Friday Link Love

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    Hey guys! It's been another great week for Creative Market as we get closer and closer to launching our new marketplace. In the midst of kicking ass and taking names, we managed to stumble across a few interesting articles from around the web.

    Bubs, our founder & CEO, had a great post on TechCrunch earlier this week on The Art of Raising Seed: You’re Either Hot, Or You Make Your Own Heat. Then the awesome folks at Sprouter featured his startup story in From Weekend Project to Creative Community. Both offer valuable advice for you budding entrepreneurs out there.

    On the typography side of things, 37signals posted about The Art of Computer Typography -- highlighting the work of Donald E. Knuth and how he refused to accept the status quo. Then our friends at Dribbble featured this awesome typography project from Chris Beaumont. Inspiring stuff.

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    Some other bits of randomness that crossed our screens include the Zombie Garden Gnomes posted by Laughing Squid (which you can purchase for yourself over on Etsy), Thomas Edison's To-Do List, circa 1888 featured on Brain Pickings, and then the First Appearance of Cookie Monster, 1966 from Retronaut.

    And that's all we have for this week, kids. Have a beautiful weekend and we'll catch you on the flip side.


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