Must-See Star Wars: Episode VII Fan Art

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    If you haven't seen the new trailer for Star Wars: TheForce Awakens, you need to watch it. Okay, now that you've seen the clip that's inspiring Force Awakens fans everywhere to take another look at the world's favorite sci-fi series, check out the work of a new generation of fan artists and delve into its vast universe. Here are some out-of-this-world pictures from around the Web, broken down into the five main themes of the trailer.

    Movie Hype

    The Star Wars franchise isn't known only for its creativity and epic storytelling; the hype and fandom surrounding the films, video games, books and cartoons are all a part of the fame. The fan-made posters below bring in new elements of the series while keeping themes and styles of the original series intact.

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    Halfricaun's Bucket by WormyTV

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    Star Wars Episode VII Fan Poster by Gabriel Carati

    Disney's Star Wars

    An important part of the surrounding hype has been the series switch to Disney production, leading to an all Disney casting of the franchise (above) and an awesome Tatooine remake of the classic Magic Kingdom logo (below).

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    Perils of a New Kingdom by Ivan Guerrero

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    DISNEY LOGO - TATOOINE STAR WARS 7 by David Catterall


    The light saber is possibly the most iconic part of the Star Wars universe:

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    TSaber by by Skyrace

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    The Force Awakens by Charles Tan

    This futuristic dream sword made of plasma captured the imagination of viewers everywhere. With each new generation of movies comes a new style of light saber. The last brought us the dual saber wielded by Darth Maul and the curved saber of Count Dooku. The new film brings us the T-saber.

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    TSaber by Dan Leydon

    Millennium Falcon

    This iconic ship housed the rebellious Han Solo, and it's back again in Episode VII. There's something magical and nostalgic about the Millennium Falcon, and that's the fact that Han found his junker of a craft and turned it into an epic battle ship. It also looks unlike anything else in the Star Wars universe of ships.

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    Star Wars : The Force Awakens by KemalDis

    A lot of the Millennium Falcon art shows it crashed or in shambles. Here's hoping that these beautiful pieces aren't a sign of things to come in the new movie.

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    Crashed Falcon by Pete Starling

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    Star Wars Episode VII Poster by sahinduezguen

    Storm Troopers

    The faceless army of the Empire is finally getting their time in the spotlight. Though their helmets have changed over the series, they remain the Empire's police force.

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    STAR WARS VII on Behance by Pauline Baillon

    In the new trailer, John Boyega can be seen in a storm trooper uniform.

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    Star Wars The Force Awakens - Stormtrooper by Robert-Shane

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    Stormtroopers from Star Wars by Robert-Shane

    While it's unclear how big a role Boyega or the storm troopers in general will have in the new film, their prominence in the trailer suggests these awesome characters might be getting their due screen time.

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    The Force Awakens - Stormtrooper by DarthTemoc

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    Episode VII Stormtrooper by juan7fernandez


    New Star Wars means new droids. In the trailer, the ball droid BB-8 stole the show and generated a ton of meme material.

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    BB-8 Soccer Droid by steveberrington

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    Soccer Ball Droid via WeKnowMemes

    In a galaxy far, far away

    Hopefully, this article and the accompanying art will inspire some art of your own. The truly wonderful legacy of Star Wars is the seemingly endless universe that George Lucas and his amazing cast and crew created for future artists to play inside. Have you ever created a Star Wars-inspired piece? Feel free to share it below.


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