16 Times Coffee Totally Saved Our Creative Career

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    Oh coffee. You and I have had such great moments. I can’t really count how many times you’ve saved me from embarrassing, stressful and otherwise career-crushing situations. Some days you are entirely responsible for those necessary minutes of brilliance. Other days, you are the only reason we ever make it from 9 to 5. All in all, you’ve outdone yourself. So here’s a list of moments when we were positively #SavedbyCoffee. Got your own? Add them in the comments below.

    Successful meetings

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    OK, this happened more than once

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    They better have my money.

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    Could you double check with HR?

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    Overnight portfolio? Check.

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    Stage fright

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    Some things just can't be fixed.

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    Dealing with doubters

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    You mean I need to move on with life?

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    We're best buddies now.

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    The Fake Morning People Club

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    Sometimes compliments are hard.

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    Just another quick fix

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    It's a human right people.

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