6 Joomla Templates for Universities – Improve Your University’s Credibility Rating with the Correct Tool

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  1. National University Joomla Template

    National University Joomla Template

    Learning is an inevitable need of mankind. In any society, no university can satisfy it fully without being represented on the web. Our template is certainly a good choice for your university to share the urgent studying info via an excellent and balanced website design. So, make a step toward people, which are eager to get more knowledge buy this professional template.

  2. University Responsive Joomla Template

    University Responsive Joomla Template

    This template is a part of chart of Best Joomla Templates 2014.

  3. University Responsive Joomla Template

    University Responsive Joomla Template

    This web theme appears to be simple and exciting at the same time. Set up a polytechnic university or university website with this online university Joomla web design. The clean lines and consistency of design transmits a idea of your business trustworthiness. Its fresh design attracts clients' attention to the most significant specifics. Besides, purchasing this particular layout you receive 24/7 technical support and rich documentation. Use this theme to give innovative look to your online project.

  4. Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template

    Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template

    If you want your university be modern, its time to launch its website on the web. Once you want this website to look modern, its time to choose this template. Through its clean and flat design youll be able to transmit all the knowledge, which is available within your educational institution. Attract more students with the help of our theme and enjoy watching the growing erudition of the next generation.

  5. International University Joomla Template

    International University Joomla Template

    Clean solid design is what you need for presenting University or any other higher education institution online. This design in calm white and grey colors sets a serious atmosphere and welcomes visitors to enter the world of knowledge. Use featured blocks for presenting the key directions of the institution, content part for general information about programs, stuff, degrees. The bullet list below is good for presenting more information about courses, etc. Social icons are placed in the center of the footer for being more visible. Easy navigation with drop down menu makes the site convenient for visitors.

  6. University Joomla Template

    University Joomla Template

    The template is integrated with Twitter, which would help university popularize itself through the internet, and also with LinkedIn, which is so important for undergraduates seeking for good carrier. The designer used black and dark-blue colors to play with contrasts; nevertheless the look is solid and steady: obviously right for the educational website.



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