30 Food Fonts That Are Good Enough To Eat

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  1. Pink Lemonade - retro display font

    Pink Lemonade - retro display font

    **Pink Lemonade** is a fun retro block font inspired from the 50's-70's Pop Art culture with roots in the Art Deco. Perfect for the upcoming Summer parties! We have included a sweet pink lemonade vector clipart and 9 pattern swatches for AI, PNG version of the clipart images and all the AI patterns as PNG 12x12in 300dpi. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included in the pack: - OTF font - TTF font - Bonus : AI 10 + AI CC + EPS 10 files with vector clipart - Bonus : AI CC file with pattern swatches - Bonus : 8 PNG clipart files, 300 dpi, transparent background - Bonus : 9 PNG background patterns at 300dpi 12x12 inches / 30x30 cm

  2. Barbariska Rough2 pack

    Barbariska Rough2 pack

    📽 **Video presentation**: https://youtu.be/e4YYLvVjGJM Handcrafted grotesque with a friendly character. Two weights in three styles. Weights: Regular and Oblique. Styles: normal, rough1, rough2. Weight and shape of the letters allows use the font to solve any graphical problems. Package design for food or cosmetic products. Posters or music cover. Logos. Prints on sweatshirts or t-shirts. Children’s books or comics. Barbariska could be used in all sorts of projects. **Support**: cyrillic, сyrillic extended, latin, latin extended (Western European, Central European, South-East). **OpenType features** - Ligatures - Contextual alternates - Old style numbers - Fina and init for capitals letters. **In package** - RF Barbariska rough2 Regular.ttf - RF Barbariska rough2 Oblique.ttf **Other purchase options of the font «Barbariska»** - Full pack → https://crmrkt.com/8O1yk - Normal → https://crmrkt.com/2qjb2 - Rough1 → https://crmrkt.com/W3qMo

  3. Jonesy - 50% off

    Jonesy - 50% off

    50% OFF! My CreativeMarket debut! **Jonesy** is a funny modern looking script with a touch of vintage. It’s based on calligraphy and pretends to look like real lettering having almost 700 alternates and ligatures, organic forms and realistic connections. Jonesy includes 2 Styles (OTF fonts): - Script - Capitals Fonts include multilingual support. Jonesy is good for menu, packaging, posters and as a starting point for lettering and logos. All contextual alternates are built into the “Liga” feature that is turned on by default (in design applications). However, when your work with the typeface, please make sure that “Liga” is turned on. I really hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

  4. The Simply Sweet Font Duo

    The Simply Sweet Font Duo

    Say hello to **"SIMPLY SWEET!"** , a delicious new Font Duo that together make super sweet designs! **Flamboyant and curvaceous**, the playful script includes a large selection of alternate characters to choose from as well as natural looking ligatures to add to the authenticity of the lettering. A collection of whimsical end and beginning swashes are also included to add a finishing touch or fill design space in your type designs. Complimenting it, is a cute little wonky **all caps serif font** , with double letter ligatures for a natural look. **Simply Sweet Script** makes custom lettering a dream thanks to all the little extra decorative options you can include for a pretty and unique customisation - **swashes, endings, alternate letters and ligatures** all make her the prettiest little thing since tutus and tiaras. **Perfect for** greetings, branding, prints, invitations, crafting, quotes, merchandise, SVGs and so much more. **No special software** is required to access all the ligatures, swashes and alternate letters as these are included as separate font files for anyone without software that can utilize opentype fonts. A little **help pdf file** is included to help you get started :) --- **Files Included : ** --- - SimplySweet_Script_regular.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Script_upright.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Serif.otf - SimplySweet_Serif_ligatures.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Script_regular_extras.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Script_upright_extras.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Script_upright_alt.otf and .ttf - SimplySweet_Script_regular_alt.otf and .ttf - Extras&Swashes_KeyMap.pdf - Serif_Ligatures_Keymap.pdf - HELP.pdf --- **Frequently Asked Questions** --- **COMMERIAL USE** : No Extended License is required to use this pack for Commercial use - you may use it to produce unlimited items/projects for unlimited sales as per the Standard License concerning Fonts - https://creativemarket.com/licenses **EASY TO USE** For Font Newbies, I've included a little help file to get you started and to answer any questions you might have. **WEB USE** : If you would like to convert Simply Sweet fonts into web fonts, you are most welcome to! The only instances where webfonts are not permitted are in web template use. **SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS** : **No special software required **- they may be used in any basic design app /website app that allows standard fonts ( Word / Pages / Canva.com / Picmonkey.com etc...) If you have **opentype capable software** such as Illustrator or Photoshop CC , and Indesign, you can access the alternate letters and ligatures via the character/opentype panel and glyphs panel whilst you have the main script font files installed. **MULTILINGUAL** : **Simply Sweet Fonts** are **multilingual** and support the following languages : Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Gusii, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian,Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German. --- That's it folks! I'll let you get cracking to spread the joy with the new **Simply Sweet Font Duo ** :) 💕 💕

  5. Jelligun | Hand-lettered Font

    Jelligun | Hand-lettered Font

    **Jelligun** is a cheerfully fun style, brimming with energy and personality. Using a combination of sans serif uppercase, loopy lowercase, and quirky decorative elements, makes creating eye-catching typography a *piece of cake!* The soft and bouncy letters give your text a sweet, hand-lettered feel, and the uppercase characters can be used on their own for a great attention grabber. Take a peek at the images above to see some of the 250+ glyphs included, and get some ideas for fun ways you can use Jelligun in your next project. --- **What you get:** - Jelligun Font (OTF, TTF, Webfont) - Standard English uppercase and lowercase characters - 11 double letter ligatures - Numbers - A large range of punctuation - Multilingual support for Western European languages - Jelligun Symbols (OTF, TTF) - Over 50 hand drawn illustrations, shapes, swashes, and other decorative elements

  6. Butcher & Block Typeface + Extras

    Butcher & Block Typeface + Extras

    Introducing the new Butcher and Block Typeface .....another carefully hand-made, quirky, versatile font, crafted with love :) You don't just get a font , you get a font AND a fabulous selection of handy extras to help you along your way, and to boost your creativity ...this is what you'll be getting : 1.) The Butcher and Block font (.otf ) - this font contains uppercase letters, in two forms - one is accessed through the lowercase letters on your keyboard, and the alternatives through the uppercase letters on your keyboard. (Click on the last Preview to zoom and scroll down to see all featured characters.) 2.) The Butcher and Block Extras font (.otf )- which includes 28 carefully styled, handy catchwords and elements to compliment your typography and make your designs pop. (Click on the last Preview to zoom and scroll down to see all featured characters.) 3.) 30 New and Delicious Illustrated Vector Elements to help you build your typographical designs - available in vector, psd, and png. (Ai EpsCS, Ai Cs5, layered scaleable PSD , flat PNG). (Click on the last Preview and scroll to see them all.) 4.) A short and sweet tutorial to show you how I added the texture effects to my previews with layer masks in Photoshop Cs5 - so easy you'll have it done in less than 3 minutes :) 5.) The original files for the 'Butcher and Block' Pork Typo Design (Ai,psd) AND the Fat Chicken Board Typo Design (psd) - so you can scrutinise over how its done, and create something similar yourself! 6.) 4 bonus high res black and white texture jpgs for you to play with :) Please note that this pack does not include the photography backgrounds, these were acquired seperately off shutterstock.com to create the previews for this pack :) As always - if you get stuck, just give me a shout :) Always happy to help :) Have fun!!

  7. Clarkson Script

    Clarkson Script

    **Introducing Clarkson Script** --- Brand new stylish versatile fonts ! In collaborating with Albion Room. Fresh from the oven as inspired to create easy digital lettering for you. Characters included more than **550+**, check the display no 3. Also comes with lots of alternate characters lowercase and uppercase, ligatures, setting up for easy use on the initial and terminal forms. It will be great for Logotypes, Posters, Digital Lettering Arts, Clean design, Branding Design, Sign, etc. **Features** --- - Contextual Alternates - Stylistic Alternates (up to 10 style in some letters) - Ligatures (including Th, st, tt) - Initial & Terminal - Refined All caps (No more tail or swash when type in all caps) **Files** --- - Clarkson Script.otf - TTF Files are Ready inside. *(will work on program that not support OTF Features)* --- If you have any question just leave it in comment or message me. :)

  8. Mela Pro

    Mela Pro

    Mela was created with a pointed brush and walnut ink using thick brushstrokes. The original idea was to make a kind of urban graffitti with a fat brush, but the final result is more refined and elegant. Something new - light and bold together. The letters are a little bit slanted using sharp strokes, the brush gives the illusion of a fat-tipped marker. This handmade typeface has a lot of contrast, it brings together the beauty of the calligraphic shapes and strokes with the esthetics of a modern urban style. It creates a carefree feeling, contemporary, adding a perfect modern touch to your work. The possibilities for customized layouts are limitless, using the opentype ligatures and alternates to you make Mela your own. Mela Pro contains 473 glyphs: alternates, ligatures, icons, ornaments, and much more. Mela regular contains is limited to letters, figures and punctuation. Mela Pro is perfect for headlines and short texts. Use it for magazines, packaging, advertising, branding, posters, editorials, TV, movies and websites to give to your projects the unmistakable human touch of beautiful handwritten letters. --- Looking for more type inspirations? https://instagram.com/rsztype/ https://instagram.com/beppeartz/ https://instagram.com/pacoxxzz/

  9. Wacca


    Wacca straddles the categories of Humanist slab and Contemporary serif, and it also gives a handwriting taste especially in the italics. Its tall x-height enables them to be extremely visible, and the slightly curved strokes on some letters give them a pleasant and organic look as a whole. The Italics introduces more cursive strokes all over, so it comes across much more organic than the regulars. This unique, fun, yet simple family is good for any purpose.

  10. Culinary - 50% off

    Culinary - 50% off

    Culinary is a typographic system inspired by the art of cooking. This family comes with 2 subfamilies: one Regular Family of 4 weights plus a Sans Line font and a set of Borders, and one 4-weight Script Family that also includes Sans Line and Borders. Culinary is well-suited for packaging, restaurant and cafe branding, bakeries, logos, magazines, menus, recipe books, invitations and much more. The OpenType features allow access to a wide set of characters, including ligatures, swashes, endings, initial and terminal forms, and lots of alternates.

  11. Mi Cocina all family

    Mi Cocina all family

    Mi Cocina is a typography designed for children's titles but more than anything for "Restaurant" or for food at home, it has many variants like dingbat, which are separated by fruits, vegetables, kitchen elements, ornaments.

  12. Yummy - Font Family

    Yummy - Font Family

    ----- **UPDATE #1**: ***Yummy Font completely updated with multi language support, added Yummy Bonus illustrations*** ----- Introducing **“Yummy - Font Family”**. *Yummy font is our brand new typeface for your foodie works, it’s imagined and designed for the cafe, restaurant, bistrot with a delightfully hand-written look.* *It brings a unique style with mixed feels, old and new come together to form this modern and versatile typeface.* ***Yummy Font Family comprises two weights (regular and bold) with corresponding true italics.*** ***Included some Bonus illustrations also (check-out the previews)!*** ***Now fully supports multi-language! Write your recipe or menu from all corners of the world!!*** **And “Buon Appetito” !!!** ***Specifications:*** - Files included: **Yummy regular, Yummy bold, Yummy regular italic, Yummy bold italic, Yummy Bonus Illustrations** - Formats: **.otf, .ttf, .ai** Thanks for viewing/downloading, **Unio**. **Buy Yummy - Food Doodles at bit.ly/yummydoodl** ***Help file included. Backgrounds*** **NOT** ***included***.

  13. Cuciniere Font + 40 Icons (Handmade)

    Cuciniere Font + 40 Icons (Handmade)

    INTRODUCING **CUCINIERE FONT + ICONS** (HANDMADE) **20% LAUNCH DISCOUNT** --- Hello **FOOD LOVERS**, this is a brand **new typeface** for **your tasty works**! It is a collection of all-caps characters mixed with some lowercase ones. It has a delightfully hand-written feel. The **main features** are the high customization with the **stylistic alternates** (Wide, Condensed and Lowercase) and **type ligatures**, to write words, texts or paragraphs with a unique style. The **40 hand drawn icons** about slow food, desserts, wines, pasta and more, and are made with the same brush of the font. If you're making a **brand** for your **Café, Restaurant or Bistrot**, or if you simply want to decorate your **website **or online **recipe blog** with a organic touch, then these Food Icons will be just the thing you’ll need! --- **INCLUDES:** - Cuciniere **Font OTF+TTF** file - Cuciniere **Icons OTF+TTF** file - Font + Icons **Web Fonts** - **Languages Supported:** *Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Bosnian, Catalan, Chiga, Congo Swahili, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Ganda, German, Gusii, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Jola-Fonyi, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luo, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde, Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Slovak, Slovenian, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso, Turkmen, Vunjo, Welsh, and Zulu.* --- **EXTENDED LICENSE**: http://www.hederae.it/product/extended-license-single-font/

  14. Bujole - A 3 Style Vintage Font

    Bujole - A 3 Style Vintage Font

    **Bujole - A 3 Style Vintage Font** --- Download the **FREE SAMPLE** of the Bujole Font. http://www.graphicdelivery.com/bujole-free-sample/ --- **Bujole** is a vintage inspired font that comes in 3 different styles: Condensed, Rough and Distorted. Use this font to create Logos, Badges, Labels, Packaging Design, Headlines, Advertisement or simply use it in your next design project. --- **WHAT WILL YOU GET** - Bujole - Condensed.ttf - Bujole - Rough.ttf - Bujole - Distorted.ttf - Bujole - Symbols.ttf (also in 3 styles: Condensed, Rough and Distorted) --- If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you!

  15. French Fries - A Fun Doodley Font

    French Fries - A Fun Doodley Font

    French Fries is an all caps bold doodley typeface perfect for any fun quirky design work! This font can be used for anything such as T-Shirt designs, phone cases, greeting cards, invitations, mugs and so much more! Get creative! YOU WILL RECEIVE: - OTF version of French Fries - TTF version of French Fries - Web Font version of French Fries - BONUS vector fast food doodles! (Line art and colour fill) EPS 10 FILE Not sure how to install the font? https://creativemarket.com/blog/how-to-install-your-new-font-in-a-few-easy-steps Enjoy! Izzy :)

  16. Fondue


    Fondue: an eclectic-flavoured contemporary typeface. Designed by Jorge Alberto Martínez and Latinotype Team. Fondue is a type family of eclectic shapes, inspired by Art Deco designs, in particular, the lettering used by the Mexican cartoonist Ernesto “El Chango” Cabral on almost the entire publication Revista de Revistas (“Magazine of Magazines”). Far from being a copy, Fondue expects to be an adaptation of the thinking of that time to be used in contemporary context. Fondue has a cursive ductus, wide horizontal proportion and large x-height. Its friendly consistent rhythm makes it ideal for medium-sized text, headlines, branding, and so on. The family comes in 6 weights, from Thin, which reminds of the cartoonist’s loose strokes, to Ultra Bold, the version with powerful and unique voice. Fondue has a set of 496 characters that support 207 different languages.. OpenType features include standard and discretionary ligatures as well as stylistic alternates.

  17. Sumac Typeface

    Sumac Typeface

    **Part of the Vintage Collection:** https://crmrkt.com/l2j8K Sumac is a big and friendly typeface that's great for titles, book covers, posters and any other project where you need an impactful but personable headline. Sumac comes in 4 styles and includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation.

  18. Pitter


    Pitter is font duo with fun display and script style, every single letters have been carefully crafted to make your text looks beautiful. With modern unique style this font will perfect for many different project ex: quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. **How to access alternate glyphs:** https://thehungryjpeg.com/blog/how-to-access-pua-encoded-fonts/ FEATURES: - Pitter (OTF & TTF) Thanks for looking. --- Follow me: - www.pinterest.com/diekave - www.instagram.com/diekave

  19. Brocha Family

    Brocha Family

    I made the first sketches for Brocha when I first visited Easter Island in 2011. I took inspiration from pre-Columbian art for suchsketches, but I must say that they were kind of rough and clumsy; it was an experimental, but limited-use typeface. It took a long time, but thanks to my learning about type design gained over the years, I have finally been able to resume my project. I have made sure to preserve the Latin American spirit of my original designs in order to give my final typeface an expressive handmade highly humanist look. Brocha is a display sans with friendly design ideal for high-impact headlines, logotypes or use on cookies packaging designs. Brocha consists of 2 subfamilies: one basic and one alternative. Each subfamily comes in 8 weights plus italics. The Alt version is highly recommended for those art directors who look for more varied fonts when designing.

  20. Porker Font (+ Bonus Pack)

    Porker Font (+ Bonus Pack)

    ​​Meet Porker - Designed by Jordan Wilson Bold, Heavyset, and Loud, Porker is a versatile font and can handle the use for any number of applications thrown at it. It's personality and condensed structure gives it the ability to create prominent​ displays and titles while also settling into a pronounced paragraph. Stout, condensed uppercase partners effortlessly with the weighted lowercase, then each corner rounded out giving the type a unique vintage print quality transitioning through a full set of numerals and a large range of punctuation. --- **Included in your purchase** - Full set of upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and large range of punctuation​ - **Bonus "Porker Pack" high-quality vector-built icons** (AI) - OTF file --- Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! I'm happy to talk with you! And please check out https://creativemarket.com/smilebeard for more designer goods and resources​!

  21. Ovsyanka Typeface

    Ovsyanka Typeface

    Ovsyanka (oatmeal) is the new typeface with rounded corners and the effect of wear letters. Font is ideal for packaging various products, for the design of boxes of chocolate or coffee packets, for all that can be tasty and healthy. :) Font called oatmeal, which we all love and occasionally eat. - **Latin Extended** - **Cyrillic** - **OTF** - **TTF** - **WOFF** Овсянка это новое начертание со скругленными краями и эффектом потертости букв. Шрифт идеально подойдет для упаковок с различными товарами, для дизайна шоколадных коробок или кофейных пакетов, для всего, что может быть вкусно и полезно. :) Шрифт называется овсянка, которую мы все любим и периодически употребляем.

  22. La Fa Salt • Cursive Script & Serif

    La Fa Salt • Cursive Script & Serif

    **BUY THIS ITEM WITH 99% OFF in HUGE TYPOGRAPHIC PACK WITH WEBFONT LICENSE FOR UNLIMITED PAGEVIEWS JUST FOR $19: https://crmrkt.com/GKWJw5 ** ---------------- Hi there! ------------------------------------ I want to show you my hardworking week product - La Fa Salt cursive script. There are also some interesting alternates ending and other glyphs, discretionary ligatures, includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters (Also with Romantic stylistic alternate), as well as multi-language support, numerals, and punctuation. You can did vintage or romantic look typography, It will be good for all of them! Instruction for best use is included. ------------------------------------ **+BONUS:** Robinson. Hand drawn serif free type. ------------------------------------- P.S.: All type in OTF. Thanks for your attention, and have a good typo! Pavel.

  23. Rosefield Typeface

    Rosefield Typeface

    **Sale!** This font is also included in **Typographer's Dream Box of 21 Typefaces + 200 Logos. Get more fonts and save 99%: https://crmrkt.com/7xPWmr** --- Introducing the new lovely **Rosefield Typeface**. It's a soft-edged font with full alternates (upper and lowercase). Designed to work perfectly in multiple designs like wedding invitations, website logos, Instagram posts and many many more 😊 Check out the previews to see what you can achieve with it and if you have any questions, just hit me with a personal message. Happy designing 😊 --- **Rosefield Typeface includes (total 2 fonts):** **ROSEFIELD TYPEFACE** - Upper and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuations and a wide language support. Alternates for upper and lowercase characters. Including both, OTF and TTF filetypes. **ROSEFIELD TYPEFACE ALT** - Alternates for upper and lowercase characters. Including both, OTF and TTF filetypes. --- **Commercial Use Allowed (Extended License)** **You Can Use This Font For:** ✔ Commercial Use ✔ Unlimited Number of Projects ✔ Unlimited End Products For Sale

  24. Le Gourmet Typeface

    Le Gourmet Typeface

    **Le Gourmet** is a handmade font family consisting of 3 fonts made with ink and a brush. Le Gourmet & Le Gourmet Bouncy is an all caps font, but upper and lower case are different and you can easily interchange the glyphs. You can create your own look and use it for logos, magazines, menus, books for children, invitations, wedding/greeting cards, packaging, labels, winery, etc. Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or question Thank's

  25. Macaron Handcrafted Typeface + Cakes

    Macaron Handcrafted Typeface + Cakes

    Macaron is a lovely and beautiful handcrafted typeface, crafted with love and care. Served with a lots of playful alternates and swashes. also a bunch of Cupcakes Watercolour Vector that complete this beautiful set. **Macaron available in two Styles!** **REGULAR** and **OUTLINE** Designed for headlines and Logotypes, an invitation. anything you want it to look cute and lovely. - **In This Package :** - Macaron Typeface : - Regular - Outline - A Total 11 Cupcakes, and some Delicious Kiwi and Cherry Watercolour Illustration! - All In ( .PNG ) Files! ---- Thanks For Visiting and Viewing our Product. Hope you love it! And Please let me know if theres any problem happens to you :) We will Respond it as fast as we can Just Kindly send us an Email to : [email protected] ---

  26. Vanilla Frosting Typeface

    Vanilla Frosting Typeface

    INTRODUCING VANILLA FROSTING - A fancy fun new hand-illustrated typeface - made with oodles of love, swashes, alternates and catchwords! **Be sure to click on the second preview and scroll down to see all the extras you get. I just love hand illustrated typography designs, I literally could doodle for hours - so to spare you some time, I've put my doodled lettering in a carefully-crafted, handy new single typeface for you to whip out when you are in a typographical quandary. It has loads of alternates,swashes and catchwords - It has been designed with intention to create very unique and one-of-a-kind branding/designs - Be sure to click on the second preview and scroll down to see all the extras you get. --- ***UPDATE! This pack now includes .ttf (Truetype) files so that even folk without .otf (Opentype) compatible software, can now access ALL the extra glyphs / alternates and catchwords :) AND a 'Glittery Bonus' - read on !!! -- Users with Illustrator/Indesign or other Opentype supporting software - go ahead and install the single opentype file! For other users, install the two individual truetype fonts, and you are set to go! Included is a handy word document with all the extra glyphs displayed for your convenience - just make sure you have installed the fonts before opening it ;) **AND MORE**.... A little juicy bonus due to popular request... the sparkly glitter effects that I used in my previews have now being added to this pack - in the form of PS Styles ....so enjoy! Included in this delicious pack : 1.) VanillaFrosting Opentype Font (.otf) 2.) VanillaFrostingPlain Truetype Font (.ttf) 3.) VanillaFrostingExtras Truetype Font (.ttf) 4.) 4 Glitter Photoshop Styles (.asl) Please also note that this font does not at the moment support any additional Scandinavian/Swedish/European etc. alphabet characters, although please feel free to place requests. Enjoy!!! xxx

  27. Flow Handscript /typeface

    Flow Handscript /typeface

    Main idea of this typeface depends on creating a “well designed handwriting typeface”. It has got brush script characteristics in general and it is also designed in detail letter by letter to create the best curves. It is particularly designed to get better connections between letters and rhythm between words. It is not just a hand brush typeface, Flow handscript is a high quality designed typeface including opentype features that can be used for graphic designs like packaging, branding, poster design, invitations. Flow Handscript contains various opentype features like, Contextual Alternates, Contextual Ligatures, İnitial Alternates, Final Alternates. These opentype features make it organic and natural.

  28. Takeaway -50% off!

    Takeaway -50% off!

    ** Intro offer! Takeaway -50% off!** Takeaway is a hand drawn script family of three weights and ornament set. Takeaway is sketchy but due to its clean features it retains legibility even in small sizes - especially the Light version. Takeaway is packed with OpenType features: Keep *Contextual Alternates* and *Standard Ligatures* on for smooth flow and for more expressive character try *Swash* or *Titling Alternates* in any *OpenType savvy* program. Takeaway caps work as *ALL CAPS* - yet there’s also *Swash and Titling caps* that are more expressive initials. --- Takeaway is a great organic display type for any project from branding to packaging and from websites to greeting cards. Combine Takeaway Script with Takeaway Extras which is a set of sketchy ornaments, icons and swashes. --- **Takeaway is PUA encoded so you can access all extra characters withouth special tools --- In short: - Three weights of a script font with plenty of OpenType features - Pack of Extras: hand drawn doodles, swashes, badges and so on.



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