20 Perfect Gifts for Every Designer in Your Life

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    Designers come in many shapes and forms. Regardless of the field in which they create, designers are united by their love of color, layers, textures, type, and composition. Graphic, fashion, interior, and web designers all have a unique perspective that should be celebrated every day of the year. Whether you're planning for the Holidays, a birthday, or some other celebration, we've created this list to help you find the perfect gift to wow the designers in your life.

    Gifts for Graphic Designers

    A kit to encourage them to start sketching

    Copic markers are all-time designer favorites! This 4-piece set includes a 0.5 Aristo pencil, a black 0.5 Copic Multiliner, and two Ciao markers. Pair it with a nice sketchbook like the one we'll describe next for the ultimate sketcher's dream gift.
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    A customized Moleskine sketchbook

    This art sketchbook is perfect for quick mockups and raw ideas. Personalize it with your designer's name for a special, memorable touch.

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    Price: $19.95 (Large version)

    A screen printing kit

    Is your designer more of a hands-on type? This kit includes everything they need to complete any kind of DIY screen printing project: DIY hinges with screws, a wood 16x20 screen, a 10" squeegee, black ink, and more.

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    Price: $99.99

    A mug featuring the Pantone color of the year

    In case you haven't heard, the design world is all about Greenery (Pantone 15-0343) these days! Make coffee time extra special with this bright Pantone mug.

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    Price: $25.00

    A note-taking kit to help them stay on top of their game in style

    The Field Notes kit is a great gift for those who love the industrial, retro vibe pushed forward by designers like Aaron Draplin (who actually created Field Notes). The Kit includes 1 80-page Steno Book, 1 Mixed Original 3-Pack, 1 “Sweet Tooth” Edition 3-Pack, a pen, pencil, and a band of rubber.

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    Price: $24.95

    Gifts for Web and UX Designers

    Cushions to encourage them to take a break from coding

    Command + Option + Esc, no explanation needed. Hand your favorite web designer the gift of rest.

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    Price: $59.90

    A set of cards to go offline with UX design

    This deck helps you create sitemaps and determine what is included on a website without staring at the screen. Encourage your designer friend to give his or her eyes a rest!

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    Price: $19.00

    A website stencil kit to mock up their best ideas in no time

    Stainless steel stencils to wireframe new websites quickly. These come with a Zebra mechanical pencil
    and 2 UI stencils stickers.

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    Price: $32.00

    A lap desk for designers who move around

    Cut from a block of premium bamboo, the Slate Mobile Lap Desk is light, strong, and designed to absorb laptop heat.

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    Price: $69.95 *Sale

    A charger that magically keeps their mouse charged and ready for use

    1. Where has this been all our life? and 2. We'll take two of these, thanks.

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    Price: $81.00 *Sale

    Gifts for Fashion Designers

    A limited edition Project Runway sewing machine

    Surprise your favorite fashion designer with a sewing machine to embellish virtually everything, from clothing to home décor items.

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    Price: $178.99

    A kit to create their own nail polish

    You read that right: DIY nail polish. This kit includes eight colors you can mix with blending tools and funnels, creating your own personalized bottle of nail polish. Assembled by Amy Schofield in California.

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    Price: $35.00

    A coffee table book to remind them why they love what they do

    An amazing look at the power of one dress to change society. Printed by the Design Museum (London), the world's leading museum devoted to contemporary design.

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    Price: ~ $30.00

    A fashion coloring book to expand their imagination

    London-based illustrator Nina Chakrabarti created this interactive coloring book for fashionistas of all ages.

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    Price: $16.95

    Magic embroidery scissors

    Ever seen something nobody knew they needed until they saw it? So here are these unicorn embroidery scissors:

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    Price: $11.00

    Gifts for Interior Designers

    A kit to create their own jar candles

    Give them the gift of creating their own ambience with scented jar candles. Makes two candles.

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    Price: $29.99

    A magnetic interior designer kit

    Play around with magnets before you move any actual furniture. Encourage your favorite interior designer to plan an entire house without drawing or typing anything.

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    Price: $115.75

    Desk accessories to make their job even more exciting

    Combine Poppin's ruler, pens, and a clipboard for the perfect interior designer set.

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    Price: $8 (ruler), $12 (rollerball pens), $6 (aqua clipboard)

    A home design coffee table book

    Domino's Book of Decorating has quickly become an interior designer must-have. The title contains furniture, paint, and layout advice for various rooms around the home — and serves as a decor accent in and of itself!

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    Price: ~ $30

    Pantone Formula Guides, because Pantone.

    This wouldn't really be a gift guide for designers if we didn't include Pantone Formula Guides. This set is a must-have tool for designers to approve spot colors in graphic projects. A bit on the pricier side, they are worth every penny.

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    Price: $131.75 (on sale). Regular: $155.00

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