12 Spooky Wedding Invites

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    Are you having a spooktacular wedding this year or next? Many couples are opting for the ghoulish and scary wedding theme that's both exciting and horrifying for their guests. Whether you're getting married on Halloween or just have taste for the horrifying, these wedding invitations will certainly inspire you.

    Halloween and Horror Themed Wedding Invitations

    Bloody Zombie Wedding Invitations

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    These bloody Halloween invitations are zombie themed and right for a couple who loves shows like the Walking Dead.

    Skeleton Wedding Invitation

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    These skeleton invitations mirror the day-of-the-dead invitations.

    Day of the Dead Skulls Wedding Invitation

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    This Day of the Dead styled invite features two skulls, and is styled perfectly to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

    Zombie Wedding Invitation

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    While these are not Halloween wedding invitations per-say, they still go with the spooky idea that Halloween implies. What I love about these invitations is that they are the perfect blend of gruesome and elegant.

    OUIJA Board Wedding Invitation

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    This interactive invite is super cute and perfect for any couple that loves fortune-telling.

    Coffin Wedding Invitation

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    These coffin inspired wedding invitations are absolutely out of this world! How incredibly creative to put a scroll inside a miniature coffin.

    Severed Finger Invitation

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    Now this is really gruesome. Care to send your friends and family a severed finger as part of your wedding invitation? Martha Stewart shows you how to DIY these bad boys.

    Nicole and Sean's Halloween Wedding Invites

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    These wedding invitations aren't too scary...the couple chose to highlight particular aspects of Halloween like the moon and fortune telling.

    Blood Splattered Wedding Invitation

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    What could be more gruesome than blood-splatter everywhere? These invitations are definitely creepy.

    Gothic Inspired Wedding Invitation

    This couple chose for a gothic-inspired wedding theme, and their invitations were paired with matte-black envelopes for a subtle elegance.

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    Spooky Survival Kit Invitation

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    This spooky survival kit invitation is meant to help protect you from all of the evil spirits and spooky creatures that come out to play on Halloween.

    Cute Skull Invitations

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    These cute punk styled invitations are the perfect blend of spunky, sweet, and spooky.

    Halloween and Horror Themed Wedding Inspiration

    Need a little more inspiration to help you plan your special day? Here are some of our favorite things to do for a spooky wedding.

    Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

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    Blood Fondue Bar

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    Don't worry, it's just white chocolate and red food coloring.

    Candy Place Settings

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    Bloody Wedding Cake

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    Halloween Cupcake Wedding Cake

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    DIY Halloween and Horror Themed Wedding Invitations

    Ready to make your own horrifying wedding invitations? We have all the resources to help you create something for yourself or a client. Whether they want a spooky design, or something cute here's all the resources you'll need.

    Day of the Dead Skulls

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    Day of the Dead Clipart

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    Halloween Chic Digital Papers

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    Halloween Bunting and Lights

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    Fright Night Digital Papers

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    Berliner Faktur Blackletter Font

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    Desire Typeface

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    Firstblood Typeface

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    Incognite Typeface

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    Wedding Photoshop Brushes

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