6 Dance Studio WordPress Templates & Themes

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  1. Music Club - Music/Band/Dj/Club/Party WordPress Theme Rockon

    Music Club - Music/Band/Dj/Club/Party WordPress Theme Rockon

    Intro People are having social disease these days. They used to go out every night for hangout with their good ones. After their hectic day scheduled, they want to relax & refresh themselves. Night / Music Club are the best way to refresh one self and now a day it becomes a trend. Music Clubs are the place where people found new companies and it also energize them like rocking music. This platform gives them to explore themselves and full them with positive waves. Club’s magical music flew away their stress & worries and lets them to enjoy life like it’s a last day. Music clubs effervescent and exuberant people’s mind. For such interesting and loving business, we developed and introducing here

  2. Nocturnal: Premier Audio WP Theme

    Nocturnal: Premier Audio WP Theme

    Nocturnal is an audio/music focused theme that is geared towards nightclubs and/or bands. The featured content is built to support posters and flyers. Check out GraphicRiver for some amazing Flyer designs you can use with this theme: http://tinyurl.com/6e2gpkk What buyers are saying: “To all those considering buying this, I’ve had to build and heavily modify 5 different music sites with 5 different WordPress themes in the past month and this one easily had the best organized framework and mod-friendly layout. I highly recommend it.” - sweetsoundsnyc “Very happy with this, great work.” - JinWook “Awesome, awesome work here man! So excited to be using the theme.” - benwaligoske “The creativity in your themes is stunning! Tha

  3. Street Dance Website Template

    Street Dance Website Template

    Here is a great example of clever usage of grids in web design. Being rather content heavy, the theme doesn't look cluttered by any means. Instead, it is very balanced and easy to navigate. Text blocks accompanied with images make the content easy to understand. The photo backgrounds will make your site vibrant and fun, whereas vivid calls to action draw user eye to the fields that matter. Built with the latest web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, the theme is flexible and easy to customize. Fully functional and eye catching, the given template will help you develop an attractive music, art photography, portfolio or personal website.

  4. Salsa Club Website Template

    Salsa Club Website Template

    Popularity of salsa went beyond Latin America long ago, and today this sensual dance attracts people all the over the world. If you want to promote a salsa club, use this theme to reach more dancers. Thanks to its black and white palette, you will get a stylish web image for your organization, which will surely catch fancy of the target audience. To vivify the look of your site, there are yellow elements scattered throughout the template's layout. By means of its well organized structure, you will have an opportunity to tell about your club in a consistent manner. Scrolling down your homepage, your website visitors will be able to look through pictures of your organization, learn some details about its instructors, find out the latest news, and even fill in a contact form to get in touch with you. This theme will come in handy for every owner of a salsa club.

  5. Dance Studio Responsive Website Template

    Dance Studio Responsive Website Template

    This particular dance school website design lets you make your content appear more ordered and professional. This web design is a responsive website web theme meant for online promotion of ballroom teacher or dance lessons. This design is easy to customize, so you should have no issues managing fonts, color schemes, backgrounds, page layouts, etc. This web design ensures that your webpage will look equally good on any gadget that has web browsing, be it a desktop computer, a tablet computer, a smartphone or even a smart TV. It was designed in such a way that when a user gets to your web site, she or he is going to be enthralled by the visual appeal of its design. This specific website layout is also well-documented, and provides pro 24/7 tech support. Buy this website layout, and it'll be easy for you to get started with a productive website instantly!

  6. Dance Studio Responsive Website Template

    Dance Studio Responsive Website Template

    This theme is a beautifully designed dance classes website theme that comes loaded with pro functionality. This specific website template is a vivid sample of what a dancing course, dance lessons for couples or dance lessons web resource should be like. This particular web template may become the right basis for various online projects. Its structure effortlessly responds to suit the size of any monitor, allowing to browse the online project on the move. You are free to alter any component of the website and subpages to adjust them right for your firm. A detailed documentation directory as well as free round-the-clock support are provided. If you are eager to get started with an absolutely new site or desire to update the current one, give some thought to this theme.



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