Creative Interview with Vladimir Carrer

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    Today we are talking with another designer who has offered up a free goodie that you can get if you are an early access member of Creative Market. Check out these Vector Wireframing Icons that you can download for free! Let's get to it.

    First of all, why don't you tell everyone a bit about yourself, where you are from and what you do.

    I live in Verona, Italy and I graduated in Chemical and Food Process Engineering (basically nothing to do with design). I was excited about "The brave new computer world" and I decided to totally abandon my pervious career and start my new job as a web developer. Currently I'm working as Web Designer/Developer. My personal projects can be found on my blog.

    How did you start out in the field of design?

    When I was working as a web developer I wanted to understand more about the web and the design process in general. I took baby steps trying to design simple things. The first results were absolutely horrible and I was totally discouraged  to do any design work. Later I realized that design is similar to programing in that it is all about problem solving.

    What are your favorite fonts to use right now?

    I love classical fonts like Helvetica, Gill Sans, Frutiger, Garamond, Futura, Sabon also fonts like Hoefler Text the latest Microsoft optimized for screen Cambria, Calibri. Naturally there are so many new cool fonts, type designers have better tools for building fonts so I'm waiting for the new wave of quality fonts to emerge and potentially replace or improve the classic fonts.

    What is your general design process?

    1) Understand the problem.
    2) Can I solve this problem?
    3) If the answer is Yes, go to the step 4.
    4) Try to solve the problem.

    When feeling stumped, where do you turn to for design inspiration?

    When I'm feeling stumped and I'm not getting the results I want sometimes a short coffee break helps.


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