Staff Picks: Our 14 Favorite WordPress Portfolio Themes

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    Staff picks is a regular series where we take a look at some of the personal favorites of the Creative Market Staff. We'll choose a category, then each staff member will pick their some of their favorite products within that category. This week's Staff Picks category is WordPress portfolio themes.

    Josh Johnson

    John - One Page Portfolio Theme

    As a portfolio, I think this theme makes a really bold statement. I love the huge header photo and the smooth animations that trigger as you scroll.

    Stack – WordPress Portfolio Theme

    This minimal theme really shows off your images nicely with photo grids, slideshows, and banners. There's also a great testimonials page where you can include quotes from your favorite clients.

    Gerren Lamson

    Aspen - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

    Aspen captures many needs that a designer might require from their portfolio. It's flexible enough to be a visual gallery of their work, but also to allow for a modern shop and blog experience for visitors of their site. The layout options are diverse and the whole thing is responsive. Odelay!

    Snazzy Portfolio Theme

    Snazzy is one of those Wordpress themes that I've loved ever since it came on the market. Using a two column approach, it prominently displays project thumbnails in a stream format on the right and offers additional page links on the left in a secondary manner. Pretty classic in terms of display, but very well done.

    Kelley Johnson

    Frank - Wordpress Portfolio Theme

    I'm all about keeping things clean and organized, especially when it comes to showcasing one’s work. This simple grid portfolio theme gets your work out there without any unnecessary clutter.

    Zack Onisko

    Boxes Responsive WordPress Theme

    The forward-center headline gives this theme a full-court press. The 4-up grid gives the page a really clean layup... er layout. This theme is no ball hog... I give it 3 points!

    Sonnet Responsive WordPress Theme

    I love the white space at the top of this theme which gives the logo, navigation and tagline room to be easily read. I also like the alternating image sizes in each row that break up the grid. I may just have to pick this one up for my blog.

    Stephen Hallgren

    Spacetype – WordPress Theme

    This is a super clean theme that lets the content shine. It also has a lot of great features and can be used for Photographers, portfolios or one-pagers.

    Liam McKay

    Triplo WordPress Theme

    I’m pretty sure the word “stylish” was invented to describe this theme. Putting together your portfolio can be notoriously difficult, but with a theme like this it doesn’t have to be.

    Screw - Responsive WordPress Theme

    I’m drawn to the simplicity of this theme, it has everything you need in a portfolio theme and it looks incredibly easy to customize.

    Greg Corby

    Monolith Responsive Theme

    I love the clean lines of this minimal theme. The typography is great and there is plenty of padding throughout the site, making it feel lightweight and breathable. This theme would be perfect for a design or photography portfolio.

    Cotton Wordpress - Bootstrap 3.0

    This is a great single page theme that would work well for an agency or startup. The colors and typography are nice, and it's fully responsive.

    Chris Winn

    IntroCo: WordPress Theme

    A really clean and simple design means the focus will be on your work.

    Photorama - Photography WP Theme

    A great option for photographers or web designers who want to highlight their work. Looks great on an iPad too!

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