Japanese Fonts that Celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun

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  1. Samurai Typeface

    Samurai Typeface

    Here is a Japan look label typeface named "Samurai". It's made in classic Japan label style. Font is perfect for any labels design. **Features:** - EPS10 files with all graphics stuff from screenshots. - OTF and WOFF font files. - 5 styles of font, named Samurai Regular, Samurai Shadow and Shine plus effect fonts named Samurai Shadow and Shine FX, Samurai Shadow FX and Samurai Shine FX. - You can mix these styles how do you like. Because in complect 2 of the additional fonts - Samurai Shadow FX and Samurai Shine FX. *For example: type your phrase in Regular, copy and past at same position and change font to Shadow FX. Copy and paste at the same position and change font to Shine FX. You will get Samurai font with shadow and shine! And you can change color of each element!*

  2. Wakari - Half Price

    Wakari - Half Price

    This font is unlike the rest of the Dismantle Destroy fonts. It was not inspired by music. Its creation was started in Japan and finished in the US. The name was derived from the Japanese phrase わかりない which means "I don't know." This was because coming up with a name for the font proved to be very difficult. Comes with regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

  3. Daruma


    A hand-drawn font named after my favorite bar in Nagoya, Japan.

  4. HachiMaruPop(Japanese font)

    HachiMaruPop(Japanese font)

    "HachiMaruPop" is "Marumoji"(round letters) font that popular in the 1970s and 1980s girls at Japan. It is cute and pop taste. It contains Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji(Chinese letters: over 6700glyphs), and can vertical writing. --- This file contains OpenType and TrueType font. I recommend use otf for Mac,and ttf for Windows. (If use otf in Windows,will can't indicate some Kanji.) --- [Specification] ・Format:OpenType、TrueType ・OS:Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1、Mac OS Ⅹ 10.1up ・This font contains:Alphabets,numbers,hiragana,katakana,symbol,Kanji(about 6,700characters) --- There is a trial version that limits the number of characters, please check the operation on that. Please download from the following URL. http://nonty.net/font/hachimarupop/

  5. OKAMI | Display Font

    OKAMI | Display Font

    **OKAMI - A Japanese Inspired Font** OKAMI is a modern uppercase font inspired by contemporary Japanese design and is most suited as a decorative display font. It has a uppercase display featuring a regular & outlined font with over 100 different characters & glyphs. **Download OKAMI for your next project today.** What's included? - Uppercase - Numerals - Stylistic Alternates Download "OKAMI Outlined" for free! (Personal Use Only) http://bit.ly/OkamiOutline *We appreciate your interest, and are always happy to answer any queries you may have*

  6. Kayto + Extras

    Kayto + Extras

    **Kayto Script** is the second collaboration of *Erwin Indrawan* as the calligrapher and *Dexsar Harry Anugrah* of *Majestype* as the typeface designer. Today the resurgence of calligraphy has reached the summit, with social media as the vehicle, we are now familiar with many styles of calligraphy. One of the popular styles is brush lettering, especially the pointed brush calligraphy. Kayto Script is an exploration in pointed brush calligraphy. It’s an interpretation of modern brush calligraphy that combines cursive writing with the East Asian calligraphy flair. Kayto is made with a real brush and held perpendicular to the paper so the brush can twist and turn freely to follow the movement of the hand. This technique gives a natural gesture and energetic look to the strokes. Kayto has a unique rhythm of brush pressure to generate the thick-and-thin strokes.. the beating heart of brush calligraphy. Instead of the mechanical thick-and-thin strokes like the regular calligraphy, Kayto is written with a lot of variety of pressure that is somewhat melodic but still conform with the discipline. The result is a script that feels personal and characterized with lively energy. And just like handwriting, every letter in Kayto script is crafted with many varieties of glyphs and ligatures to make an unlimited combination of personalized lettering. Because of its natural letterforms, Kayto Script is best suited to complement anything that is earthy or has nature as the ground. Erwin, the calligrapher, has used Kayto in many of his watercolor illustrations. *Another ideas are wedding names on invitations or place cards, logo for any natural products, inspirational quotes, business cards and the list goes on.. but in the end, if you wish for something personal and truly one of a kind then Kayto script the one you want.* **What's included :** - Kayto.OTF & TTF - Kayto Hand.OTF & TTF - Kayto Sans.OTF& TTF - Kayto Doodle.OTF & TTF - Kayto Alternate One.OTF & TTF - Kayto Alternate Two.OTF & TTF - 4 Doodle theme (Love, Coffee, Mountain & Space) - ***Multilingual Support & Over 600+ Glyph*** **Type Designer :** - Erwin Indrawan https://www.instagram.com/eindraw/ - Dexsar Harry Anugrah https://www.instagram.com/dexsarharry/ **Published :** - http://majestype.com - https://www.facebook.com/majestype - https://www.twitter.com/majestype If you have any question, feel free to contact us. But please, make sure your question is does not exist in **FAQ.** Thank you! **Majestype** --- **T-Shirt Mockup by Majestype** → https://crmrkt.com/m2dkE

  7. Fengo


    About this font family Fengo is a beautiful handlettering font inspired by Sino-Japanese and traditional Chinese hieroglyphic characters. As a result the font looks authentic and very friendly. It contains a wide range of features such as initials, finals, swashes, arrows, circled numerals. Fengo can cover all kind of graphic design project from packaging, signage, branding, titles… Fengo was designed in duo by Jean-Claude and Olivier Gourvat.

  8. Tokyo Typeface

    Tokyo Typeface

    Tokyo is an ornamental japonism typeface. This font allows you to write and read in Latin letters with a Japanese appearance. This typeface was inspired by traditional Japanese Inkan-Seals, which have been around for more than 1500 years. Inkan-Seals are used instead of signatures in personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, art, or any item requiring acknowledgement or authorship. The typeface contains lower and upper case letters. The upper case is wider than the lower case, however they still blend well together. If you love eastern typography but can't write it, now you can! And it looks just as beautiful as the original. I hope you'll enjoy this font and find it useful for your future projects. Files included: - TTF For any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

  9. Wasabi Asian Style Font

    Wasabi Asian Style Font

    **Wasabi Asian Style Font** Simple and modern font , suitable for many project , quotes, logo , heading , title etc. **What you get** 1 Wasabi font .TTF and EOT files format. **Unicode** Basic Latin (Standard English character , number, symbol) Hopefully you like it :) --- ▼ Please try before purchasing ▼

  10. FancyHeartBK(kana font)

    FancyHeartBK(kana font)

    "FancyHeartBK" is cute and fancy font designed with hearts. --- We recommend using TrueType on Windows and OpenType on Mac. (There seems to be an error when using OpenType on Windows.) --- [Specification] ・Format:OpenType,TrueType ・OS:Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1、Mac OS Ⅹ 10.1up ・This font contains:Alphabets,numbers,hiragana,katakana

  11. Handwritten font. Japanese style.

    Handwritten font. Japanese style.

    Handwritten brush font. White letters. Japanese style font.

  12. YanchaPop(Japanese font)

    YanchaPop(Japanese font)

    This is original font I made cute and pop taste. I think it children liked, and will feel happy. I'm happy if you can use it in a pleasant mood. It contains kanji(Chinese characters : 6700over glyphs), hiragana, katakana, and can do vertical writing. --- Updated at Jan 5th 2018(v2.100). I edited side bearing. --- This file contains OpenType and TrueType font. I recommend use otf for Mac,and ttf for Windows. (If use otf in Windows,will can't indicate some Kanji.) --- [Specification] ・Format:OpenType、TrueType ・OS:Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1、Mac OS Ⅹ 10.1up ・This font contains: Alphabets, numbers, hiragana, katakana, symbol, Kanji(Chinese characters: about 6,700characters)

  13. Yasashii


    Yasashii is an art deco font based on Japanese designs for cosmetic packaging and posters used from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th. 4 styles. Famous for **La La Land** movie font.

  14. Fujimaru - Ninja's Brush Font

    Fujimaru - Ninja's Brush Font

    **Fujimaru** is a bold and handcrafted brush font, its have an asian and oriental looks, a perfect companion for your creative project that has an asian niche. **Fujimaru** can be used as horror effect or even the fun title for cartoon movie, just pick your style :). **Fujimaru** is doing his best at the heading title,movie poster,quotes text,and so on.. --- **Features :** - Multilingual Support - Numbers - Symbol - Punctuation - Mark --- **The Goods you'll get :** - Fujimaru.ttf - Fujimaru.otf --- Thanks for purchasing this font :), just send me message or comment below if you have any question, thanks! best regards, **nurrehmet**

  15. Okashi シ Typeface

    Okashi シ Typeface

    Meet Okashi, our first font that **supports Japanese!** The more than 680 glyphs are designed by our new team member, who always had a great passion for the Japanese culture. Okashi means “sweets”, which is another passion of her. The full version includes **numbers, symbols, language support** for many countries and of course **full hiragana and katakana support**. It also features 82 Kanjis. The font can be used for many purposes as it has a true, brush styled character.



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