What Would it Look Like if McDonald's Advertised like Apple?

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    If you own an Apple product, you've likely seen one of the promotional videos that Apple puts out in harmony with one of their latest product releases. Jony Ive usually comes out, sits in a chair against a white background, and uses the word "aluminum" in such a way as that it sounds a lot more like "ah-loo-min-ee-um" to most Americans. Some call it arrogant, and others have made fun of it. This is the latter.

    Say what you will about Apple's presentations, they are quite effective. They wouldn't be such a successful company without them, no matter how weird they say their words.

    Kevin Whipps is a writer and editor based in Phoenix, Arizona. When he's not working on one of the many writing projects in his queue, he's designing stickers with his wife at Whipps Sticker Co.


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