9 Creative Posters on Design

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    Just started your graphic design major and need some posters to decorate your dorm? Are you a seasoned designer looking for the perfect wall piece to pull your studio together? Posters about graphic design aren't only beautifully done, but they carry powerful reminders about what it takes to make a great design. Here are nine posters that inspire, serve as handy tools, or explain design visually. Enjoy!


    After hours spent drawing or editing, anyone can get a little discouraged. Here are some inspirational posters guaranteed to feed the fire in your belly.
    Pin ItA good design is hard to make. Never forget that when you sit down at your sketchpad or computer that you're doing something that takes great skill and time, but when you've finally captured lightning in a bottle, you'll know you can do anything.

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    These are two great quotes on design that'll inspire anyone. The first (on the left) takes you out of the heady space that can cause many designers to become stuck. Always remember you want to design something that can integrate itself into the everyday. The second (on the right) serves as a reminder that beauty doesn't come from a design itself, but through a careful and caring use of the basic elements of design. Put your love into your designs!

    Handy Tools

    Another great use for your empty wall space is quick reference charts. Why stumble around the internet or have to page through your text books when you can just look up at the wall?

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    When you're constructing your own typeface, there are so many elements of each letter to remember. This poster lays them all out in an easy to access fashion that will speed up your design process.

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    This is an essential for any designer. It lays out nearly 100 different typefaces, so when you're choosing one for your design, you have this as a quick visual references.

    That being said....

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    While a bulk of design classes focus on typography, and it is a big part of what makes a great design. Something to remember is that it's not the only part. Spending too much time on your typeface can leave you with minimum time to focus on the rest of the design.
    This poster also brings us to the final category of posters.

    Encapsulating the Design Process

    It's always nice to have a brief reminder of why you're designing or a guide to show you how to make a great design in simple terms. Here are some examples that'll refresh your mind on what it means to design.
    A great design takes a blend of three things: the ability to think outside the norm, a mastery of the techniques, and the unique style each artist brings to their design. This poster says that in three words and a Venn Diagram.
    Pin ItThis quote from one of the top names in graphic design, Saul Bass, really cuts design down to its core. Whether it's an infograph explaining some new information in dynamic ways or an advertisement trying to catch a consumer's attention, graphic design is about capturing a thought pattern and making it visual on the page or screen.
    While studying up on great design is essential to a true mastery of the craft, do not forget that designing is what makes you a great designer. Get out there and do work!

    Wrapping Up

    I hope these posters end up decorating your walls or that they've at least sparked your interest. While posters can serve as inspiration or guides, there are plenty of other resources. What are your favorite resources for inspiration or information?


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