Staff Favorites - August 16

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    Every week our staff picks one of their favorite designs from the marketplace and shares why they think it's awesome. We hope you enjoy these handcrafted goods as much as we do.


    Campi by Intellecta DesignPin It

    Zack says "One day, I'm going to buy a large plot of land and I'm going to grow grapes. I'll then teach myself how to become a winemaker from watching YouTube how-to videos and/or by reading 18th century French winemaker books that have been translated into English audio books. I'll produce a delicate Pinot... Or maybe a spicy Zin. Either way, I'm sure it'll taste like strawberry fireworks and magic. I'll name it the "N Judah" after my favorite Muni line. I'll design my own wine labels. And for the title font, I'll use Campi."

    Transportation vector icons set

    Transportation vector icons set by MarishPin It

    Tucker says "A quote from my favorite movie (It's a Wonderful Life) 'You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are? Anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.' I absolutely love to travel and this icon set, while simple, just reminds me of all the ways to do it."

    Dirty Halftone Font

    Dirty Halftone Font by OffsetPin It

    Gerren says "Sometimes, you need the look of your design to step back a decade or two. This display font combines poor dot matrix printing grit to help you achieve just that."

    Arrow Borders Black & White Vector

    Arrow Borders Black and White Vector by Eyes of StylePin It

    Lesley says "Pew! Pew! A great set of different kinds of arrows for all of your piercing design needs."

    Create a simple monster

    Create a simple monster by nenochkaPin It

    Aaron says "Monsters, Inc? More like Monsters Ink! Amirite??"

    Brainy Icons: 280 science icons

    Brainy Icons by Jolly ShopPin It

    Brian says "Aliens, beakers, rockets, planets, … what's there not to like?"

    Vector SpaceScape Illustration

    Vector SpaceScape Illustration by Gemma GarnerPin It

    Chris Winn says "If you're looking for something playful and whimsical, these space vectors will bring a lot of fun to your project."

    Superhero Digital Papers

    Superhero Digital Papers by Clementine DigitalsPin It

    Maryam says "Have fun with these backgrounds that are useful and super duper."

    19 Retro Effects Lightroom

    9 Retro Effects Lightroom by SparkleStockPin It

    Josh says "It's Instagram for your Lightroom."
    Have a great weekend and happy creating!


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