6 Prestashop Bookstore Templates & Themes

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  1. Online Bookstall PrestaShop Theme

    Online Bookstall PrestaShop Theme

    Nothing can rival a print book. Is there anything as amazing as the smell of printing ink and the feeling of turning a page? Why should we deprive ourselves of such pleasures? Give people a chance to buy a print book and enjoy it in full starting an online bookstall. This theme with clean layout and handy navigation menu bar moved to the left will help you with this and provide readers with the most unforgettable user experience ever. Its design with cleverly organized content blocks allow coming up with the necessary items, looking through informative descriptions, and adding books to cart in a few clicks. If your primary goal is providing people with a rich selection of books of different genres and cultures, then this theme would be the perfect solution for you.

  2. Books for Your Leisure Time PrestaShop Theme

    Books for Your Leisure Time PrestaShop Theme

    An accurate minimalistic design is exactly what you need to start you intellectual business online. Delicate lines separate the sections and make the design clean and understandable. Featured books are placed in four columns. Widgetized navigation by categories simplifies the user's search. The slider demonstrates the most interesting books reviving the web page.

  3. Books & Magazines PrestaShop Theme

    Books & Magazines PrestaShop Theme

    You will hardly find a better template to start a profitable online book store. Multiple book images standing out against fair background have amazing visual effect on hovering. Widgets in sidebar and footer facilitate better navigation. Social icons are provided for quick sharing with users' friends and acquaintances.

  4. Responsive Books Store PrestaShop Theme

    Responsive Books Store PrestaShop Theme

    The layout of the store is absolutely neutral with pleasant green elements guiding user's eye through the page. Long noticeable Search bar is on top of the page. Books categories and Specials are placed in the left sidebar. Two sliders let to present as many items as you wish right on the home page. Contact and Delivery information can be found in the footer.

  5. Books Online PrestaShop Theme

    Books Online PrestaShop Theme

    Try out this elegant and powerful theme to attract the attention of your potential buyers. You will turn your visitors into your customers in no time with this stylish solution.

  6. Books Online PrestaShop Theme

    Books Online PrestaShop Theme

    All your clients are real book fans, and you can easily enhance their love for reading with a wide assortment of bestsellers. Use this highly professional theme to build the efficient online book store and generate high sales!



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