23 Best Game Sprites, Assets & Backgrounds for May 2019

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  1. Pixel Game Tileset

    Pixel Game Tileset

    Pixel Game tileset size 32×32 px background size : 450×300 px create using photoshop cs 5 suitable for adventure and action game.

  2. TDS Pixel Art Game Assets

    TDS Pixel Art Game Assets

    Here is a great TDS Pixel Art Game assets. This is a collection of high-quality pixel graphics for creating games on military topics. List of elements (GUI): Login page; Window of improvements; Pause window; Victory window (number of stars, collected coins); Window of defeat; Level select window; Settings window: sounds, music (on and off); Inventory window; Minimap; Loading; Mini window of character. The set includes (TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites): 2 soldiers, animation: walk, death, attack; Tanks and armoured troop carriers, animation: riding, shooting, destroyed version; Jeep (new and destroyed version); Shadows (in general PSD file); Animat

  3. Indoor Game Backround - Science Laboratory

    Indoor Game Backround - Science Laboratory

    Science Laboratory Game Background – Horizontal Background for your games. It suits for game developers or indie game developers who want to make GUI cartoon game for Android or iOS. The Game background is made with 100% vector. Best for platformer games like action, shooting, adventure and other side-scrolling games. What will you get? Files include tiles, ornament and complete game background. Files format: Ai, EPS, PSD and transparent PNG. Separated transparent layers included in PNG folder. If you need bigger resolution, Please let me know. Get more tilesets for your backgrounds: https://graphicriver.net/item/100-square-block-tilesets-for-platformer-games/18161019 If you have questions, design suggestion, feedback

  4. Zodiac FX

    Zodiac FX

    This asset contain 12 awesome Zodiac Sign effects exported into animations for game developers, or indie game developers which want to add the animated effects to the game. All FX include 25 frames of eye-sizzling animation and have been exported to sprite sheets PSD and PNG sequences. Single frame dimensions are 300×300 and sprite sheet pixel dimensions 1500×1500. For Animation Preview,Please visit that Link :- https://www.behance.net/gallery/58075399/Zodiac-FX Its very simple to use. And fit for all kind of game egine So don’t worry and have a fun. Feel Free to Ask any help !! Thanks u ALL!!

  5. Barbarian 2D Game Character Sprite Sheet

    Barbarian 2D Game Character Sprite Sheet

    2D Fantasy Barbarian Sprite Sheets is a set of high- quality graphics consisting of three warrior characters. You can use them in 2D games. Demo animation: This pack includes the following animations: Jump; Walk; Hurt; Attack; Idle; Run. The file includes: 2 AI files; 20 EPS files; 3 SCML files; 120 PNG animations; 25 body parts.

  6. The Old Windmill - Platform Tileset

    The Old Windmill - Platform Tileset

    For Adventure games, platformers, RPG and more. Tileset for make videogames, hight resolution : 256ラ256 pixels. This tileset include: -159 terrain tiles -52 items and objects (bag, barrel, 2x box, 4x bush, 2x flower, 4x grass, 2x hedge, 3x mushroom, 12x plant, 10x rock, 4x sign, spikes, stair, 3x tree, windmill, windmill blades) -3 animated items and objects (coin, chest, gem) -1 layered background (4 layers) horizontal tileable -Spritesheet included -3 different sizes

  7. 10 in 1 Ultimate Sci-Fi UI Bundle

    10 in 1 Ultimate Sci-Fi UI Bundle

    10 in 01 Ultimate Ui Sci-Fi (Hi-tech) Bundle This UI bundle contains the fast sold premium Sci-Fi UI kits as a bundle. this contains 10 files which you can buy as individuals from the links below Sci-Fi UI Kit 1 Sci-Fi UI Kit 2 Sci-Fi UI Kit 3 Sci-Fi UI Kit 4 Sci-Fi UI Kit 5 Sci-Fi UI Kit 6 Sci-Fi UI Kit 7 Sci-Fi UI Kit 8 Sci-Fi UI Kit 9 Sci-Fi UI Kit 10 If you need smaller bundles you can download with the following links Sci-Fi UI Bundle 1 Sci-Fi UI Bundle 2 Sci-Fi UI Bundle 3 Download the free fonts with the following links Bebas neue Neuropol To download more interesting Sci-Fi ui kits please click the image below To download more interesting Fantasy ui kits please click the image below Check out some of our premium col

  8. FreeKick Training - Game Assets

    FreeKick Training - Game Assets

    FREEKICK TRAINING GAME ASSETS This Graphic Pack is used in Freekick Training You can try the game here What Will You Get? Sources Folder containing: Supporters(.aep) Vectors (.ai) But Style (.psd) Duck Sprite (.psd) Freekick Training Layered (.psd) Player Sprite (.psd) Player Win Sprite (.psd) Star Background (.psd) Argentina Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Brazil Player Sprites Sequence (.png) England Player Sprites Sequence (.png) France Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Germany Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Italy Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Netherland Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Spain Player Sprites Sequence (.png) Duck Fly Sprites Sequence (.png) Duck Hit Sprites Sequence (.png) Player Win Sprites Sequence (.png) Player’s Shadow

  9. Top-Down Pixel Art Game Tileset

    Top-Down Pixel Art Game Tileset

    Top-Down pixel art game tileset. More than three hundred tiles and ~70 objects. Best choise for RPG-like game.

  10. Christmas Game Interface 2018

    Christmas Game Interface 2018

    GUI graphic pack This package includes: 8 psd files created: “Failed”, “no_lifes”, “Rating”, “Settings”, “Shop”, “Start_level”, “Victory”, “Your name”, and 1 psd file with additional buttons. The size of the game window 1920х1080. Used free fonts. Complete slicing in png enabled. Each graphic element is made with love for you!

  11. Parallax Candy 2D Backgrounds

    Parallax Candy 2D Backgrounds

    Introducing you Candy 2D Game Backgrounds. This wonderful collection of backgrounds can be useful for those developers who want to create a bright and colorful 2D game The kit includes: 4 AI; 4 PNG with a resolution of 1920×1080; 21 PNG parts; 4 EPS.

  12. Particle Effects Sprites Vol.3

    Particle Effects Sprites Vol.3

    For Video Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqMXfVkIhTQ This Pack Includes: – 10 Particle Effects (in diff. Colorversion) as Sprite Animation – All Particle Sprites in 40 Frames loop Animation – transparent .psd Photoshop File – Seperate transparent .png File for each Frame of the Sprites Thx,neogeo.

  13. Level Map Backgrounds Candy

    Level Map Backgrounds Candy

    Presenting you Candy Game Level Map Backgrounds. This graphics is perfect for casual games as a level map. Such as Match 3 games, Bubble Shooter, etc. It is universal. The kit includes: 3 AI; 8 PNG with a resolution of 1536×2048; 60 PNG parts; 3 EPS.

  14. 5 Zombies Pack №4

    5 Zombies Pack №4

    5 Zombies Pack №4: Beautiful and well-detailed characters for your game. They are perfect for all types of 2D games with side views, such as: platformers, runners, shooters, defence and many others. All assets are created with the help of Adobe Photoshop, and has files for editing the PSD. All PNG files was separated files and you can edit the animations using Anime Studio Pro software. What you will get on package: 5 zombie character as you can see in the image above, animation sprite for every characters; Idle; Walk/Fly; Attack; Get Hit; Death; PSD for editable files; PNG background transparent with separated files. Animations sample:

  15. Leather Armor Sets

    Leather Armor Sets

    This is a collection of 16 unique pixel art sprites plus 3 additional recolors, for a total of 64 icons ready for your fantasy RPG. Each sprite is 32×32 pixels, arrayed together on a single sheet. There are four styles of leather armor here: fur, hide, leather, and studded leather (inspired by Skyrim), and each set includes a body, helmet, gloves, and boots.

  16. 2D Game Character Sprites

    2D Game Character Sprites

    This pack is suitable for shooting games, running games, platform games, and side-scrolling games. Files Included: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, Spriter. Animations Included: IDLE, RUN,RUNNING with GUN, THROWING, SHOT, ATTACK, ROLL,DIZZY JUMP, SLIDING, DIE. Dimensions: 600×600 pixels for all animations. Note: The .AI and .EPS files just contain vector body parts because the animations themselves are done in Spriter. Thank you!

  17. Gear Madness - Game Assets

    Gear Madness - Game Assets

    GEAR MADNESS GAME ASSETS This Graphic Pack is used inGear Madness You can try the game here What Will You Get? After Effects Files Car_0 to Car_10 (.aep) Smoke Compo (.aep) Starting Compo (.aep) Woman Race (.aep) PhotoShop Files Arrive(.psd) Background Game(.psd) Background Tiled(.psd) Bridge Tiled(.psd) Button Full Screen(.psd) Car_0 to Car_10(.psd) Fireline Sprite(.psd) Firewheel Sprite(.psd) Gear Madness Layered(.psd) Smoke Sprite(.psd) Tachometer(.psd) Wheel Source(.psd) Woman Starting Sprite(.psd) PNG Files: Arrive(.png) Asphalt Tiled(.png) Background Tiled(.png) Bridge Tiled(.png) Car_0_chassy to Car_01_chassy(.png) Car_0_Wheel to Car_10_Wheel(.png) Car_0_Glass to Car_10_Glass(.png) Human Male Silhouette(.png) Lamp(.pn

  18. 6 Character Illustrations - Mage Warrior and Archer

    6 Character Illustrations - Mage Warrior and Archer

    6 Character Illustrations – Mage, Warrior and Archer (M/F) good for RPG, fantasy, adventure games, representing playable classes, characters, npcs. Hand painted in Photoshop. Available files: psd, png, tranparent png.

  19. Parallax Ocean 2D Backgrounds

    Parallax Ocean 2D Backgrounds

    Here is a quality set of Parallax Ocean 2D Backgrounds. A total of 4 backgrounds are included. Each of them is a vector drawing of the underwater world The kit includes: 4 AI; 4 PNG with a resolution of 1920×1080; 33 PNG parts; 4 EPS.

  20. US Air Force Rank Insignia Badges

    US Air Force Rank Insignia Badges

    Description A high quality pack of insignia for all 131 enlisted ranks of the United States Air Force. Each insignia comes in three variants: gold, silver and bronze. Separate organized and labelled .psd files are provided along with transparent .png and jpg files for each insignia. Details Insignia for all 13 enlisted ranks 3 Color Varients: Gold, Silver, Bronze 39 organized .psd files 39 transparent .png files 39 high quality .jpg files Check out a bundle countaining this item!

  21. Isometric Game Art Pack

    Isometric Game Art Pack

    I’ve made a beautiful isometric game art bundle for your next great game! This bundle includes: -240+ fully customizable files: blocks, characters, platforms, objects, backgrounds, coins, everything required to make a great mobile game. -Delivered as PNG and Vectors Feel free to contact me if you need to personalize something. Enjoy it!

  22. Character Spritesheet: Skeleton Warrior

    Character Spritesheet: Skeleton Warrior

    For Adventure games, platformers, RPG and more. This pack include the following animations: Attack Death Dizzy Hurt -DLE Walk Walk-attack The large size of the charater is 430×600. The pack include 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Low.

  23. Digger Game Kit

    Digger Game Kit

    This pack features a variety of common tiles that are found in modern digging games. Features: - 70+ textures included - 19 types of minerals - 11 powerups / items - Vehicle drive and dig animations - Average tile size is 256×256 - Included PSD’s for most of the textures If you have ideas on how to improve or expand the pack, send me an e-mail or leave a comment.



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