Top 28: Design News for Aug 22 - 29

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    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Every Friday, we'll be sharing a round-up of what's happening in the Design Industry, such as new digital product announcements, platforms being launched, unique peer projects, interesting experiments and much more. Follow along as we keep a pulse on exciting news in design each week.

    Here's our recap for the week of August 22nd through 29th, 2014.

    1. Simian UI Montage

    For the upcoming independent short SIMIAN, a large amount of UI and HUD components were designed to drive the narrative and atmosphere for the main character.

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    2. One Month: Stripe Payments

    Build your own online business in just one month and start making money in your sleep. Learn how to integrate Stripe Payments into your online platform today.

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    3. The Work of Susie Ghahremani

    Browse this collection of beautiful illustration work from Susie on her site, called Boy Girl Party. She blends beautiful color palettes, drawn elements and digital edits as fun visuals.

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    4. Photoshop Frame Rate Essentials

    Frame Rate is the most essential thing to get right before laboring away at a new animation sequence. Dig into this article that will help you make great loops.

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    5. Design Your Portfolio to Get Hired

    Explore this study of JadLimcaco.com and learn about ways in which you can improve your portfolio experience in order to land that job that you’ve always wanted.

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    6. Penguin Curling

    Play a fun iOS game in which you perform ice curling across multiple touchscreen devices.

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    7. Clear Solar Panels

    The latest breakthrough in solar panels looks like glass. Now windows can be energy sources!

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    8. Paper Art

    Have a look at this collection of beautiful, layered posters that take paper craft to another level. The series is called Principle of Design Posters, and features the top 10 design principles, such as balance hierarchy, pattern, space and more. Created by Efil Turk.

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    9. The Colors of Motion

    Browse color palettes created by using an algorithm that compiles the most commonly used hues in scenes from popular films.

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    10. PicDeck

    The TweetDeck for Instagram. Quite useful if you’re trying to following hashtags and trends.

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    11. Typendium

    Typendium is an iPhone app that reveals the history behind the world’s greatest typefaces. Free to download, with paid content available if you want to explore more typefaces.

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    12. Cheetyr

    Cheetyr is a handy growing collection of cheat sheets and shortcuts that will speed up the work of designers and developers across Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, Git and Vim.

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    13. Eager

    Improve your website for free with plugins that you can install in seconds. Think of Eager like the App Store for your website.

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    14. Google One Today

    With this simple Google platform, you can donate $1 to a charity of your choosing every day. The giving is automated, and every day the app shares images of the impact that your donations are making. Available in the App Store and Google Play store.

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    15. ZenElements: Reasons to Rebrand

    Zen Elements has posted compelling reasons for companies to rebrand themselves, and offered case studies that show the cause and effect of rebranding too.

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    16. Lego Calendar

    In 2012, the folks at Vitamins found a new way to produce a visual roadmap calendar for the people and projects through the use of legos.

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    17. Senna

    A blazing fast single page application engine that provides several low-level APIs that allows you to build modern web-based applications with only 8 KB of JavaScript (without any dependencies).

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    18. Hexels

    A new kind of art tool for Windows and Mac, Hexels lets you paint with shapes and includes dozens of modes, features, texturizing, glow effects, and import/export capabilities.

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    19. Design the Code: Motion Design for iOS

    Apps haven’t been a sequence of screens for some time now. They’re carefully crafted animated experiences, and this $49 guide teaches the principles of animation and how to implement them in your iOS projects. Created by Mike Rundle.

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    20. Brad Frost: Effective Donate Form

    Brad produced an in-depth article about how to design and implement an effective donate form.

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    21. Lesson.ly

    Lesson.ly makes it easy to build, share, and track training materials. The platform helps with new employee on boarding, customer support training, sales empowerment training, and more. Create beautiful, branded education experiences in a matter of minutes.

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    22. Acorns

    A simple app that invests spare change from purchases automatically into a diversified portfolio. Available in the iOS App store.

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    23. Balance

    Download and install this JS and CSS-based automatic progress load bar for your website.

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    24. Hyperlapse

    Announced on Tuesday, Hyperlapse is Instagram’s new app, which claims to be like holding $15,000 of video gear in your hand. Now you can smooth and speed up your favorite video sequences on your smart phone. The only filter the app has is speed. Download here.

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    25. A Single Dev

    Check out this unique CSS drawing project by Lynn Fisher, in which she produces classic illustrations with lean code.

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    26. Simplecast

    Publish your podcasts the easy way with a simple website and unlimited bandwidth and storage. Start with a 14-day free trial and then upgrade to a no-contract $12/month charge.

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    27. Twitter Analytics

    Measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Sign in to measure the engagement of your activity, assess your followers and track clicks, retweets, and more.

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    28. Leaky Timbers

    Browse illustrated prints and goods for sale by the talented Joey Ellis.

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    What Did We Miss?

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