Infopros: Meet our Favorite Infographic Designers

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    Infographics are an impressive and attractive method to tell a unique story. Used to distill large amounts of data into more user friendly sizes or simply to communicate an informative narrative, infographics are proliferating across the internet because they are a fun and creative solution to information visualization.

    Infographics have strayed from the traditional, Pinterest-style, long form graphics into new territories such as print design and web design. Furthermore, infographics are being used to not just condense data, but to explain processes or tell stories. Their applications are expanding and their popularity is growing in tandem.

    This list explores successful infographic creators who construct both beautiful and informative graphics. I was particularly interested in highlighting a few projects that were outside the boundaries of the long form styled infographics but parallel to them in every other aspect.

    The Design Surgery — London, UK

    As digital surgeons, this London-based firm has some amazing examples of using infographics in print. Take this for example — a project for Thomson Reuters Eikon where The Design Surgery was asked to showcase how the brand moved with the times and developed new technologies in order to gain market advantages.

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    The result was an impressive folding print piece that clearly illustrates the company's progress over its existence, and how they are meeting the marketing demands with new and innovative softwares.

    The Design Surgery shows its skill again with a series of infographics prepared for Getty Images. The design's contemporary style is a wonderful complement to the story being told and delivers a range of information without being overwhelming.

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    Avaluanch Media — Utah, United States

    Avalaunch Media's infographics portfolio are an impressive assortment of well designed and well thought out content pieces. Topics range from informative pieces about Quicksilver shorts to more sensitive materials such as “Mormons in the UK”, designed for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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    Regardless of the topic, Avalaunch Media has some talented graphic designers working for them and it shows in the details. For example, even their team page is a super creative visual solution and helps showcase their talent and company culture.

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    Polecat — Sebastopol, Ukraine

    Polecat doesn’t create infographics, they develop iPhone and iPad applications. However, their website is beautifully crafted and tells a visual story much like any traditional, long form infographic. Therefore, I chose to include Polecat in this list. After all, infographics are about the distillation of information or complex processes, and that's exactly what Polecat's site achieves.

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    Matthew Inman — Washington, United States

    The man behind The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, has a boundless imagination and sense of humor that you either love, or don’t understand. Aside from his comics, he has released some impressive infographics that are always true to his unique quality and style. For example, “How Much Do Cats Actually Kill” (http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cats_actually_kill) and “Why the Mantis Shrimp is My New Favorite Animal” (http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp) both tell a narrative about topics which are a little less relatable by popular culture — but hilarious nonetheless.

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    And for you Mad Men lovers, don’t forget “What Would Don Draper Do”.

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    Chen Zhi Liang — Singapore, Singapore

    Only one infographic to be seen, but impressive enough that I wanted to mention him. Designing in Singapore, Chen Zhi Liang designed a beautiful resume as a school project; approaching a hundred thousand views on Behance. His work was mentioned on various influential design websites such as Hongkiat and DesignTAXI.

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    Nicholas Felton — NYC, United States

    Nicholas Felton amassed nearly ten years of data through his personal annual report projects, and converted them into amazingly constructed infographics. Each annual report is not visually similar to the next and they all highlight the “natural data” from Felton’s life.

    The scope of the project is an impressive undertaking and the amount hours that are dedicated to each year's collection of infographics must be equally impressive. Nicholas Felton has serious talent and his portfolio shows it with strong list of top brands as clients.

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    Want more inspiration?

    These designers and studios have all championed their style of infographic design. Through their work, they've successfully told the narrative of various types of content. In addition to these designers there are dozens more that are noteworthy and hyper talented.

    Do you know of any other inspiring infographic designers? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to join me on Pinterest, where I've been collecting infographics for inspiration. Hopefully they will be helpful to you too!


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