3D Batman Ice Cubes in Your Whisky Will Make You Feel Like Bruce Wayne

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    People who enjoy whisky are pretty adamant about their choice of ice. Which makes sense when you think about it — who wants some inferior cubes sullying up the taste of their favorite beverage? Well if you've got the right water, now you just need the right shape. Time for a CNC machine.

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    TBWA\Hakuhodo, an advertising agency based in Japan, created these amazing chunks of ice to promote Japanese whisky maker, Suntory, and their "3D on the Rocks" campaign. They created the former cubes using a CNC machine, creating intricate shapes in the process including sharks, guitars, and even Batman.

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    I mean, if you're going to drink any ice cube, always drink Batman.

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    Head over to the "3D on the Rocks" site to learn more.

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