Design News for June 21 - June 27

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    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Every Friday, we'll be sharing a round-up of what's happening in the Design Industry, such as new digital product announcements, platforms being launched, unique peer projects, interesting experiments and much more. Follow along as we keep a pulse on exciting news in design each week.

    Here's our recap for the week of June 21st through June 27th, 2014.

    Google Dev: Web Starter Kit

    Google is now offering a web starter kit that’s a great starting point for building multi-device web experiences. The download kit is currently in beta, and it contains a boilerplate and tooling (with documentation), as well as a set-up walk-through. This kit looks very promising for amateur and veteran developers alike. Don't forget to check out their web fundamentals section too.

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    Code Monkey Planet

    Created by Raj Sidhu, Code Monkey Island is a Kickster-backed board game project that teaches kids the fundamental logic of computer programming through the playful dynamic of monkeys competing over bananas. It’s governed by cards that work in tandem to impact how many spaces (if any) you may more per a turn. Looks really fun to me! (via Mashable)

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    The Capitol — The Official Gov. of Panem

    The design team behind the original Hunger Games website (Capital Couture) that was released when the first film came out are at it again, creating a beautiful online experience that emanates with details from the world of the Hunger Games — just in time for the upcoming third movie.

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    Trent Walton — Optimizing Images

    Trent provides another very helpful article to the design community, with thoughtful approaches to handling images such as transparent PNGs on websites. His favorite tools? ImageOptim and ImageAlpha.

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    Google Design

    Announced at this week’s I/O event, Google introduces totally new design language for Android, Chrome OS, and more. In particular, their material design guide is a beautifully executed web experience that displays their design philosophies and guidelines for Google, material design, Google glass, web design and more. Excellent stuff, indeed. (via TNW)

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    Google Cardboard

    Related to the recent launch of Google Design, Cardboard is a project that plans to bring virtual reality to smartphones (especially Android). The project offers plans for users to construct a VR viewer from everyday, household items. After building the viewer, users will be able to download an open software toolkit that makes writing VR software as simple as building a web or mobile app. Brilliant stuff.

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    Framer Studio

    Meet Framer Studio — a new innovative digital prototyping tool, which claims to make inventing, designing and experimenting with interaction easy and simple. Users can define animations in code and preview them to get instant visual feedback while working on them.

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    Love commenting on Medium? Check out this Medium-style commenting interface component, available for you to use in your digital projects. It’s sure to make any blog or content web project more active and fun. Check out the demo and download the first version on Github to give it a spin.

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    The Great Discontent Redesign

    The wildly popular creative interview blog got a redesign this week, making it shine a little bit brighter than before (if that’s even possible). Great design updates all around. Nice job, TGD!

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    Product Hunt Alert

    A bit of a meta experience, this tool lets users put in their url and phone number so that if Product Hunt features their project on their site — they’ll be alerted via text message. Created by Jesse Pollak.

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    This handy app helps users exercise their Google “right to be forgotten” easily. You can find inappropriate links in 2 clicks, which makes it easy to find all of the irrelevant, outdated and otherwise inappropriate information that is publicly available on Google search results for your name.
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    Nest Developer Program

    Who doesn’t love the design functionality and aesthetics of Nest products? Recently, they opened up their platform, allowing developers access to their APIs in order to build 3rd party apps.

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    Dribbble Turns 5!

    This week, Dribbble turned 5 years old! Can you believe it? Since its beginning, Dribbble has garnered over 1 millions shots from what designers and creative professionals have been working on. To celebrate, Dan and team are kicking off a Rebound Playoff challenge with the theme of “5” and offering some great prizes for the winners!

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    Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

    Need to take a digital break? Pop open this page, relax and listen to the waves of the ocean image in front of you. Don’t touch your mouse or keyboard and give your brain and eyes a break from work.

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    Join the driverless revolution (if you dare), and follow along as the technology for driverless cars keeps coming closer and closer to reality. To be quite honest, this is just a little bit unsettling to me.

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    Side Projectors

    A new marketplace to buy and sell side projects. Whether you’re currently working on your side project or have abandoned it for some time, you can sell it to someone who wants to care for it and carry it into the future.

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    With this politically charged browser extension, you can expose the role that money plays in Congress. Display the detailed campaign contribution data for every Senator and Representative on any web page, including the total amount received and breakdowns by industry and donation sizes.

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    An easy and simple way to create polls that users can share with the friends, family, peers, and community. No sign up is required, and you can also browse recent and popular polls created by other users.

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    An app that lets users take a picture of the wine list at a bar or restaurant, and display an interactive version on your phone with ratings, reviews, price info, food pairing and more. Very handy for beginner vinos and advanced wine enthusiasts alike.

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    Guardian — Flights Interactive

    To celebrate the history of flight, explore this live satellite world map image that depicts all of the flights currently in the skies right now.

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    Exposure — Videos

    This week, the popular photo story sharing platform Exposure added support so that users can embed videos from Vimeo and Youtube into their stories. It was a request from their community that they listened to and implemented beautifully.

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    Path Talk for iOS

    Path has always been admired and respected for its UI innovation and attention to detail. Last week, they launched a new standalone messaging app called Path Talk — which pairs with their flagship Path app. In light of this, Brian Lovin put together this Design Detail blog post that spotlights that various interactive elements and experiences in an attempt to showcase the design choices that were made. And, don’t forget to follow Dustin Mierau and Ed Kim, the designers of this new Path messaging app too.

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