8+ Amazing Housewares PrestaShop Templates & Themes

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  1. Knives for Easy Cooking PrestaShop Theme

    Knives for Easy Cooking PrestaShop Theme

    This template is clean like chef's kitchen and accurate like professional cook's movements. Banners divide knives into categories to simplify customer's search. The best examples are demonstrated in slider gallery. Main menu and Manufacturers links in the left sidebar make the navigation perfect. Featured products are provided with tooltips. Additional information can be found in the footer as usually.

  2. Aqule - Responsive Prestashop Theme

    Aqule - Responsive Prestashop Theme

    Important Support Tip Due to the limited of this discussion box so if you have any issue please feel free to open a new ticket at http://posthemes.com/tickets Pos Aqule Introduction Aqule houseware will help you to achieve a success in your choice; don’t miss this good opportunity. It’s a responsive Prestashop theme from Plazathemes. Its design is perfect for kitchen store, houseware store, cookware store, appliances store… Extremely nice and clean layout, and have many colors you can choose to build a website. This template has 6 pairs colors : red – green, red – black, red – yellow, black – blue, black-brown, black-green. The highlight in the homepage is the slideshow, static blocks. It is useful and auto play with images, tit

  3. Kitchen Supplies Store PrestaShop Theme

    Kitchen Supplies Store PrestaShop Theme

    This responsive Kitchenware PrestaShop Template is a great solution for starting a utensils online store. Full-width slider at the top and banner with call-to-action buttons at the center are perfect attention grabbers. Bright green elements and stickers serve the same purpose. Products are represented using tabs and arranged in 4 columns with an ability to scroll. Furthermore, due to Theme Color Switcher, changing the color scheme is not a problem anymore. Footer contains newsletter subscription field and additional links to the other pages within your store. In addition, this theme is SEO-friendly and crossbrowser compatible .

  4. Kitchen Supplies PrestaShop Theme

    Kitchen Supplies PrestaShop Theme

    Don't miss the template able to change your conversion rates for better. The design is very attractive due to stylish slider and four marketing banners advertizing the best deals. Featured products and Special products are presented in five column structure. Widgets and social icons are in the footer.

  5. Responsive Cookware Shop PrestaShop Theme

    Responsive Cookware Shop PrestaShop Theme

    Quality kitchen utensils incredibly simplify the process of cooking. Professional and amateur chefs will appreciate high-end design and intuitive navigation. Featured products and Top sellers look greatly over the white background. Slider and banner are placed next to each other, which amplifies promotion effect. Payment information and social sharing options are above the footer menu.

  6. Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop Theme

    Knives Made of Best Steel PrestaShop Theme

    Knives are available on every restaurant and home kitchen. Cooking becomes much more difficult without quality, sharp knives. As a rule neither professional nor amateur cooks save on these kitchen utensils. So, knives are staples for everybody who likes to cook or made cooking a business. We are sure that our template will make good impression on all users searching for such kind of products. It's simple, clean and understandable with nice images and prominent calltoactions. Whatever you look for in your future online store is present here.

  7. Kitchen Supplies Store PrestaShop Theme

    Kitchen Supplies Store PrestaShop Theme

    People can't go without food. All of us eat regularly and do this with great pleasure. Many like to turn simple snacks into real feasts, and we should never blame them for that. However, it's rather difficult to cook something decent without quality, professional kitchen utensils. If you have such products to offer your customers use this template for quick and simple start. The theme is lightgrey which makes it easy for the eyes, notwithstanding the great amount of content presented within it. A large part of the template is dedicated to the product promotion. Besides, lots of banners make the navigation more visual and userfriendly. make sure, cookware images that are everywhere won't let your customers abandon your store without finishing the check out process.

  8. Sweet Tooth PrestaShop Theme

    Sweet Tooth PrestaShop Theme

    Everyone likes pies and candies. Eating something sweet and tasty both kids and adults feel happy and careless. If you are planning to start your own confectionary store, then you should try this design. Made in calming pastel colors with bright orange, coral and green accents, this theme creates the atmosphere of childish joy. Sweet tooth will hardly pass by yummy photos, tastylooking banners, and attractive prices. Whether they are looking for baking supplies or cake decorations everything can be found in a few clicks owing to its handy navigation and the list of products cleverly organized in a fourcolumn grid. Dress up your site with this theme to treat buyers with a sweets spot of their dreams.

  9. Selling Knives PrestaShop Theme

    Selling Knives PrestaShop Theme

    With so many sites out there, it may be difficult to attract customers to your knife store, but this theme is here to facilitate your efforts. Building an online store, it's vital to take care of ensuring easy navigation for visitors. And it is possible with this template, as it boasts a horizontal menu bar and vertical menu sidebar. Rich orange and dark grey elements are prominent against the light background, which assists in separating content blocks and, therefore, providing pleasant visual experience. The entire structure of the template is very convenient. Once people enter your site, they'll see a slider with gorgeous images advertising your offerings. To narrow down their search, products are grouped into several blocks by means of banners right under the slider. An informative footer made in a dark tone ideally complements the template's design, which is another reason to consider it for your online store.



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