Making Easter Fun with Stroboscopic Patterns on Eggs

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    Alrighty, let's drop some science on you. Ever seen a strobe light? Of course you have, and technically they're called stroboscopes. Point is, they flash a light at a specified interval, and can make objects in motion appear to be still. A zoetrope is one of the original forms of animation, where you take a cylinder, cut with viewing holes in the sides and place a sequential image on the inside, that, when rotated, creates something similar to a Saturday-morning cartoon.

    The EggBot is a machine that paints patterns onto eggs. Still with me? Well the team at AA4CC wanted to use the EggBot to create stroboscopic patterns on eggs that, when rotated (like a zoetrope) at a specific speed and then hit with a stroboscopic light, create the effect of the pattern moving on the egg itself.

    Watch this video and you'll see these moving masterpieces in action.

    Crazy, right? Here are a few GIFs of the process to wet your palate a bit more:

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