This Guy is Matching Photos With Pantone’s Entire Catalog

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    Every now and then I get a submission email from a reader that just kicks so much butt, I have to get it out there. Meet Matthew Henry from Oak and Ink Creative based in Melbourne, Australia. He's the cat behind this powerful project on Instagram. The gist is that Matthew is a photographer and he's also a fan of Pantone. He's gone through his photographs, as well as the Pantone color guide, and matched them up — at least 170 of them so far, anyway. The plan is to match up every color in the Pantone Color Guide to his photos, and put all of them up on Instagram for the world to see. It's ambitious, sure, but he's already making his mark. Check out the pics below, and make sure to drop some likes his way, because this is a project we can get behind.

    Check out Matthew Henry on Instagram and Facebook.


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