Realistic Grain Textures for Worn Out Photos, Text & Graphics

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  1. Dust and Scratch - Photo Overlays

    Dust and Scratch - Photo Overlays

    **Dust and Scratch** is an authentic photo overlays that give your photo an realistic old, dirty, dusty, and scratches effect. Free Retro Photoshop action that give your photos more retro/old feel. --- **What's Included:** - 30 Dust and Scratch Overlays (3500 x 2500 pixel, 300Dpi, JPEG) - **FREE, 5 Retro Photoshop Actions** - Detailed Instruction files --- **Requirements:** - The overlays are work for any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) - Note to the Lightroom users - please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers like www.ononesoftware.com/downloads/ - The "Retro Photoshop Actions" is being tested and work for Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC version --- For support or if you want to ask something about my product, fell free to contact me via **[email protected]** or send me a message via my CreativeMarket account. And don't forget to follow me to see my latest product. Best Regards, AWSM STUDIO

  2. 210 Premium PS Actions Bundle

    210 Premium PS Actions Bundle

    **OVER 80% OFF!** 210 Premium Photoshop Actions are included in this mega-bundle! --- *Bundle Includes:* - Premium Black & White PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/419904-Premium-Black-White-PS-Actions - Premium Cinematic PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/491335-Premium-Cinematic-PS-Actions - Premium Color Bomb PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/483051-15-Premium-Color-Bomb-PS-Actions - Premium Color Bombs 2 PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/498383-Premium-Color-Bombs-2-PS-Actions - Premium Color Wash PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/463818-Premium-Color-Wash-PS-Actions - Premium High Contrast PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/454897-Premium-High-Contrast-PS-Actions - Premium Film PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/431750-Premium-Film-PS-Actions - Premium Instagramish PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/422119-Premium-Instagramish-PS-Actions - Premium Light Leaks PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/438729-Premium-Light-Leaks-PS-Actions - Premium Light Leaks 2 PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/441957-Premium-Light-Leaks-2-PS-Actions - Premium Lomo-ish PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/507665-Premium-Lomo-ish-PS-Actions - Premium Muted PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/475937-Premium-Muted-PS-Actions - Premium Moods PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/472713-Premium-Moods-PS-Actions - Premium Old Time PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/426315-Premium-Old-Time-PS-Actions - Premium Colorful Vintage PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/459768-Premium-Colorful-Vintage-PS-Actions - Premium Bleached PS Actions: https://creativemarket.com/prixelcreative/448505-Premium-Bleached-PS-Actions --- If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message!

  3. Glitch text effects for Photoshop

    Glitch text effects for Photoshop

    Create your own glitch art with these smart object-based templates! I like adding various distortion/anaglyph effects to texts and other objects, so I thought I would create a little collection of these effects so you can customize your texts as well, and create your own glitch designs :D This set includes 16 different effects provided as PSD files, all working with smart object replacement. Just open the smart object layer, paste your design or write your text, and close the document - easy as that! In case you're not familiar with this system, I've included a PDF instructions sheet with pictures explaining the process. These templates are fully editable and layered - which means that all the layers are named & arranged for easy editing. You can edit the TV static & scan lines textures, change the background color or add your own picture as a background, modify the hue and saturation of the effect, and of course replace the text with your own. --- *The PSD files are 3000 x 2200 large, with a resolution of 300 DPI to ensure a good quality if you are using these effects for printed designs.* **Please note:** these effects are designed for texts and one-color only graphics (with transparency). They won't work on photos, drawings or other images. **Compatibility:** tested & working with Photoshop CS5 and up. You need Photoshop to use these files - they won't work with other programs. --- See volume 2 here: https://crmrkt.com/j8qeKG --- **What's included:** You will receive 1 ZIP containing the **16 PSD files** + **1 PDF instructions sheet** explaining how to use smart objects to create your own glitch/distorted text effects. Fonts download links included. --- **Other glitchy stuff:** Procreate glitch brushes: https://crmrkt.com/kba58M Toner glitch textures: https://crmrkt.com/7yDJJv Entropy Photoshop actions: https://crmrkt.com/9e718v Abstract glitch backgrounds: https://crmrkt.com/OJKoDB System Glitch display font: https://crmrkt.com/A5oX7A Anaglyph Photoshop actions: https://crmrkt.com/6jK0J8

  4. VHS Template

    VHS Template

    This psd template will help you to add realistic VHS Tape look to your picture in just few clicks. --- **Features:** - 2000x3000 px - 300 dpi - 4 main vhs effects - 10 vhs overlays - Well-layered and intuitively clear structure of psd. file. - Font Used: http://www.dafont.com/vcr-osd-mono.font --- **Includes:** - 1 psd file - 1 pdf file with instructions --- *Feel free to contact me!*

  5. Photoshop Retro Photo Kit

    Photoshop Retro Photo Kit

    Give your pictures a retro feel with this Photoshop kit! It consists of a set of quick actions, light leaks textures and paint roller masks, for an easy customization of your designs. **PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS** 15 color filters and 6 grainy black & white filters - just click the play button to apply the filter to your picture! These actions are all non destructive, which means the original image is conserved. I've also included 4 actions for adding some grain, ranging from subtle to very grainy. **LIGHT LEAKS** Light leaks are a great way to add a little extra retro touch to your images. They are provided as JPG files (6000 x 4000 px, 300 DPI). Use blending mode Screen for best results ;) **PAINT ROLLER PNG's** Use these handmade elements as masks to "include" your pictures inside the grunge texture. These masks are around 4000 px large, with a resolution of 300 DPI and transparent background. --- **Compatibility** Tested & working with Photoshop CS5 and up. The filters (actions) require Photoshop, and can't be used with other programs. Other elements (light leaks & paint roller masks) can be used with any software that supports PNG & JPG files. --- **What's inclued:** You will receive a ZIP containing: - 3 .atn files (Photoshop actions) - 21 light leak textures, JPG format - 16 paint roller masks, transparent PNG format - 1 PDF instructions sheet, explaining how to load the actions in Photoshop & use the kit to achieve the retro look. --- *Photos credits: Cameras: Amador Loureiro (Unsplash) - 21: Lyndsey B (Unsplash) - Clouds: Cody Schroeder (Unsplash)* --- *You are free to use this product in accordance with Creative Market license terms. No warranty of any kind, express or implied, will be offered for any of my products if downloaded from unauthorized sources. *

  6. Lo-Fi Photo Action

    Lo-Fi Photo Action

    **Lo-Fi Photo PS Action + 10 Light Leaks** --- This action creates vintage photo effect from any of your pictures. Save hours of work by using Lo-Fi Photo Action. Also, it's very easy to achieve results that you want, by just changing the adjustment options and adding retro light leak effects. --- - **3 Color Glitch Effect Types** - **Grain Effects** - **Image Blur/Distortion** - **Color Options** --- **You will receive:** - Lo-fi Photo Action ATN. - 10 Transparent PNG light leak effects. - Readme file with help&tips. --- This action has been tested and working with Adobe Photoshop CS3+ --- **You may also like:** **SUPER DEAL** **COSMIC BUNDLE:** https://crmrkt.com/jydqbj --- - **50 Space Backgrounds:** https://crmrkt.com/dVV0J - **Cloud Photoshop Action:** https://crmrkt.com/Wkgk8 - **Space Photoshop Brushes:** https://crmrkt.com/jv6R8 - **100 Space Backgrounds 40% OFF:** https://crmrkt.com/V7Q6d - **50 Space Backgrounds:** https://crmrkt.com/dVV0J --- [email protected]

  7. Vintage Effect Photoshop Action Set

    Vintage Effect Photoshop Action Set

    **Create an authentic vintage photo effect in no time with this set of 10 fully editable Photoshop actions** This action set allows you to give that old time vintage look to your photographs or images. From the sepia drenched, wild west through to the cool retro, black and white of the swinging sixties there's an action here that will create the effect you're looking for. One click runs all ten actions allowing you to see all your options at once and select the one you like most. --- **CORE FEATURES** - 10 Photoshop Actions included in the set - 1 click to run them all at once - Fully editable effects - Non-destructive smart filters - 14 Essential textures included - Quick guide text file included --- **Non Destructive** There's no need to worry about damaging or altering your original image, these actions use smart filters so your original image is never directly effected. **Total Control** Created using Smart Filters and the Power or Camera Raw (yes you can use all these powerful features with a jpeg or psd file :] ) all ten of the actions are fully editable so you know you can achieve any effect you desire. Run the action set and if it's not exactly as you'd like, simply double click the layer to open the immense power of the Camera Raw options. **Textures Included** This download also contains a pack of 14 essential high resolution textures that you can apply to your images to really finalise that vintage look. --- **Photographs used in previews are not included and are copyright of their respective owners** As ever, any questions just drop me a line. Have fun :]# **TWINBRUSH**

  8. WET PLATE Photoshop Template PRO

    WET PLATE Photoshop Template PRO

    **📣 Buy bundle with the incredible discount and free updates! 🔔 https://crmrkt.com/Dw65P3** *How to stylize a photo as an old wet plate (ambrotype) in 5 seconds? Authentic, realistic, stylish, instant. It can be your portrait in a retro image, a family photo as from an old photo album, or maybe this is your new avatar for social networks.* **LOOK VIDEO GUIDE: https://youtu.be/7aBdQD2RB-0** --------- **INCLUDED:** - 2100x2500 PSD Template - 840x1000 PSD Template **What's inside and the step-by-step process:** **Required:** 1. Place a photo in the Smart Layer 2. Edit the background blur area (Iris Blur) and the foreground (Spin Blur). 3. Select a suitable filter from the BW Effect layers (4 options) **Not required:** 4. Apply one of the Contrast Effect (4 options) 5. Put one of the Dark Textures (6 options) 6. Apply one of the Light Textures (7 options) 7. If you want to add the Film Grain include one of the layers of the Film Grain Effect group (3 options) 8. Still there is Sepia Effect (4 variants)

  9. Old Photo Effect Photoshop Action

    Old Photo Effect Photoshop Action

    PHOTOSHOP FREEBIES: http://www.psd-dude.com Create old photo effects with just 1-click. Non destructive adjustments, so it's easy to edit and customize.The result contains easy to edit layers with all the styles intact so that you can customize the appearance, Change the colors, add textures, etc. ========= WORKS WITH ANY PHOTOSHOP LANGUAGE VERSION ============= PACKAGE DETAILS: Old Photo Effect Photoshop Creator Made with: Photoshop CS4 Created: Nov 03, 2015 Files: ATN, PAT, PDF PACKAGE CONTENT: Photoshop action (ATN file) Photoshop pattern (PAT file) Help File (PDF file) FREE TEXTURES: http://www.textures4photoshop.com ========== GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY =========== PHOTOSHOP FREEBIES: http://www.psd-dude.com FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN RESOURCES: https://www.photoshopsupply.com/

  10. Instant Vintage Photo Effects

    Instant Vintage Photo Effects

    Instantly create scratchy, and extreme vintage effects on your photos that look like taken out from the grandma’s attic after laying there for years together. Check out the video demo here: http://youtu.be/sHuW2YPFHuA Please note that this is a layered PSD file using smart objects, NOT action. The PSD file includes: - 15 textures each in size 3000 x 2250 px in 300dpi format. - 3 different vintage effects that can be mixed to achieve various vintage effects - Vignette layer This works great with photos and illustration. You can create vintage effects, black and white effects and colorize photos and apply various textures to make them look like they are age-old photos. You can even play around and mix multiple textures and effects to create new look on the photos. IMAGE CREDITS: Images are from Unsplash.com. The glamour girl image is by Nissor on Pixabay (http://pixabay.com/en/users/Nissor-703989/). IMPORTANT: Images are for preview purpose only and are NOT included in the download file. If you've any questions, please feel free to ask me.



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