20 Unique Pixel Fonts to Bring the 80s Back

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  1. Roses - 8 Bit Font

    Roses - 8 Bit Font

    **Roses 8 Bit Font** is a font that is a simple and trimmed down font that only keeps necessities while remaining bold and eye catching. Reminiscent of very old style atari graphics. The fonr below in the main image can be purchased with the Misty Forest item in my shop. *What's included?* **Roses in .OTF format**

  2. A Goblin Appears!

    A Goblin Appears!

    A comprehensive pixel/bitmap font for use in retro games.

  3. Pixelo


    Pixelo typeface was heavily inspired by 8-bit digital retro characters. This retro styled typeface can be used for headline, logo, logotype, label, CD cover, apparel design. Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Symbol, and Punctuation.

  4. Retro kiddo vector alphabet

    Retro kiddo vector alphabet

    90's are back! Sometimes we all feel kind of nostalgic about the time that passed. The retro feeling is always somewhere in the air. I feel nostalgic about 90's so much, that I got very much inspired and created this pixel art vector alphabet. This kit is ideal for any product display, cards, t-shirts design, invitations, flyers, posters, scrapbooking, as well as for social networking. Give your Instagram, Facebook page or website trendy retro vibe. **What is inside?** - Vector alphabet with digits in 2 color variations in EPS, AI, PNG (each letter saved separtely on transparent background 5000 x 5000 px) - 2 decorative geometric backgrounds in EPS, PNG + **BONUS** pixel alphabet in AI, EPS, PNG ------------------------------------ **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A FONT!** ------------------------------------ If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy and stay creative!

  5. Eight Beats: pixel font

    Eight Beats: pixel font

    Here it is! **Eight Beats** is a pixel font for your game or retro-looking project. It has capital and small letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. Font is based on **8x8px** grid With this product you'll get: - **TTF** font file - **AI** vector file - separate **PNG's** with all characters, that you can see on previews --- If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me. Have a nice day!

  6. Level Up font

    Level Up font

    Geometric font with authentic digital feeling. - Basic latin character set - Captial letters - Lowercase letters - Numerals - Currency (USD, EUR) - Punctuation and some special characters - TTF and OTF files.

  7. 8 Bit Misty Forest Font Set

    8 Bit Misty Forest Font Set

    **Misty Forest Font Set** is a set of 2 fonts. The Misty Forest font being the front display type and 8 Bit Chalice being the subtext style type. This combo works well when you need a good counterbalancing display theme like on a start up menu. This set also includes additional ampersands for each font in .svg format. This a part of an 8 bit series I am currently working on. But for those of you who appreciate my other works, there will be releases also coming soon in my normal style of fonts. Thanks to everyone for your support. Wiether you have made a purchase in the past, present, or you are just interested in what I have to offer in general. It means alot and give yourselves a pat on the back. **P.S.** The top left corner of each image slide showcases the image in a scaled down preview.

  8. Pyxelate - Retro Pixel Font

    Pyxelate - Retro Pixel Font

    Single font with retro pixel style

  9. Newsgeek


    **Newsgeek Pixel Semi-Bold Font with basic Latin support.** - Newsgeek.ttf - Newsgeek Serif.ttf

  10. C64 Display

    C64 Display

    Commodore 64 True Type / Bitmap Display Font with Atari lowercase characters for Game Mockups & Graphic Design. Click on image for full character map.

  11. Waves CPC

    Waves CPC

    **Waves CPC** is a pixel typeface family that is currently in progress. There are three members of the family so far and with more along the way. It started with wanting to create a simplified blackletter typeface and then a giant wave of ideas hit me when I thought of incorporating my pixel art experience. There is also a small web app that I made to randomize an acronym for C.H.I.P: http://www.christophercacho.com/wtchip Waves CPC's name comes from the heart of 8bit music (chiptune), waveforms, and the giant waves that make up our Earth's oceans. Purchase early at this low starting price and you'll receive all future font styles added to the family. --- **Family Members** Blackletter - Base, Shadow, & Inline layers - Uppercase & Lowercase characters - Numbers, symbols and punctuations - Extended Language support Tiny & Tiny Slab - Same character set as Blackletter - Includes a regular and extended width styles Upcoming members - Block - Narrow - Script - Icon ---- **Ideas for Usage** - Zine mastheads - Power metal band logo - Digital tombstones - Indie RPG - Retro gaming show title screens --- You will receive updates of *Waves CPC for free*. There will be improvements and changes when I feel like the font needs them. If there are any features or glyph requests, feel free to send me a message.

  12. YoungDantes


    My first pixel font, based on my handwriting and named for Edmond Dantés. It's made to be used tiny! Use it however you like! Hope you enjoy. If you have any issues with the files, don't hesitate to contact me.

  13. Bitcraft


    Bitcraft is a fun display font from the 80s! It's perfect for 8-bit styled illustrations, icons, logos, posters, and t-shirts. Test it out below! Files included: TTF

  14. Pixie Family Bundle

    Pixie Family Bundle

    **Pixie is a modern pixel font family with 610 glyphs including 15 font styles. ** **Including** - Upper and lower cases - 15 Styles - Serif, Sans & Dingbats - Halftone and dot styles - Cyrillic and greek basics Pixel = only 8Bit Games? No! This font suits also well to movie-titles, tech-logos, party-visuals, website-scripts and so on. Works great in small and big sizes. Glitches are not included.

  15. 1980


    **True Type Bitmap Font with Basic Latin support.** - 1980.ttf

  16. Chubby Choo - Pixel Art Font

    Chubby Choo - Pixel Art Font

    **Chubby Choo** is a retro bitmap typeface. It contains: - Latin alphabet letters - UPPER and lower case - Regular and **SemiBold** - Numbers - Symbols --- *If you experience any problems, need additional symbols or little tweaks, feel free to contact me! ; ]*

  17. Jaunt: 8-bit pixel font

    Jaunt: 8-bit pixel font

    Jaunt hearkens back to the days of yore, when square controllers left your palms sweaty and bruised, and Nintendo thumb was a serious injury. Back in those days, you were lucky if your game fonts even HAD lower case letters, let alone any kind of fancy punctuation beyond the requisite period, question mark, and exclamation mark. Jaunt is an 8-bit pixel font that's easy on the eyes with the spunk of a feisty little hero-to-be. Your purchase includes the necessary files to use Jaunt as a web-font.

  18. PRETTY WEIRDO pixel display font

    PRETTY WEIRDO pixel display font

    Feel all carefree and relaxed with this playful pixel display font! It is ideal for any product display, kids' products, cards, t-shirts design, invitations, flyers, posters, scrapbooking, as well as for social networking. Give your Instagram, Facebook page or website trendy retro vibe. Combine outline and fill font to achieve cool offset effect or use premade letters in AI, EPS or PNG **What is inside?** - Pretty Weirdo Outline font OTF - Pretty Weirdo Fill font OTF - Pretty Weirdo Outlinefont separate elements in AI, EPS, PNG 5000 x 5000 - Pretty Weirdo Fill separate elements in AI, EPS, PNG 5000 x 5000 - Pretty Weirdo Offset separate elements in AI, EPS, PNG 5000 x 5000 **PLEASE NOTE THAT PRETTY WEIRDO OFFSET IS NOT AN INSTALLABLE FONT!** You can acheive the same offset effect by combining two installable fonts presented here or using premade letters in the abovementioned formats. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Enjoy and stay creative!

  19. SuperDario Pixel Font

    SuperDario Pixel Font

    **SuperDario Pixel Font** Did you miss video games? We also did! Our latest work is inspired by old fun games and we are proud to introduce it. - **SuperDario** is a carefully crafted display font for your awesome projects. - It includes webfont formats too: **OTF + EOT + WOFF + WOFF2** - Multilingual: It has EUROPEAN and RUSSIAN letters. --- SuperDario created for poster, web design, branding, illustrations, badges and some other works. --- **Customer Support** Please let us know if there is a feature you'd like to see or an issue that needs to be fixed. Updates will always be free to existing owners.

  20. Argent Pixel CF bitmap serif font

    Argent Pixel CF bitmap serif font

    **Argent Pixel CF is a low resolution, pixel-based version of the original Argent typeface.** Argent Pixel recreates the distinctive look and feel of Argent in an intentionally limited form – evocative of early Macintosh typography, but compatible with modern systems. Argent Pixel is an experimental font, created as a playful side project to compliment Connary Fagen Type Design’s flagship typefaces. * One weight and true italics * Latin-character multilingual support * OTF/WOFF/WOFF2/EOT formats * Long term support, free features, and bug fixes --- If you have any questions about licensing, need help with a typeface, or would like to request a new feature, contact me at connary.com. **Thank you!**



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