Victory Day Line Icons
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Victory Day Line Icons

UI Pixel Perfect Well-crafted Vector Thin Line Icons 60×60 (30px@2x) Grid for Web Graphics and Apps with Editable Stroke. Simple Minimal Pictogram. - Just simple icons. - Perfect for any size. We created icons for small 60px (30px@2x) grid. So if you change the size it looks awasome. No more blurred icons at small sizes! - Perfect for any project. These beautiful icons are perfect to create your projects for iOS, Android, Websites and Apps. - Balanced. All icons are created in the consistent style: minimal and balanced. We used the 60px (30px@2x) icon grid. - Stroke weight can be easily customized in Illustrator. - Really small SVG-file size for your UI. It can be from 350 Bite till 2 KB. - Friendly support. What’s i


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