Staff Favorites - April 19

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    Every week our staff picks one of their favorite designs from the marketplace and shares why they think it's awesome. We hope you enjoy these handcrafted goods as much as we do.

    Silly Face (Vector)

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    Bubs says "Because sometimes the mood you want to convey isn't just in a range of happy to sad... it's panda to moustached butler."

    Blog Simple WordPress Theme

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    Zack says "Great poster print looking WP theme by the guys at Automattic. Simple, yet packed full of features."

    Things for Earth Day

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    Lesley says "I'm a big fan of Alice's style and this Earth Day kit is no exception. Great graphics for a great price."

    Small Marvelous Icons

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    Chris says "A nice, colorful, and unique set of icons."

    Vintage Texture Action

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    Gerren says "This handy Photoshop add-on makes aging your design projects so easy and fast. No more printing out your artwork and distressing it by hand, or ordering stamps for that hand-crafted look. Just a few clicks, and you can step back decades for 3 bucks."

    Funky - 200 Vector Icons

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    Liam says "A really useful set of colourful flat icons. Very unique."

    Austrina Minimalist Grid Resume

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    Maryam says "Applying to a new job or looking for a summer internship? Snatch up this awesome template and create the perfect resume."

    Parks and Rec - 50 Outdoor Icons

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    Brian says "Living outside vicariously through this icon set. Such an awesome collection!"

    Happy creating and have a lovely weekend!


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