7 Best Nightclub WordPress Templates & Themes

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  1. Clubix - Nightlife, Music & Events WordPress Theme

    Clubix - Nightlife, Music & Events WordPress Theme

    Clubix is a responsive wordpress theme, and is the best theme for nightlife events, music, bands and also magazines. This is the perfect theme for you, if you are involved into nightlife, music or events and you want something different. That’s why we created Clubix, a theme with strong design and strong features made to satisfy your fans, followers, party starters and most important YOU. Clubix brings back the fun to browse on the web, gathering together artists, music, friends, parties and many more. Take a look for yourself! Version 2.0 of Clubix, brings you more than 25 features that version 1.0 had. We want to make the best music, events and artists theme on the market and we want you to see this. So we’ve decided to ma

  2. Night Club WordPress Theme

    Night Club WordPress Theme

    This fashionable template transmits the club atmosphere with its acid color and muted light. Don’t miss you chance to announce all the parties on the internet putting the info in the illustrated content area. The Facebook, Twitter and YouTube buttons would help you easily distribute the news through the social media.

  3. Low Saturation Night Club WordPress Theme

    Low Saturation Night Club WordPress Theme

    The background of this template has low saturation showing the gray routine of weekdays. In return the template presents colorful and sexy photos of girls in club, which almost shout how cool to spend time in your club. Except the great design, the template is supported by Cherry Framework, which means you would get wonderful features. Some of them: easy installation, responsive layouts, advanced admin panel, shortcodes, and more.

  4. Music Club - Music/Band/Dj/Club/Party WordPress Theme Rockon

    Music Club - Music/Band/Dj/Club/Party WordPress Theme Rockon

    Intro People are having social disease these days. They used to go out every night for hangout with their good ones. After their hectic day scheduled, they want to relax & refresh themselves. Night / Music Club are the best way to refresh one self and now a day it becomes a trend. Music Clubs are the place where people found new companies and it also energize them like rocking music. This platform gives them to explore themselves and full them with positive waves. Club’s magical music flew away their stress & worries and lets them to enjoy life like it’s a last day. Music clubs effervescent and exuberant people’s mind. For such interesting and loving business, we developed and introducing here

  5. Party WordPress Theme

    Party WordPress Theme

    Perhaps, more so than any other industry night club websites should virtually personify the establishment they represent. Coming with the integration of popular social media platforms, the theme demonstrated here will be a great solution for connecting with your clients. Big bold pictures in the background, galleries and just side graphic elements start playing music automatically, which dips users into the inviting atmosphere of your night club. Sharing pictures of real partygoers, you can encourage your online audience to come to your club and check back in to see the photos from their night out. Since most of the clubbers out there tend to use handheld devices for accessing the schedule of upcoming events, the responsive nature of this theme comes in handy.

  6. Disco Club WordPress Theme

    Disco Club WordPress Theme

    Add the vibe to the night club web presence with this effective modern design with cool mix of colors. Dark violet background with gradient and the lilac content blocks against it set the mood, bring the energetic tone to the design. The header grabs attention with cool slider and 4 image blocks with zoom effect that are also a part of the site navigation. Clicking each of them the viewers can learn more about the club this design is made for.

  7. Nocturnal: Premier Audio WP Theme

    Nocturnal: Premier Audio WP Theme

    Nocturnal is an audio/music focused theme that is geared towards nightclubs and/or bands. The featured content is built to support posters and flyers. Check out GraphicRiver for some amazing Flyer designs you can use with this theme: http://tinyurl.com/6e2gpkk What buyers are saying: “To all those considering buying this, I’ve had to build and heavily modify 5 different music sites with 5 different WordPress themes in the past month and this one easily had the best organized framework and mod-friendly layout. I highly recommend it.” - sweetsoundsnyc “Very happy with this, great work.” - JinWook “Awesome, awesome work here man! So excited to be using the theme.” - benwaligoske “The creativity in your themes is stunning! Tha



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