23 Best JavaScript & jQuery Navigation Code Snippets for February 2019
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  1. jQuery Infinite Slide Menu Plugin

    jQuery Infinite Slide Menu Plugin

    Features Infinite menu support, you can put as many menus as you want. CSS3 driven animation, and you can disable it. Optional animation transition, the easeIn can be one of bounce, bounceIn, fadeIn, fadeInLeft, fadeInRight,bounce, shake, tada, swing, wobble, wiggle, pulse, flipInX, flipInY, rotateIn, rotateInDownLeft, rotateInDownRight, rotateInUpLeft, rotateInUpRight, twirlIn Auto height, 5 styles included, you can customize it too. Recommendations For You jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin: Credit Animate.css is from Dan Eden.

  2. MEGA | Responsive Megamenu Navigation

    MEGA | Responsive Megamenu Navigation

    MEGA | Responsive Megamenu Navigation A Responsive Megamenu plugin made to enhance your website navigation. Versatile, fully customizable and easy to use! Fully Responsive A responsive navigation ready to fit perfectly on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices. Megamenus MEGA comes with a megamenu system powered by a grid system. Vertical or horizontal dropdowns A Versatile navigation with vertical or horizontal dropdowns with unlimited levels. Left, Center and Right alignment Because sometimes you need a navbar aligned to left, to right or centered. Fixed position and Scrollspy functionality Make the navigation fixed and automatically update links on scrolling Tabs an lists Tabs and list elements to help

  3. Drawerjs


    Drawerjs – A navigation drawer for mobile and web applications Limitations Drawerjs work well with any CSS framework like Bootstrap and just look awesome on any devices and screen sizes. Browser support Chrome >= 20 Firefox >= 24 Edge >= 12 Explorer >= 9 iOS >= 6 Safari >= 6 Android 2.3 Android >= 4 Opera >= 12 Updates ## 1.2.0 - 07.03.2017 Feature - Currently Drawerjs will automagically remember the current settings with `autoConfig` property, even on page reload or closing browser. Core - Added property: - autoConfig - Added methods: - _setState() - _getState() - autoConfig() CSS - Changed drawerjs zindex Demo - Used `autoConfig` on mai

  4. ferroLayers


    ferroLayers – a fully responsive 3D navigation FerroLayers is a jQuery plugin that allows you to organize the contents of websites in a unusual and supersonic way and navigate through them with folding/zooming effects. Built with pure HTML5 and CSS3. Transitions and animations are CSS3 native. FerroLayers allows you to: arrange HTML elements in layers. Only one layer at time can be visible. Any type of content is allowed navigate through layers with CSS 3d transition such as rotation or zoom change the transition effect by choosing one of the 3 axes of transtion create tiles inside layers that will animate independently customize transitions setting their duration, easing, perspective, delay of single tiles or tiles group, and t

  5. Cute Menu - 8 transitions pack

    Cute Menu - 8 transitions pack

    Cute Menu | What is CM? Cute Menu is very simple to embed to your HTML code. It’s requirements are only JavaScript and CSS support. In this package are included: JQuery – latest version Cute Menu – javascript file Cute Menu – css simple structure HTML file for demonstrating its function Cute Menu – Help Documentation Example pages Browser compability Cute Menu it is wide supported from browsers. Here is the list of browsers that supports transitions applied in CM: Internet Explorer [version 6,7,8,9] Opera [all versions] Firefox [all versions] Chrome [all versions] Safari Defined Transitions 1 – rollUp

  6. jQuery Glyph Menu

    jQuery Glyph Menu

    The script is a complex jQuery elegant Glyph drop-down Menu (horizontal and vertical) with huge possibilities for any project. Easy to use. You can set method of open – mouseover and click You can set different colors for each item. You can set default color for all items You can disable backgrounds of icon and link Possible to auto-open an item on subpage a simple menu structure. Easy to change the appearance via CSS. Fantastic idea of usage this menu You can use the menu as social media by special links of social services Do you like this script?

  7. Asura jQuery Footer

    Asura jQuery Footer

    Asura jQuery Footer is a highly customizable sticky footer. It gives you more freedom to put your content onto the footbar. Features Effective when javascript is not available. Highly Customizable. You can add whatever you want onto the footbar, such as menus, input box, button, list box, text, images, etc. If your content is too much for the bar, you can put it onto the popup panels. It also provides some options when setting up the bar, such as autohide, sticking to left side or right side, pin button, etc. 3 themes available.You can choose your favorite one. Cross Browser. The code and css are tested on all major browsers.

  8. Quick & Pro Menu Navigation jQuery Plugin

    Quick & Pro Menu Navigation jQuery Plugin

    Update V1.1 Fixed Padding Bug under 1st Level Menu Items Optimized Mouseover while changing from 1st to 2nd Level Menu What is it? Quick & Pro Menu creates a special style of jQuery menus which is only seldom seen in Websites. Combining the power of jQuery and CSS it will lift up your Website design. Is it hard to implement? No! It is the typical way of implementing a jQuery Plugin. You just need to know little HTML and Javascript. Put the JS and CSS links in the head of your HTML site and build an unsorted list of items like this: < li>< a href="index.html"><span class="main_type_1">Q&P-Home< /span>< /a> < ul id="ok"> < li> < a href="index.html"

  9. Fold It 3D Menu

    Fold It 3D Menu

    Fold It 3D Menu jQuery / jQueryMobile 3D Menu Plugin jQuery plugin for animated 3D menu Panel menu for mobile sites/phonegap and full site that features a distinctive 3d perspective accordeon effect . This menu can be the basis of either a mobile web site or packaged as a hybrid app using phonegap. Fully compatibile with jQuery Mobile Styleable via CSS Configuration speed, perspective and html classes View menu demo on your mobile device Update v1.1.0 : Fiixed bug – action item has wrong position, when items is not has twins

  10. Nomatab - Jquery Responsive Tabs

    Nomatab - Jquery Responsive Tabs

    Nomatab is a user-friendly, fully customizable, responsive jQuery tabs plugin to take any HTML content, including images, videos and display it in a clean organised and responsive tabbed navigation. This plugin features plenty of layouts , vertical tabs, and horizontal tabs. CSS transitions and animations, 6 navigation styles, 7 themes, 2 triggers, and much more. You can use nested tabs. This plugin is responsive tabs. You can use icon in left, right ,or without icon. You can use font awesome icon. Option Availabe : trigger tabActive animate theme ownColor navBgColor navColor bodyBgColor bodyColor borderColor style

  11. Sidebars Ultimate

    Sidebars Ultimate

    This plugin is probably the most extensive tool for quickly creating and configuring any number of sidebars for any direction. Sidebars Ultimate is a lightweight Jquery plugin, it supports a huge number of browsers and mobile devices, is very simple to use and allows to use on any type of website.A lot of options, methods and events create many oportunities, so that your website will gain a unique functionality and look. If you plan to use sidebars on your website, trust me, you want to have this plugin : ) I encourage you to check out the demo page. Planned additions Creating several RTL templates for sidebars Creating animated accordion menu plugin for sidebars content, with unlimited submenus and with ability to exp

  12. DC - Vertical Responsive Mega Nav Menu V1.0

    DC - Vertical Responsive Mega Nav Menu V1.0

    The Vertical Responsive Bootstrap Navbar is a professional CSS2 & CSS3 jQuery Responsive navbar compatible with Bootstrap. This menu comes with vertical and sticky version and 5 different color pattern. Vmenu – Vertical Responsive Bootstrap Navbar is a flexible and high customizable to build your custom Bootstrap Responsive navbar. It is very easy to build a navbar. You can assign a 5 color. Vmenu – Vertical Responsive Bootstrap Navbar is component based in CSS and Javascript code. You can use Vmenu – Vertical Responsive Bootstrap Navbar vertical side menu. It is a Bootstrap Responsive Ecommerce Menu, suitable for any type of website and Template or Landing page. Features - 100% Responsive Layout

  13. Dock Menu HTML5/CSS3

    Dock Menu HTML5/CSS3

    Dock Menu like Mac OS X Dock menu. Animated flexible, responsive menu with button properties. Position menu where you want on the page. Find Us Menu features: custom buttons (url, img, href, title) custom position custom size auto hide after 5 sec. (if enable) custom margin and padding responsive Change log Fixed menu position bug. See also our site template Great Onepage Portfolio The Tree – Unique HTML/CSS One-Page Template

  14. Touch Menu

    Touch Menu

    Touch Menu is a jQuery Plugin for responsive menu which allows you to have infinite menu items since it is scrollable and doesn’t need to collapse to a button in smaller screens. It is Cross-Browser and Works on Both iOS and Android. The package comes with Multiple Themes

  15. Ideabox - Material Navigation Menu - Dashboard or Website

    Ideabox - Material Navigation Menu - Dashboard or Website

    Quick web site menus or admin dashboard navigation do the same google like. with material design Main Features: (2 in 1) header and sidebar menu Fully customizable via CSS Full Responsive Unlimited colors Lightweight and Simple Bootstrap Compatible Clean Code Clean and Material design Multipurpose Material font icons Easy to Customize Easy understanding commented code CSS3 animations Well documented Updates:(August 15, 2018) - UPDATED: Fixed default open active menu action bug. Credits : CSS Gradients from https://uigradients.com/ Google fonts https://fonts.google.com/ Material icon from https://material.io/icons/ Jquery from https://jquery.com/ Bootstrap 4 from

  16. Super menu pack (10 menus)

    Super menu pack (10 menus)

    Super menu pack is a collection of 10 cool menus, 5 in pure css and 5 using jQuery framework for customize or layout with your websites or applications and projects. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to give a special touch to their designs or find a starting point. I tried to create a collection as varied as possible in style and appearance to give you choice. Thinking in design working with code. The package contains all necessary files: - HTML - CSS - JS - Images - Cufon fonts with use allow - Commented and documented code - Additional documentation All menus are easy to customize from CSS. In each file you will find detailed coments. Hope you enjoy it! IMPORTANT: This item is no longer supported. Notice tha

  17. Easy_ Address _Locator

    Easy_ Address _Locator

    a desired address in your Contact Us page Google Maps JavaScript API V3 Customizable Info Window and marker icon 2 color skin 4 tpye Info Window Clean Xhtml Clean Javascript Clean CSS PSD file include Cross-browser compatible(IE/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari)

  18. FloatMenu


    FloatMenu is a simple menu with customizable movement directions. It requires no external libraries and works with all major browsers. Files included: JS and CSS files Documentation Preview page 14 icons Version 1.1 Added tooltips functionality for menu icons (can be turned on/off) Tooltips can be styled using CSS Added customizable fading speed for tooltips Version 1.2 Bug fixed: active state was not working without tooltips mode

  19. FlexNav - Multi Style Navigation Menu

    FlexNav - Multi Style Navigation Menu

    It’s a package of modern navigation menu. Here are 8 unique style menus. Its features are : Responsive Navigation Usable for multiple purposes. IE. Blog, Timeline Flat Design Cutomizable Style Supported in all major browsers 8 different styles Navigation Menu Dependencies jQuery FontAwesome icons Google Fonts : Open sans, Oswald, montserrat. The images showed in the preview are not included in the main files.

  20. prettyMenu - Full Responsive and Customizable Menu Script

    prettyMenu - Full Responsive and Customizable Menu Script

    Full responsive and customizable jQuery menu script. You can set, combined and customization parameters, change colors, icons and animationos. Cross browser compatible. Full support. Main features: Features list Color scheme – You can change color scheme menu (dark, red, green, blue, orange, pink, white). Fixed – Sticky menu on the top. Submenu animation – Animations for submenu (25 availables). Hover animation – Animations for hover event in menu (20 availables). Hover color – Change default color for hover event.Shadow – Add shadow to menu. Hide on scroll – Hide menu, when scroll down. Mobile – Set mobile breakpoint in pixels. Direction – Set items align in main menu (left, center). Mobile background – Show background, when open menu i

  21. Modern Accordion Menu

    Modern Accordion Menu

    Modern Accordion Menu is a simple CSS3 and HTML5 accordion menu component that can be used on any website or application. The component is desined to work without Javascript and supports all HTML content. The componet supports multi-level menus, split panels, toggle menu effects as well as smooth animations and ripple effects with a small bit of jQuery

  22. Hubeleke jQuery Circle Rotate Menu

    Hubeleke jQuery Circle Rotate Menu

    Description Hubeleke jQuery Rotate Menu is a circle shaped menu that rotates and retrives its content on click. The plugin generates circle shape with CSS3 properties. That’s because only modern browsers will support it. When you click on a menu item, the menu will rotate until the clicked menu item reaches to the bottom. Meanwhile its content will be shown/loaded in the content wrapper with an animation. Features Easy installation Fully customizable jQuery powered Major browsers support Detailed options Ajax support Circle Shaped Navigation Compatible with other plugins Events and Custom Attributes

  23. Flex Mega Menu - Bootstrap

    Flex Mega Menu - Bootstrap

    Features: 5 predefined color themes which can be changed easily Font-awesome 430+ vector icons Responsive design Drop down with 4 types (multilevel, large, medium, tab) Google web font “OpenSans” Mega menu with Ajax contact forms, search bar, user profile etc. Left or right alignment small size drop downs jQuery Changeable Plugin Options SCSS and CSS files Included Compatible with mobile devices Bootstrap grid system Documentation included Clean Design and Code Cross-Browser Support Easy to customize Easy to use



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