An Artist + Instagram = Beautiful Stop Motion Videos

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    When something new and innovative comes along, sometimes you just want to scream it from the rooftops. Recently, we were introduced to just that thing, but before we delve into it, you have to see it for yourself. Check out It's 5 o'clock somewhere, a stop motion Instagram video by Rachel Ryle below:

    Rachel Ryle is the exceptionally talented woman behind these creative Instagram stop-motion videos. Born and raised in beautiful Colorado, she currently works as the Marketing Director for Ubooly. She's always had a passion for illustration, and when Instagram announced their video feature, she couldn't wait to somehow use her talents on the platform. We had a chance to talk to Rachel about her work and get a deeper look into her creative world. Check out some of our conversation below:

    How did you get started creating these videos? What was your inspiration?
    I took a stab at making my first stop motion animation on Instagram about a month ago, and was instantly inspired to create more. I find that when you do something you love it is easy to create.

    Why did you choose this particular platform for your videos?
    Instagram to me has always been pretty & artistic. Those who I follow are often posting creative & inspiring photos. I wanted to use Instagram's video feature in a creative way that would showcase videos in a similar light.

    How do you come up with a concept for each video?
    With each of my videos I find inspiration from my daily life & surroundings. From this I create the concept. I knew I wanted to make latte art, as I'm always amazed at a barista's skill set, but first had to draw the espresso machine to get there. Typically I decide on the end result and work backwards to figure out how to get there in 15 seconds. Step by step an animation unfolds to tell a story.

    How long does it usually take you to craft each video?
    On average, from concept to creation, I have been averaging 5-10 hours per video. Hopefully with practice I'll become faster.

    Do you have a personal favorite?
    Each one certainly has it's own meaning to me, but I find myself watching "Latte Art", "To Catch a Ladybug" & "Home Is Where The Heart Is" the most.

    Where did you learn to draw?
    My father is the most talented artist I know, I imagine I got some of my skills from him. However, I feel like I'm still learning. With each sketch I'm figuring out ways to draw new things. Don't ask me to draw a horse, I suck at that.


    We're so happy that Rachel took the time to talk with us and share a little bit more about how she came up with and developed these awesome videos.

    Here are a few more of Rachel's great animations for your enjoyment and inspiration:

    Instagramophone by Rachel Ryle

    Making of a Butterfly by Rachel Ryle

    Latte Art by Rachel Ryle

    You can follow Rachel at on Instagram, to see her new animations and join in on the conversation. She'll often talk about each piece & collaborate on what animation she should make next with her followers!

    Here are some other ways you can connect with Rachel as well: Twitter , Don't Stop Motion, and Once in a Ryle.


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