Weekend Cache: 12/16/12

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    Howdy! We hope you've been having a great weekend. For this weekend cache we've got some interesting historical nuggets, a little VFX magic, awesomeness from the ACME Corporation, and even more. Below are a collection of links, videos, and other things you should probably click.

    Interesting things

    Great Design is Jargon-Free - blog.drawar.com
    The Accidental History of the @ Symbol - smithsonianmag.com
    Don't Confuse Engagement with User Experience - blogs.hbr.org
    How to Do So Many Diverse and Awesome Things that People Will Want to Punch You in the Face - joelrunyon.com
    Martian Colony Designed by Private Space Flight Company - scientificamerican.com

    Moving things

    Cool looking things

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    The ACME Corporation by Rob Loukotka

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    Differences Between Art Directors And Copywriters

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    Pictoral History of Santa Claus

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    Space Shuttle Endeavor Flight Deck

    Awesome marketplace things

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    Enjoy your week!


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