Slab Serifs: History, Types & Inspiring Examples

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  1. Gora – Regular & Bold

    Gora – Regular & Bold

    Typeface «Gora» — a cute, original extended Slab Serif. This package include 2 weights: Regular, Bold. «Gora» includes many features: ligatures, fractions, numbers, subscript and superscript numbers, arrows, and currency symbols. Multilingual. Excellent choice for headlines and small amounts of text, logos and illustrations, labels and packaging. **In package** - Gora-Regular.ttf - Gora-Bold.ttf **Type features** - Ligatures - Fractions - Superscript - Subscript **Other purchase options of the font «Gora»** - Stencil: Regular, Bold → https://crmrkt.com/q0rrK - Rough → https://crmrkt.com/Od88p - Full pack → https://crmrkt.com/3w009

  2. Visby Slab CF: geometric slab serif

    Visby Slab CF: geometric slab serif

    **Visby Slab is a geometric slab serif** built on the popular Visby font family. Fun to use and delightfully expressive, Visby Slab is vibrant and strong in all of its eight weights, and features true italics and wide language support. Excellent for headlines, captions, and just about everything in between. - Eight weights and true italics - Extensive Latin script support - OpenType features - OTF file format, plus WOFF/WOFF2/EOT samples - Free updates and feature additions --- If you have any questions about licensing, need help with a typeface, or have a feature to request, contact me at connary.com. **Thank you!**

  3. Mighty Slab

    Mighty Slab

    Mighty Slab is a very heavy slab-serif font for titling, captions and logo. OpenType Format (.otf) with 531 glyphs! Extraordinary impact and super big x-height for more visual conspicuousness. **4 Layered color font!** Simply, Stack same text with each styles in the same position. Mighty Slab One can also be used independently. Further tutorial about using layered font for Adobe inDesign and Illustrator. https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/creating-a-layered-color-font Mac Roman ✓ Windows 1252 ✓ Adobe Latin 1 ✓ Adobe Latin 2 Almost all Adobe Latin 3 Almost all.

  4. Modern Outdoor | Font

    Modern Outdoor | Font

    Modern Outdoor is best used for signage, posters, wall graphics, or any project that requires large type to command your audience's attention. Decidedly campy, this is an all caps display font sure to make an impression. OTF only with limited characters • uppercase A-Z • numbers • punctuation Enjoy!

  5. Winchester Condensed Font

    Winchester Condensed Font

    This font is designed to recreate old typography and is best for logos and insignia designs. This font contains 4 sets of glyphs. Files included: 1 ttf file for Winchester Regular 1 ttf file for Winchester Tall Caps 1 ttf file for Winchester Cuts Caps 1 ttf file for Winchester Ornate Caps Bonus! Winchester logo (.ai) Enjoy

  6. Burton Slab Typeface + Bonus

    Burton Slab Typeface + Bonus

    --- **Burton Slab Typeface** is new font from Heybing Supply Co, the new slab serif typeface with the strong and unique shapes, that can handle a lot of designs styles. The font with simple, retro and vintage feel character set. Come with 2 styles, a clean and rough to create an option for the designs. To create the beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase then mix with the alternative glyphs. **Burton Slab Typeface** includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs. --- **Product Content :** - Burton Slab (OTF Format) - Burton Slab Rough (OTF Format) - Vector Bonus (AI format) **Features :** - Character Set A-Z - Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) - Accents (Multilingual characters) - Stylistic Alternates --- **Guides to access all alternates :** http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y --- *Burton Slab Typeface is suitable font for many creative products & designs.* **Thank you for purchasing and happy designing :)**

  7. Aster Slab Serif 9 Font Family Pack

    Aster Slab Serif 9 Font Family Pack

    **Aster Slab Serif Font** is a set of 9 weights and it is good for making creative displays and it has slab serif font. It’s a lovely and unique slab serif font in our store, allowing you to make each word look completely stylish! It Suits best for modern / clean designs, logos, headlines, banners and templates etc. It looks gorgeous in all caps with a wide-set spacing if you want to try a classy look, or beautiful on its own in capital and lowercase letters for something completely timeless. ** Features ** - Regular, Light, Thin, Black, Bold, Extra-Bold, Distorted, Light, Outline - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2 Formats --- ** Aster Font Features: ** - Uppercase Multilingual Letters - Lowercase Multilingual Letters - Numbers & Punctuation - Alternatives



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