Vintage Script Fonts With a Bold, Handmade Feel

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  1. Metroscript™


    Michael Doret had been doing lettering in styles similar to Metroscript in his design work for many years, but with the advent of OpenType® technology he realized that he could actually put together a script font that would finally do justice to this style, and be almost indistinguishable from hand-lettering. There was no one single inspiration for Metroscript: rather it is an amalgam of many different scripts that were popular hand-lettered styles between the 1920s and the 1950s. Metroscript is suggestive of vintage sports ephemera—especially when tails are added to words—but is also appropriate in virtually any context. It's many ligatures, swashes, alternates, foreign accented characters and tails—all of which connect seamlessly—set it apart from most other script fonts. For a better understanding of its unique features please download the free *Metroscript User Manual*—available when you click here: http://www.michaeldoret.com/s/Metroscript_Manual-ig5g.pdf **PLEASE NOTE:** When setting Metroscript one should ALWAYS select the “Standard Ligatures" and “Contextual Alternates” buttons in your OpenType palette. Check out the Metroscript award-winning, signed, limited edition silkscreen here: http://bit.ly/1nE5wrA

  2. Delichia Font

    Delichia Font

    **Delichia Font** is a pair of the bold connected script that moves in clean, sweeping dramatic gestures and rounded sans typeface. Inspire by the smell of the bakery this font is a perfect ingredient to make your design look tasteful. **Delichia Font** is great to use for logotype, restaurant menu, product labels, printable, branding, social media post and text overlay to any background picture. --- Mail Support: If you have any question, please contact: [email protected] ~ Wacaksara Co

  3. Mottona Bold Script - 30% Off

    Mottona Bold Script - 30% Off

    **Introducing Open Type Font and True Type Font** **Mottona Bold Script** is modern script font, every single letters has been carefully crafted to make your text looks beautiful. With modern script style this font will perfect for many different project, example: weddings, invitations, greeting cards, posters, name card, quotes, blog header, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, stationery, etc. **Mottona Bold Script** allows you to create custom dynamic text. you can access by turning on; Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set, Initial Forms, Terminal Forms as well as ligatures in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or through a panel of glyphs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Let's swirl from the reguler character into character alternative to get the text with the layout of your dreams. **Mottona Bold Script** features **600 glyphs** and has given “Private Use Areas” PUA Encoded (specially coded fonts), with tons of alternate characters. The pack can be accessed in full by any crafter or designer, without the requirement for extra design software, Compatible With Silhouette Studio & Cricut Design Space. --- **Files Include :** - Mottona Bold.otf - Mottona Bold.ttf - Mottona Bold.webfont **(EOT, SVG, WOFF & WOFF2 Files)** **Features:** - Basic Latin A-Z and a-z - Numbers - Symbols - Stylistic Set - Ligatures - 600 Glyphs - **PUA Encode** - **Latin Pro Support Character** --- In order to use the beautiful swashes, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw. --- If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me by email: [email protected] Thanks for your visit :-)

  4. Aerokids


    Since day first we make this font is truly inspired by old American tv show that showing baseball and basketball culture. Aerokids is a bold connected script font with a clear style and dramatic movement. Aerokids comes with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations and so many variations on each character include OpenType alternates, common ligatures and also additional swash to let you customize your designs. Perfect to use for Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label and etc. --- **Mail Support:** If you have any question, please contact: [email protected] **Enjoy this font** ~ Wacaksara Co

  5. Volkschaft


    **About this Family** Introducing the new script font called Volkschaft. High quality script font with swashes inspired by retro propaganda poster and graphics. Plus OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, Stylistic set that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This font is good for vintage design, t-shirt, logo, labels, badges, posters and etc. **Inside the Pack:** - Volkschaft TF - Volkschaft TF Swash How to get access alternate glyphs from open type fonts check this link : http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y **Check Out our Best Seller Products from Tyfomono available at Creative Market :** - Bender Script : https://crmrkt.com/0Nkyr - Hurley 1967 : https://crmrkt.com/vWgkQ - Marana Font Duo : https://crmrkt.com/Wj90W - Goodwyn : https://crmrkt.com/K9g1G - CartelDeux : https://crmrkt.com/jg5aQ If there is a problem, question, or anything about my fonts, please sent an email to [email protected] Thanks for looking at our new product,enjoy!

  6. Just Lovely Font & Extras

    Just Lovely Font & Extras

    Introducing **Just Lovely! Font and Extras.** Bold, curvaceous and steadfast , **Just Lovely Font & Extras** is a casual dry brush font with a multitude of letter variations to make that perfect and unique design. **Just Lovely** comes with an **alternate set of uppercase letters**, and **3 sets of lowercase letter alternates** to ensure you get the look you are after. To top it all off, Just Lovely comes with a complimentary dingbat font with a **set of 62 swashes, catchwords, and doodles** to bring your type designs to life! **Just Lovely** comes is various styles - Regular, Slanted , and Wide Slanted - each with it's own unique personality to suit the look you are after. A **Solid Version** of the above three is also included. Both **OTF and TTF** versions are included. **No special software** is required to use **Just Lovely Font & Extras**. For folks who have Opentype Capable software , an **Opentype font version** is available with all ligatures and all stylistic alternates included. **No extended License is required - Commercial use is allowed** with all fonts on Creative Market - just be sure to read any restrictions here : https://creativemarket.com/licenses **Need to test out a word in this font?** Just type it into the box below, and see what it looks like :) Thats it! I hope you have a blast with **Just Lovely Font & Extras!** Nicky

  7. Ed's Market Bold Script

    Ed's Market Bold Script

    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/1KNlN1p *NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/* --- It's like hiring your own professional sign painter with a solid repertoire of styles. Each one is distinctive, yet clearly by the same hand – in this case, Laura Worthington's, holding a pointed brush. No variants were created on the computer; each weight and version was individually hand-lettered. Ed's Market lets you evoke the warm, inviting vibe of classic 20th-century grocery posters and showcard lettering right from your type menu. But smart programming ensures that digital perfection doesn't trump human charm: each display face features three variations of each letter, to ensure a natural hand-painted look when characters repeat. This font is also part of the Ed's Market Collection available here: https://creativemarket.com/L_Worthington/382301-Eds-Market-Collection Ed's Market includes a main script, bold script, and upright script, each with more than 100 alternate characters and swash forms. The display faces include mixed-case regular, and all-caps versions of narrow, narrow slant, regular slant, bold, bold slant, and wide styles. The best sign painters added practical graphic elements to accent their layouts, and Ed's Market is no exception. Mix and match the script and display styles with Ed's Market design elements, featuring expandable arrows, rules and ribbons; along with badges, swashes, scribbles, clouds and snipes.

  8. Magle Coffee Branding Script

    Magle Coffee Branding Script

    After a long hiatus, now we're brewed a new stuffs for you in 2017. Please welcome, **Magle - Homebrew Fonts**. Freshly baked double fonts, straight from human’s hand. Done with click by click for your satisfaction as our goal. Comes in *Script* and *Sans Serif*, perfect for your branding needs. --- CONTENTS --- - **Magle Script :** A clean script font with bold and bouncy style, implementation from brush pen works that will suit well for your casual-modern-chic-vintage branding needs. - **Magle Sans :** A simply clean bold sans-serif font to make a good pairing with **Magle Script**, no need to find another fonts, we make it double trouble and solid strong casual branding with it. - Available in OTF, TTF, and Webfonts. Use it as you wish. --- **Language Support :** *Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk,Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, if you doubt with it please type it out in the text box below, i hope it will support your language too :)* --- **PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE IS ALLOWED**, you don't need any Extended License with it, read more here Commercial use is allowed with all fonts on Creative Market - just be sure to read any restrictions here : https://creativemarket.com/licenses --- The more you like it, will be more coffee for us to make another good one :) Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Konstantine Studio

  9. No.Seven 4 fonts+ornaments -35 off!

    No.Seven 4 fonts+ornaments -35 off!

    No. Seven is a bold brush style script family of three weights, ornament set and a block capital "small caps" font. No. Seven is equipped with plenty of OpenType features: To activate the alternates click on Swash, Contextual, Stylistic or Titling Alternates or Discretionary Ligatures, Tabular or OldStyle Lining in any OpenType savvy program or manually select the characters from Glyph Palette. Always keep on Standard Ligatures for the best outcome. Combine No. Seven with No. Seven Ornaments and No. Seven Small Caps to complete your designs. No. Seven is an effective font for creating ambitious headlines, logos & posters with a custom-made feeling.

  10. Blacklite - The Bold Script & Sans

    Blacklite - The Bold Script & Sans

    Introducing, Blacklite! A bold script that will stands out from the crowd! Perfect to be used as logotype, badge and label! This has many opentype features like ligature, stylistic alternate, contextual alternate, swash, etc and support multi language. What will you get : - Blacklite Script OTF & TTF - Blacklite Sans OTF & TTF - 6 Badges BONUS We hope you enjoy the font, please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or feedback. Or simply send me a PM or email me at [email protected] or visit letterhend.com for freebies. Thanks for purchasing and have fun! Don't forget to check our recent and best selling product here : https://creativemarket.com/Letterhend/2299697-Bigstorm-Script https://creativemarket.com/Letterhend/2208997-Harsey-Type-ToolBox https://creativemarket.com/Letterhend/2190722-DearDay-Watercolor-Toolbox https://creativemarket.com/letterhend/1018116-Marttabuck-Script https://creativemarket.com/letterhend/1018115-Motherline-Vintage-Toolbox https://creativemarket.com/letterhend/856939-Kadisoka-Font-Pack https://creativemarket.com/letterhend/1156237-Pipetton-Font-Duo

  11. Shintia Script

    Shintia Script

    **Get this font in Font Collection for only $29** - https://creativemarket.com/Seniors/1021190-Font-Collection-28-Fonts Shintia Script is highly legible Script typeface, get touch of a bold, classic and fun Vintage Script font, With almost 247 glyphs and opentype features with stylistic alternates. Can be used for various purposes. such as posters, t-shirt, signage, logos, news, badges etc. Files included: - Shintia Script (OTF) - Shintia Script (TTF) To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions. How to access all alternative characters, using Windows Character Map with Photoshop: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go9vacoYmBw How to access all alternative characters using Adobe Illustrator: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwjMkbB-wQ Shintia Script is coded with PUA Unicode, which allows full access to all the extra characters without having special designing software. Mac users can use Font Book , and Windows users can use Character Map to view and copy any of the extra characters to paste into your favourite text editor/app. Need help? If you need help or advice, please contact me by e-mail "[email protected]" Thank you for your purchase!

  12. Carlson | 3 Font Combination

    Carlson | 3 Font Combination

    Say Hi to **Carlson** This type inspired by the Nouvo art concept combine with contemporary design. With a stylish script and sans serif to create a modern classy style. Simply amazing font come with 3 families, script, bold sans serif, and condensed sans serif. Plus opentype features with swashes, stylistic set, ligatures to mix and match the design This font is perfect for branding, labels, logo, badges, apparel design, etc. I also made a design to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. --- **What's Include** - Carlson Script (OTF&TTF) - Sans Serif Regular (OTF&TTF) - Sans Serif Condensed (OTF&TTF) --- That's it! I hope you enjoy this type!! Let me know what do you think!!! Feel free if you have a question, please contact me : [email protected] Thank you and keep creative!

  13. Voltage Bold

    Voltage Bold

    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/TL8RHs NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Voltage, created by award-winning typeface and lettering designer Laura Worthington, is an unexpected and energetic standout in the world of script fonts, breaking free from formal classifications while retaining the degree of personality we treasure in hand lettering. Her primary goal was unique: readability with personality. Gone are the large loops, the frilliness, and the choice of beauty and elegance over utility. Voltage takes the script font in a different direction, with an emphasis on practicality and uniformity, and with the reader's needs at the forefront—this is a straightforward, muscular lettering font, assertive, yet down-to-earth. The beauty is found in its elegantly-wrought construction, its versatility, its references to a different era, and in the galvanizing swashes and alternates available not only in a professional designer's software, but to everyone with a computer. It is not based on naturally-occurring handwriting; it's clearly a structured lettering form based on balance, a solid rhythm, and uniformity. Script fonts often are quirky. In contrast, this is a workhorse, almost a text version of a script font. Voltage is ideal for headlines, logos, subheads, short sentences, phrases, a short paragraph, and pull quotes. The default setting (without swashes and alternates) is best for phrases and subheads. Like many of Worthington's typefaces, Voltage is evocative of a milieu or era. Here, we see the metal lettering on automobiles of the past—with their retro takes on a bright future–and those emblems of an optimistic, hardworking period. Its overall regularity references a time when the machine was king—the late days of the Industrial Age. Imagine vintage instructions on signs or paper; they may be created by machinery or by hand, yet both have that industrial sensibility. We sense visions in the 1950s—and earlier—of what the Nuclear Age would look like. Voltage calls to mind gas stations, machinists, receipts at machine shops, trips to the soda fountain at the drugstore, shopping at the five and dime. Yet, in its twists and small irregularities, we see vestiges of hand-painted signage, the rivets in beloved, old, worn blue jeans, the touch of the ”common man” who, alongside women, built America. Voltage is versatile. Like those old jeans, the look depends on how and where you use it. You can dress up a good pair of jeans by choosing high heels; you can dress down with sturdy work boots. Because Worthington assigned unicode values to the swashes and alternates, anyone can use their operating system's Character Map to access them. The options become endless. It can have the spirit of a picnic—casual, fun, and friendly, yet, in other contexts, convey tough mountain-biking. So, use this font for small areas of text and it makes a statement without overpowering the main body text. Or, dig into Voltage swashes and alternates for much larger titles to capture the attention of the reader and create a dramatic presence, such as using the powerful lightning bolt swash that shoots out from the descender of the lowercase g. Electrifying! The challenge, as Worthington worked on Voltage, was noting that script fonts are almost always notoriously difficult to read. How could she strive for clarity, readability, and uniformity, yet retain the vivid personality that Voltage (and its designers and readers) deserve? She used a tall x-height, minimal detailing in the lowercase ascenders and descenders, worked on low contrast, and amped it up to make it heavier and add substance. It comes in 3 weights—light, regular, and bold—and even the regular weight is as substantial as many bolds in other fonts. In fact, it is one of the few script fonts that you can use with confidence at a relatively small size (e.g., 18 pt) in a short paragraph. No one letter dominates the others. Stems have a weighty base but have light strokes in many letters for clarity and distinctiveness. The looped descenders of the lowercase g and other letters use a thin stroke that curves and thickens as it rises up to meet the next letter, making the loop lighter and therefore more legible than a large uniform loop. This most magnetic typeface provides 154 unique swash designs (that yield a total of 348 swash variations), 39 alternates, and 15 ligatures.

  14. Makers Script & Sans Serif

    Makers Script & Sans Serif

    **MAKERS TYPEFACE** **Makers** is the duo of **Script and Sans Serif typeface**. Сonditionally can be considered that Script is the main font and Sans Serif is additional. Mostly duo Makers creates the mood of the last century and well for creating **logos and lettering in vintage style**. But if you wish, you can do a very **modern design** with this. This font are well associated with the hand crafted products and any light industry. --- **FEATURES** The main feature of this font are special connections between certain letters (for example, em en ch ck and others), which gives maximum smoothness to words. In addition, all the letters are very rounded and have drop-shaped tips. The font also include **stylistic alternates** of uppercase latters, different length of **swashes** and some special ligatures in Sans Serif version. --- **FILES INCLUDED** - Makers Script ( ttf and otf files); - Makers Sans Serif ( ttf and otf files); - Short instruction for using stylistic alternates, swashes and ligatures. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Hope you enjoy it!

  15. Blackfat Script

    Blackfat Script

    Introducing **The Blackfat Script** A new bold retro script font. Consist with over 360 glyphs with a lots of alternates can be played. Best used with OpenType Savvy Program to discover all the alternates characters from the glyphs pallette. it's suitable for Logotype, Typographic Poster, T-Shirt, Signage or a Vintage Packaging Design. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try below before you buy, any problems after purchasing, please let me know. **Email support:** [email protected] Thank You.

  16. Auckland - Bold Script

    Auckland - Bold Script

    Introducing, My first bold script, Auckland! ***Auckland*** is a bold script that contain Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Accents, Punctuations, 5 set alternates, Ligatures, Swash, and also Underline. You can use to make a logo for branding, best for apparel design, and quotes. This font also already PUA Encoded. --- **What Will You Get**: - Auckland Script (OTF & TTF) - Opentype feature, including 5 Set Alternates, Ligatures, End Swash, and Underlines. - PUA Encoded - **Foreign Languages Support:** ÀÁÂÃÄÅÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖØÙÚÛÜÝßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõöøùúûüýÿ --- **Font that i used for pairing -- https://crmrkt.com/Qv6gXz** --- PS: Type underscore + number (from 1 to 5). Or copy **Auck_4land** in preview bellow.. --- For another questions, please send a mail to [email protected] Thank You!

  17. Saekana Script

    Saekana Script

    **Saekana Script** is a bold script. Saekana a beautiful for logotype, website header, fashion design,wedding card design and any more. Saekana comes with **two style rough and clean.** It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. **Whats Include :** - Saekana Script OTF & TTF - Saekana Script Swash OTF - PUA encode - Bonus Swash and border - Multilingual support : (Danish,Finnish,English,,Spanish,Dutch,German,Icelandic,Italian,Norwegian,Portuguese,Indonesian, Swedish) **Commercial use** is fully allowed for this font! Don't worry about an extended license. Everything you probably need is included in the standard license. https://creativemarket.com/licenses **To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw.** More information about how to access alternate glyphs, you can see it on this link ( http://goo.gl/1vy2fv ) **Dont forget to see my best seller product :** - Bellisia Script (40% OFF) : crmrkt.com/XE0080 - Rosaline + BONUS : crmrkt.com/pVaBEg - Brownhill Script : crmrkt.com/R87xm - Black Animal : crmrkt.com/NE53X - Aveline Script : crmrkt.com/xDvW5 If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.Thank You!

  18. Herchey Script 50% OFF

    Herchey Script 50% OFF

    Introducing the new script font called **Herchey**. High quality script font with swashes inspired by modern vintage design and baseball logo. Plus OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, Stylistic set, Terminal Form and Ornament that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This font good for vintage design, t-shirt, logo, labels,badges, posters and etc. --- you can see all glyph set here goo.gl/JaTXcr . --- **WHATS INCLUDED** - **Herchey Script** : Script font with alternate in uppercase and lowercase, with 471 glyphs set. To access the alternat glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign. More information about how to access alternate glyphs, you can see it on this link ( http://goo.gl/oBLKpz ). - **Herchey Serif** : secondary font matching to pair with hershey script. thick and strong character make your design more interesting. - **Herchey Manual** : PDF file contains information on a list of glyphs that are present in both these fonts Hope you enjoy using **Herchey Font** thanks. Ilhamherry

  19. The Beauty Script & Ornaments

    The Beauty Script & Ornaments

    **UPDATED ! We improved the outline. Now the outline is super smooth. Also we made a rough version. Thank You For Purchasing** Don't Forget to check our most wanted product here : - **Amsterdam Stylish Font: https://crmrkt.com/gGAO1o ** - **Honey Butter & 260 Cliparts: https://crmrkt.com/GKaO79 ** - **Sunshine & Vintage Ornament : https://crmrkt.com/eKyQMv** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introducing our new product called The Beauty. The Beauty is perfectly used for vintage project, logo, badge, quotes, poster, and others. The Beauty also come with special ornaments that allow you to make beautiful combinations text-ornaments. **What's include:** - Beauty Script Regular (Otf) - Beauty Script Regular (TTF) **Features :** - Stylistic Alternate - Swash Uppercase and Lowercase - Stylistic Set 01 , 02 , 03 - Ligature - Ending Swash (instructions available in image presentation) - Multilingual Support ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **PUA Encoded Characters - Fully accessible without additional design software.** --------------------------------------------------------------------- How to access alternate glyphs? you can see it on this link ( http://goo.gl/1vy2fv ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You, Happy Creating Lettersiro Co

  20. Paladise Font & Extras

    Paladise Font & Extras

    Hi Guys ! How are you ? We hope you are great ! We just launch our newest product. We made a playful font, so cool and so beauty, called Paladise Font. This font is great for logo, poster, clothing, branding, party invitation, and many many other cool design projeects. Paladise comes with a loooot of alternate character, and also come with 26 bonus vectors. -------------------------------------------------------- **Paladise Font:** - Paladise Script (Otf/Ttf) - Paladise Bonus (Otf/Ttf) - Add more style to each font with OpenType Features - stylistic alternates, lowercase initial form and final form, ligatures, stylistic sets. - The Paladise is a PUA encoded font - it may be used in almost any program by using your Operating System’s utilities (CharacterMap for Windows and Font Book for Mac.), as well as Illustrator, Photoshop CC 2017 and several other applications. - Multilingual support - spread your message globally **AÀÁÂÃÄÅCÇDÐEÈÉÊËIÌÍÎÏNÑOØÒÓÔÕÖUÙÜÚÛWYÝŸỲŸÆŒßÞþ ** --------------------------------------------------------------------- **Our other products:** - **Amsterdam Font Collection : https://crmrkt.com/B75Djy *(Best Seller)* ** - **Holland Signature Font : https://crmrkt.com/0pJ03Q* (Best Seller)* ** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope you enjoy this font. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message :) Thank You, Lettersiro



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