10 Infographics to Spark Creativity

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    Everyone gets stuck in a rut occasionally, even when he or she considers himself an exceptionally creative person. While breaking out of the block can sometimes seem impossible, there are lots of ways to boost a creative spark and get going again. If you need a jumpstart on the creative process, here are 10 fun, informative and humorous infographics that can help you get back on track and create one of the best pieces of work you’ve ever made, or at least assist in finishing that overdue work project.

    How to Be More Creative

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    If you tend to repeat techniques, designs or themes rather than explore new options and consider it a big enough issue to want to change, this infographic by Whoishostingthis gives some great advice that’s easy to follow on how to kick-start curiosity and creativity.

    Your Brain on Beer VS Coffee

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    Most designers, developers and other creative types love two beverages: beer and coffee. Both supposedly make you more creative, but which is truly better? This helpful infographic by ILoveCoffee breaks it down into simple science to finally answer that question. You’ll love the conclusion.

    Make your team more creative

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    Encouraging creativity from a team is an entirely separate beast from finding a spark alone, and this graphic by AtTask shows all the steps necessary—that’s 8 steps total—to discovering new ideas and fresh content in a group environment by relying more heavily on the right side of the brain.

    How do you like it?

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    This simple Venn diagram by the people at Spark amusingly describes just what a client can expect from a designer or developer based on time allowed, money paid and quality of the end result. All creative types can appreciate this assertion; it should be followed like scripture.

    Beautiful HTML

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    Web designers and developers should pay close attention to this next graphic, which spells out clearly and concisely how to create high quality, beautiful HTML from doctype to valid without any extraneous information or buggy extras. It’s a great refresher for anyone hoping to streamline her work or someone just beginning.

    Staying Creative

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    Once you’ve found your spark, maintaining creativity over the course of the project is sometimes just as difficult as getting started. Here is an organically laid out infographic that helps boost focus, rediscover interest and follow curiosity to its inevitably lovely conclusion. Taking breaks encouraged!

    A Full Philosophy

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    Simple, easy to follow and always a great reminder, this swirling circle graph is a never-ending loop of smart business practices in the creative digital world that takes into consideration the content, client and social media. It’s basic enough to apply to a vast number of businesses without losing practicality.

    Sparking Creativity

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    This is another visual design suggesting how to find that elusive first flicker of a grand idea in the first place, but it’s based on user input as to where creativity first begins. Is it your environment that makes you creative or your upbringing?

    A Connected Workspace

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    Collaboration naturally breeds fresh ideas, as individuals build off of each other’s recommendations and suggestions. This infographic by Jess3 shows how social media and networking allows for greater success across the board.

    Time for Food

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    Food is essential to creativity; you have to keep your brain fueled in order for it to work at all, let alone creatively. This final infographic was chosen because of its inspiringly beautiful layout, which should produce some similar visual designs, but also because it teaches people about healthy, sustainable food growing and eating practices, which is applicable to everyone.


    Though hard work trumps sitting around and waiting for inspiration every time, sometimes everyone needs a helping hand jump-starting the creative process, whether for work or play. Hopefully these fun infographics help you find your spark. Ready to make your own infographic? Find all the elements you need, from icons to graphics, at Creative Market.


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