These Pantone Cookies Are a Designer’s Sweet Treat

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    If there's a sugary treat that the whole world can agree on, it's gotta be cookies. As I write this, my wife is going to the store to pick up the ingredients she needs to make these phenomenal chocolate chip cookies with a secret ingredient (spoiler: it's a little bit of oatmeal). My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Well those, and now these cookies by Holly Fox, a graphic designer raised in Chicago and now based in LA. She makes these yummy treats in a variety of different shapes and styles (and sells them on Etsy), using a delicious sugar cookie as a base. She started working with royal icing, playing around with a few ideas, and next thing you know, she had a business. Now most of her days are spent baking up cookies and getting them out the door.

    All that said, the stuff that catches my eye are the cookies that designers will love. Since she loves Pantone and gems, she naturally makes Pantone cookies and ones that emulate the Sketch icon (whether or not that was intentional). Holly Fox's creations are a tasteful approach to baked goods. Art is great and all, but when it's edible, it's just that much better.

    via Bored Panda


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