30 Creative Landing Page Templates to Inspire Yours

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    The World Wide Web is a host of the extremes. You'll find well-designed, great looking, and highly efficient websites. You’ll also see horrible looking, poorly constructed, and badly presented ones. If you want your brand (personal or corporate) to stand out from your competition, aim for a website that compares to none.

    The surge of both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) has made it possible for web online traffic to improve and grow. Several web owners take advantage of paid advertisements, social media sites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and more to attract visitors to check out their sites.

    However, attracting someone to visit your website is relatively pointless if you can’t or don’t connect with them. To avoid missing out on a potential engagement or sale, your site needs to turn traffic into something useful and effective. The main element to managing the traffic that comes in using SEM or SMM is referred to as the landing page: the first page your visitors see once they land on your site.

    Landing Page 101

    A landing page needs to be smartly designed, creatively satisfying, and easy to use if your goal is to turn traffic into something of value. This conversion is ultimately the purpose of a website. Whether it’s buying an item from an e-commerce site, subscribing to a newsletter, or inquiring for customer support, the actions of your visitors should be guided by the site's landing page. When visitors are successfully directed resulting to producing something valuable, you can be certain your site is good.

    There are many elements that define the success of a landing page. Its main focus is measuring how effective your website is in helping its visitors understand what they need to do. A common denominator of good landing pages is having "on point" terms and instructions that inform users what steps they need to follow. This is commonly specified by a set of short paragraphs, pictures, buttons, and fields to complete. The actions range from typing in your name and email address to clicking a submit button to get something valuable in return. Your site's landing page must expedite the process, giving them the easiest or fastest process possible.

    Another important element in creating a powerful landing page is its overall visual presentation. Even with the prevalence of web tools today, many sites still look outdated, unreliable, or cluttered. Most visitors find it hard to trust this kind of website. So, it's vital you present professional looking web pages to help your visitors feel positive about your brand. The overall look of your landing page must be cohesive to the entire website.

    Reasons to Create a Kickass Landing Page

    For many years now, online marketers have been using the landing page as part of their marketing strategy to focus on getting visitors to take one specific action. Nowadays, this marketing page has grown into an important component in the pool of ad resources for every business you can think of - offline and online.

    A powerful landing page makes it obvious to your visitors what they can get from the page and how they can get it. Here are five reasons creating a landing page for your site is a must:

    Local Content

    One of the most effective means to get your website to rank higher on local and handheld search is to produce relevant local content. Making a landing page that features localized posts is a powerful way to develop local content and links needed to improve the site’s standing in the results page for local searches.

    Social Content

    Sharing your social network handles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on the landing pages personalized for each media site is an excellent method to strengthen their connection. By sending social media feeds on these pages, you will have an increased level of engagement on your social media profiles.

    Specific Content

    By presenting landing pages that handle specific niches, product segments or content sections for your brand, you can direct visitors more efficiently to the specific materials they need. Also, using third-party tools on these pages enable your visitors to inform you what they're searching for so that they can be sent to specific content they want.

    Lead Generator

    Your landing pages can turn into your site's lead generators. If you offer a free eBook or a free course to promote a new product, you need to make sign-up forms for the majority of your web pages. However, your sign-ups will increase if you create a landing page that specifies, markets, and illustrates the benefits of getting your free item. A landing page with a compelling video, photos, information, and a perceptive call-to-action is vital for any lead generating campaign.

    Marketing Conversion

    Any type of promotion will be far more effective if it's geared towards a page with relevant content that props up the ad's message. The more connected the landing page are to the ad, the more powerful it becomes. Shrewd marketers continuously test out ad and landing page combinations.

    How to Create a Kickass Landing Page

    It's easy to build a landing page that enables your visitors to download the material or content you offer (eBooks, webinars, etc.) or to subscribe to offers such as free trials of your product or service. Setting up landing pages lets you target your market, present them with something valuable, and convert an increased percentage of your visitors into prospective clients.

    Your end goal remains the same regardless if you're creating a landing page for your current customers or new leads. This is to capture your visitor’s interests in whatever you offer. You may also use this chance to foster them down the marketing funnel and onto the next sale.

    Below are the four main points that a great landing page shows its audience in a snap:

    The Offer

    The landing page says precisely what is being offered. You must provide a succinct answer to this question: "What can I get in return if I give you my information?"

    The Benefits

    The landing page highlights the benefits of the offer. You need to make it clear why your visitors can't live without what you're offering.

    The Urgency

    The landing page underscores why your visitors need to have the offer RIGHT NOW. You must build a perception of urgency around it.

    The Process

    The landing page instructs the visitor on how to receive the offer. You have to make it easy for your visitors to get the offer to convert them into leads.

    Airbnb - Live There

    Airbnb - Live TherePin It


    ThankbotPin It

    Zoho Notebook

    Zoho NotebookPin It


    DegordianPin It


    JumpsharePin It


    WealthsimplePin It


    StatsbotPin It

    Ionut Zamfir

    Ionut ZamfirPin It


    VSCOPin It


    TinycardsPin It


    DriftPin It


    RipplePin It


    AuthorPin It


    SimplePin It



    OculusPin It

    Premium Landing Templates

    If you don’t have the skills to make your own landing page, there are tons of templates available online. Below are some of the best premium templates for effective landing pages:

    1. Wordpress

    Elon-Minimal-OnlinePin It

    Elon is named after Elon Musk, a hero in South Africa. The theme is minimal, uncluttered, and perfect for entrepreneurs who need to have a strong online presence. It’s also created for photographers who wish to showcase their work through huge image slideshows.

    Buy $19

    MattyPin It

    Matty is a flexible, easy-to-use, and impressive theme used to create a full-featured website. It includes a Visual Composer and extended Super Modules to give additional boost to any website space. It also offers powerful shop integration and options via WooCommerce.

    Buy $59

    Firefly Minimal WordPress ThemePin It

    Firefly is a one-page responsive flat-style theme. It features a clean, minimal look. It enables users to present their products or services in a contemporary way.

    Buy $25

    HypejoyPin It

    Hypejoy is a sleek, modern sign-up landing page theme. It’s designed for startups or companies that are unveiling new products, services or platforms. Thanks to its simple code, this modern theme requires minimal effort to setup.

    Buy $19

    KraitPin It

    Krait is contemporary landing page theme specially designed for smartphones. It features a variety of homepage styles. It’s professionally designed and features an easy-to-use SEO code.

    Buy $45

    SUBWAYPin It

    Subway is a fully responsive, multipurpose theme. It offers three preset versions: with video, with slide, and with static image. It’s mainly designed for agencies, portfolios, freelancers, and general businesses.

    Buy $39

    SimplrPin It

    Smplr is a creative, fully responsive landing page. It’s touchscreen-friendly and retina-ready. It’s also SEO ready with integrated HTML codes and “SEO by Yoast” compatibility.

    Buy $39

    2. Bootstrap

    california themePin It

    California is a high-quality theme initially developed for handheld devices, and then later transitioned for desktops and laptops. It’s known for its highly responsive, multipurpose HTML5 quality. It’s perfect for startup initiatives, photography, creative work, and personal blogs.

    Buy $19

    Bootstrap 3 Evo BLOCKS Framework

    Bootstrap 3 Evo BLOCKS frameworkPin It

    Blocks powered by Bootstrap consists of over 50 ready-to-use HTML sections. It provides users with unlimited template variations. It features a clutter-free, efficient code that is easy to follow to accelerate website speed and fast programming.

    Buy $9

    Business 360
    Business-360° -Responsive TemplatePin It

    Business 360 or B-360 is an uncluttered, minimalist HTML5 and CSS3 template. It’s especially designed for business websites and portfolios. It aims to increase a website’s transparency, accessibility, and impact.

    Buy $10

    ElementalPin It

    Elemental is a minimal, elegant landing page template created for Bootstrap 3. It’s best suited for portfolios, startups, design agencies, and business landing pages. It offers three variations with a dozen screens. It’s also highly compatible with Sass.

    Buy $10

    Mos7 - Responsive App Landing PagePin It

    Mos7 is a modern, responsive, one-page template for Mobile App. It offers a detailed documentation for easier navigation and use. It features clean codes for effortless customization.

    Buy $15

    WilbertPin It

    Wilbert is an unfussy app landing page template. It’s designed using Bootstrap 3 framework and is fully responsive. It features easy-to-customize functions.

    Buy $6

    3. Tumblr

    VanityPin It

    Vanity is a business card-styled theme turning Tumblr into something more than just a blogging platform. It’s perfect for creative professionals. It features configurable panels for several social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

    Buy $59

    The Launch Button
    The Launch ButtonPin It

    Launch is a MailChimp integrated theme for Tumblr. Users simply need to copy-paste the code provided by MailChimp and everything’s good to go. It’s mainly designed for email-collecting landing pages.

    Buy $7

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