11 Best WordPress Utilities for December 2020

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  1. Ashtab - Ajax tabbed category widget

    Ashtab -  Ajax tabbed category widget

    Trurn your sidebar into Magazine styled sidebar !!. Sort posts by post views. Features 1. Ajax category load and pagination 2. Drag and drop category select and arrange. 3. Display post by post views,comment number. 4. Human readable view count, that is not 1500 views but 1.5k views. 5. Drag and drop post meta select and sort. Meta fields are- – Post tilte with permalink – Tag – Category – Date – Post Views – Excerpt – Author – Comment No 6. Post number to show. 7. Pagination type. Support 3 pagination types- – No pagination – Load more – Previous-next 8. Two tab styles 9. Seven post layout templates.

  2. Spider Stylish WP Menu

    Spider Stylish WP Menu

    Spider Stylish WP Menu plugin enhances the functionality of your theme. Highlight the most important things: the site navigation icons, feedback, subscription and order items. Stylish WP Menu plugins have features to replace navigation item with your custom style and URL. Features Stylish WP Menu Set 8 Place of navigation menu You can set diffrent place and style to navigate menu Auto open and close option Unlimited Color Option Font Awsome icons Add and remove item option And more…

  3. SiteCreate Really Useful Notification Bar for WordPress

    SiteCreate Really Useful Notification Bar for WordPress

    This is the Really Useful Notification Bar for WordPress. What makes this so useful? Well, its flexible for a start! You can use our bar to display anything from your latest headlines, links to a special deal or even a cookie acceptance bar – we give you the tools to do whatever you want. Looking to see how this bad boy works? Check out the overview video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSu7YnU_bG4 The plugin does more than just grab your audience’s attention of course, as you can also use it show social profile links as well as an awesome inline search form. Features Choose from relative positioning above your page, fixed to the top of the browser or even fixed to the bottom. Add/Remove/Re-Order Not

  4. WP CSS Generator

    WP CSS Generator

    This utility plugin allow you to change font family, colors and backgrounds of any element on your theme using Customize interface. Get Started Get full control! Use this plugin to easy redesign your WordPress site without developer skills. Compatibility The Generator has compatibility with all newer version of a browser like Chrome, IE11, Firefox, Safari and other. Easy To Use The Generator interface designed for initial use, so you do not need a lot of development experience Style Your Favorite Theme and Plugins The Generator is compatibility with all free or premium themes like Avada, X-theme and other. The Generator is compatibility with all free or premium plugins like Woocommerce,contact form 7, bbPress, BadyPress and other.

  5. FBLiveChat Increase SALES The ULTIMATE NEW Messenger for WP

    FBLiveChat Increase SALES The ULTIMATE NEW Messenger for WP

    FBLiveChat and Email Catcher is a WordPress plugin with the new Facebook Messenger chat allow put your Facebook messenger chat box on your website, visitors can chat with you via Facebook Messenger. This is easy way to support, keep contact with your customers and turn visitors into your customers, chat with them anytime to increase sales. The only unique plugin that provide Facebook live chat messenger + Email Catcher! 100% INBOXING & POPUP MESSAGE TO VISITOR Best fit Best fit for shop based websites like WooCommerce,Easy Digital Downloads or any other plugin FBLiveChat will dramatically increase your sales when you turn visitors into real customers – proven way. Demo Chat view: Live Demo Demo: Chat view: Live Demo Admin

  6. AdBlock Monetizer - Wordpress Plugin

    AdBlock Monetizer - Wordpress Plugin

    This plugin helps you to monetise AdBlock Users. This plugin is able to detect adblock software. If your WordPress website provides quality content and your main source of money is advertising, than you lose money if your visitors use AdBlock. Of course, you can install a plugin that please visitors to disable AdBlock, but what you do if the visitor don’t want? This plugin offer the opurtunity to your visitors to view your website content with AdBlock enabled, if they pay you some money? How much money? You decide! How plugin works? This plugin detects when a visitor have AdBlock enabled and shows an overlay. In that overlay you please to disable AdBlock or to pay you some money! If the visitor decides to pay, than he will go on PayPa

  7. Maintenance Mode - Wordpress Plugin

    Maintenance Mode - Wordpress Plugin

    Wanna see a live preview of the administration? Username: admin Password: demo Maintenance Mode – Wordpress Plugin An easy way to add on your website a custom maintenance page. Install it in just a few steps, configure the settings & you’re good to go! It’s also included a custom progress bar, so you can keep your users posted. Also you can set up where the maintenance page would appear, on homepage website, on website page, on post or category page. It’s avaliable on 4 color schemes – black,blue,green,red. Here are the settings you can configure: Content settings – Here you have: Title of the maintenance page (for example Sorry! Maintanance mode ON! )

  8. My related posts

    My related posts

    Works with: (updated 2012-09-30) WP 3.4.2 WP 3.3 WP 3.2 You can create a list, then assign posts to it. (A post can only be on one list.) When a list is created, you edit the blog posts and assign them to the list. When a blog post is assigned to a list, they can be listed in your blog posts. This plugin differs from the other ones out there, because it does no magic! (And that’s a good thing). You have to create a list. Assign various blog posts to that list. You have complete control of your related posts, making this plugin a great asset when you create a series of blog posts, with different parts or chapters. It easy to use! There are two ways to use this plugin. You can either edit your theme (f

  9. Wp Nice Screen Login - Customize Admin Login Page

    Wp Nice Screen Login - Customize Admin Login Page

    WP Nice Screen Login is the final solution to customize the “Wordpress Admin Login Page”. You can choose from 5 default themes to redesign the Login Page, and bring to your clients a new professional page to login. Current version: 2.1.1 Features 5 different themes Custom Image Logo Custom Logo Link Custom Copyright Message Choose if show or hide “shake” effect Choose if show or hide “back to blog” link Change Log 2.1.1 * Minor bug fixed * Updated some css themes 2.1 * Finally, fully compatible with 3.2. * New configuration page design * Redesign of all themes 2.0 * Compatibility with Wordpress 3.2. 1.2 * Fixed compatibility issue 1.1 * Fixed issue in register page * Added more options

  10. Easy Website Change Request Plugin

    Easy Website Change Request Plugin

    This plugin is extremely useful to all Web Developers and Designers! Aug 2013 Update: Version 1.4 - WordPress 3.6 Support Added How this WordPress plugin works: It allows your customer to easily request “changes” or “alterations” to their WordPress site. The customer requests the change by placing a sticky note ontop of the website where they would like the change to appear. Once the customer requests a change, you get sent an email and the change appears in the WordPress dashboard. This plugin is useful if you have customers who cannot operate the WordPress editor, or need to change things outside of their control. You can also limit the number of changes the customers can make per month. If they run over their “ch

  11. Open Street Map Plugin

    Open Street Map Plugin

    A Simple Plugin to manage Maps and Places with the Open Source Open Street Map. You can add Layers by yourself and geocoding address is supporting via Google Maps and Yahoo. Feautures 4 Open Street Map Maps included 8 Marker Icons Gecoding with Yahoo and Google Global settings for Width/Height and Zoom Level Set Default Marker Icon



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