Quiz: Are You and Your Client a Perfect Match?

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    Are you and your client a perfect match?

    There are the clients we love, and the clients we'd love to forget. So, how do you know before it's too late? Take this quiz to find out if you and your client are a match made in heaven or a nightmare in the making.

    A perfect match!

    Congratulations, you've found the perfect client. Just how great are they? Well, from day one, you've been the expert and the price you charge is the price they're willing to pay. At each step in the process, the client has provided constructive criticism while staying true to their original vision and timeline. They're willing to speak their mind and always back it up with concrete examples and rock solid reasoning. Enjoy it because this is the type of client you never forget!

    A nightmare relationship!

    How do we put this gently? We recommend getting a stress ball and repeating a soothing mantra ASAP because this wont be easy. This is one of "those" clients. We all know the type - close minded, unable to handle criticism, and downright disrespectful of your designs. But don't despair, we're sure you'll come out of this partnership stronger. Right...?

    It could always be worse...

    It's not the best relationship, but it's not terrible either. This is likely one of those jobs that comes and goes without much fanfare but at the end of the day, you get paid, so who cares, right? Sometimes it's best to just put your head down and get it done. A more perfect client will certainly come sooner than later!

    Do they have a clear vision?


    They have a good idea but need help seeing it through

    Not really...

    Um, no!

    If your client were a design pattern, they would most likely be...






    When it comes to making changes, your client tends to...

    Think everything happens with the snap of a finger

    Understand that things may not be as easy as they seem

    Trust me and my timeframes

    Suggest things don't need to take so long

    How quickly do they usually respond to you?

    Right away

    I've had to wait a few times

    It takes them longer than I would like

    They disappeared!

    Do you think your client too needy?



    Next question please...

    Do you need to take control to get things done?



    We share responsibility

    If you're a cup of coffee, your client is...

    The milk

    The coaster

    The sugar

    Fried claims

    It's time to meet in person, how long does it take to pick a place?

    We decide right away

    A while. We don't have the same taste in cafes

    They wont meet me in person

    Are you happy in this relationship?


    Eh, it could be worse

    Absolutely not

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