10 Best Web Elements & Templates for July 2020

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  1. Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.4

    Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.4

    Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.4 is a beautiful composition of images. All images are smart object driven easy to insert/replace. Please Note: Images used in preview are just for display purpose not included in download file.

  2. Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.4

    Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.4

    Photo Facebook Timeline Cover Vol.5 is a beautiful composition of images. All images are Smart Object Driven easy to insert/replace. Fonts Used: Bebas Neue Freestyle script Please Note: Images used in preview file are just for display purpose not included in download file.

  3. Car Service Web Banners

    Car Service Web Banners

                3rd Edition of Web Banners for your Car Service needs and web Advertising needs. Features Include: Colour : RGB Files : .psd Size : leaderboard (728×90), banner (468×60), button (125×125), skyscraper (120×600), wide skyscraper (160×600), small rectangle (180×150), vertical banner (120×240), small square (200×200), square (250×250), medium rectangle (300×250), large rectangle (336×280) 72Ppi 11 Individual Photoshop Files Fully layered and organized Smart object layer to edit images Placeholder Logo Fonts Used: Florencesans URL: http://www.dafont.com/florencesans.font Exo URL: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Exo Note: Images used are not included. Image and Font links are detailed in Help.txt file Do

  4. Clean & Sleek Forms

    Clean & Sleek Forms

    This is a set of easy to customize forms. It consists of sign in, password recover, subscription and search forms. All layers are fully editable and well orgranized. It also has 4 color schemes but you can easily change color. Font used: Arial. Don’t forget to rate this item. Also, if you have any questions — feel free to post a comment.

  5. Feature Boxes with Textures

    Feature Boxes with Textures

    These feature boxes offer just enough texture to add some depth and character to your blog or website. Each feature boxes has a different color scheme and texture. You can easily mix and match these inside of the Photoshop file. Theses feature boxes are perfect for both blogs and business websites. Evrything inthe Photoshop file is organized and fully editable.

  6. Twelve 125*125 Banner Templates

    Twelve 125*125 Banner Templates

    12 Fully layered 125*125 banner templates in PSD format, suitable for any kind of advertisement. Font used: LHF American Sans http://www.letterheadfonts.com/fonts/americansans.shtml – $35 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. More web elements I made:

  7. Irresistible Web Banner Templates

    Irresistible Web Banner Templates

    For those who haven’t purchased my 2 other banner sets yet, here are the links: Web Banners Set 2 Web Banners Set 3 Irresistible Web Banner Templates – Tasty Web Banners to get you going on your campaigns and web promotions, the set comes with 3 styles on 4 different sizes What’s included: 12 Fully Editable and Organized PSD Files Available Sizes: 3×125×125 3×300×250 3×160×600 3×468×60 The Colors are fully editable, the whole set uses blending modes and all text are of course editable. Font Used: Aller Display found free at: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Aller Vag Round found free at: http://www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts-v.html

  8. Classic Essentials Web Kit

    Classic Essentials Web Kit

    Classic Essentials Web Kit This is an essential web kit for your future web projects. Everything you see is easily edited in shapes, colors and size. Included in this set Badges Galleries Buttons Text-Style Smooth Gradients Unique details BorisBlackBLox: http://www.fontstock.net/374/borisblackbloxx.html Kozuka Gothic Pro: http://fonts.zaraf.ro/font2635/Kozuka-Gothic-Pro-EL.htm Fonts used Aharoni: http://www.fontyukle.com/en/ara.php?ara=aharoni

  9. Web Portfolio Display V2

    Web Portfolio Display V2

    The web portfolio display V2, includes slider bar to navigate between projects, two arrow to swicth between projects and a information text where you can put the project name, project url button and project description. This file include a Photoshop PSD and a Fireworks PNG , both fully layered. Used Fonts: Myriad Pro family You can find this fonts in the links below: http://www.fontseek.com/fonts/myriad.htm http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/myriad/ http://www.linotype.com/20/adobegaramond-family.html Enjoy it:)

  10. 4 Stylish Web 2.0 Menu Bars

    4 Stylish Web 2.0 Menu Bars

    Buttons includes rollover (hand cursor reference) and pressed state. Layered .PSD file is provided which is fully customizable. Fonts used in this template: Gotham Rounded Bold http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_styles.php?productLineID=100030 Chalet New York/London 1970 http://www.houseind.com/fonts/chalet/viewfonts Trebuchet MS http://www.linotype.com/es/317434/trebuchetbold-fuente.html and ITC Lubalin Graphic Demi http://www.linotype.com/es/12548/itclubalingraphdemi-fuente.html



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