Staff Favorites - August 9

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    Every week our staff picks one of their favorite designs from the marketplace and shares why they think it's awesome. We hope you enjoy these handcrafted goods as much as we do.

    Companion League

    Companion League by 100 TypePin It

    Bubs says "On mother Creative Market, staff pick picks you!"


    Vintage Etc. Text Decorations

    Vintage Etc Text Decorations by lineslineslinesPin It

    Chris Winn says "Fun little vintage vectors to round out a project."


    Cotton - Responsive HTML Single Page

    Cotton - Responsive HTML Single Page by digital bakeryPin It

    Gerren says "When you just need a solid, well-designed single responsive page layout to work with, Cotton is a great, affordable choice! With fade-ins and a top-attached menu system, it'll make your business appear modern and professional with just a little bit of code knowledge and quality content."


    Platform with Grass

    Platform with Grass by Graphics4GamesPin It

    Brian says "I started programming trying to make math/physics-based games in Flash. The hardest part was always creating and/or finding graphics to use in them. This shop has you covered!"


    iOS 7: Vector Tab Bar Icons

    iOS 7- Vector Tab Iar Icons by PixellovePin It

    Liam says "One of the most complete iOS7 style icon sets going, super handy collection."


    Leana's Ribbon Pink Theme

    Leanas Ribbon Pink Theme by A Mommys Blog DesignPin It

    Maryam says "This sweet WP theme is perfect for a blog, it's sweet, feminine and easy to use!"


    Mojito UI

    Mojito UI by vladedimovskiPin It

    Zack says "The color palette and elements in the Mojito Flat UI Kit look delicious. I'd love to see it Bootstrapped."


    Hand Drawn Biscuit Illustrations

    Hand Drawn Biscuit Illustrations by Gemma GarnerPin It

    Josh says "Because the best kind of biscuit is a cookie."


    American Brewery Clean & Rough

    American Brewery Clean and Rough by Decade Type FoundryPin It

    Sarah says "Awesome Font! I'm ready to enjoy a cold beer this evening!"


    Didactic WordPress Theme

    Didactic WordPress Theme by ChillThemesPin It

    Chris Williams says "Sometimes you just need a simple, responsive theme that's easy on the eyes. This flexible WordPress theme from ChillThemes does the trick!"


    8-bit Social Media Icons

    8-bit Social Media Icons by little pxlPin It

    Lesley says "I really enjoy Alice's work and these icons are 8-biterrific!"

    Have a great weekend everyone!


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