, and wide ranged API functions make it simple to get started and flexible for customization. Complete solution – Content Timeline – Responsive Plugin How does the Content Timeline work: Take any content Sort it by date Call function You are ready to go! Content Timeline can easily be modified to suit your needs. It has 30 elements places that can be activated on the left side of the timeline and 30 more on the right side

  16. SlideSelect - Replace your dropdowns

    SlideSelect - Replace your dropdowns

    What is this? SlideSelect is a script to replace old style <select> dropdowns with a slideable, user-friendly interface. The list of options can be replaced with a list of item names, images and descriptions as you like. You dont have to change any HTML in your code, just call the function on the desired select tag to see it changed. Your forms will be kept safe as well. The script recognizes the “multiple” attribute so you can change multiple selects too. Generated select tags that have previously selected options are just as easy to change because the “selected” option attribute is also supported. You can create horizontal and vertical lists, or grids. Features Replace select dropdowns

  17. jQuery Train Slider v1.0

    jQuery Train Slider v1.0

    jQuery Train Slider is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful javascript Sliders with an unlimited transition effect. Visit the “Live Preview” to see the effect! It is very simple to implement and is fully customizable



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