Get on the Fast Track with These 20 Racing Fonts

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    **Le Mans - Classic** is a font inspired by vintage motorsport racing. In particular, advertising posters from the 70's. This time period was important as it showcased not only the cars that changed but also the illustrative styles & typography. Designed by Kazer Studio

  2. Voltage Bold

    Voltage Bold

    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/TL8RHs NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Voltage, created by award-winning typeface and lettering designer Laura Worthington, is an unexpected and energetic standout in the world of script fonts, breaking free from formal classifications while retaining the degree of personality we treasure in hand lettering. Her primary goal was unique: readability with personality. Gone are the large loops, the frilliness, and the choice of beauty and elegance over utility. Voltage takes the script font in a different direction, with an emphasis on practicality and uniformity, and with the reader's needs at the forefront—this is a straightforward, muscular lettering font, assertive, yet down-to-earth. The beauty is found in its elegantly-wrought construction, its versatility, its references to a different era, and in the galvanizing swashes and alternates available not only in a professional designer's software, but to everyone with a computer. It is not based on naturally-occurring handwriting; it's clearly a structured lettering form based on balance, a solid rhythm, and uniformity. Script fonts often are quirky. In contrast, this is a workhorse, almost a text version of a script font. Voltage is ideal for headlines, logos, subheads, short sentences, phrases, a short paragraph, and pull quotes. The default setting (without swashes and alternates) is best for phrases and subheads. Like many of Worthington's typefaces, Voltage is evocative of a milieu or era. Here, we see the metal lettering on automobiles of the past—with their retro takes on a bright future–and those emblems of an optimistic, hardworking period. Its overall regularity references a time when the machine was king—the late days of the Industrial Age. Imagine vintage instructions on signs or paper; they may be created by machinery or by hand, yet both have that industrial sensibility. We sense visions in the 1950s—and earlier—of what the Nuclear Age would look like. Voltage calls to mind gas stations, machinists, receipts at machine shops, trips to the soda fountain at the drugstore, shopping at the five and dime. Yet, in its twists and small irregularities, we see vestiges of hand-painted signage, the rivets in beloved, old, worn blue jeans, the touch of the ”common man” who, alongside women, built America. Voltage is versatile. Like those old jeans, the look depends on how and where you use it. You can dress up a good pair of jeans by choosing high heels; you can dress down with sturdy work boots. Because Worthington assigned unicode values to the swashes and alternates, anyone can use their operating system's Character Map to access them. The options become endless. It can have the spirit of a picnic—casual, fun, and friendly, yet, in other contexts, convey tough mountain-biking. So, use this font for small areas of text and it makes a statement without overpowering the main body text. Or, dig into Voltage swashes and alternates for much larger titles to capture the attention of the reader and create a dramatic presence, such as using the powerful lightning bolt swash that shoots out from the descender of the lowercase g. Electrifying! The challenge, as Worthington worked on Voltage, was noting that script fonts are almost always notoriously difficult to read. How could she strive for clarity, readability, and uniformity, yet retain the vivid personality that Voltage (and its designers and readers) deserve? She used a tall x-height, minimal detailing in the lowercase ascenders and descenders, worked on low contrast, and amped it up to make it heavier and add substance. It comes in 3 weights—light, regular, and bold—and even the regular weight is as substantial as many bolds in other fonts. In fact, it is one of the few script fonts that you can use with confidence at a relatively small size (e.g., 18 pt) in a short paragraph. No one letter dominates the others. Stems have a weighty base but have light strokes in many letters for clarity and distinctiveness. The looped descenders of the lowercase g and other letters use a thin stroke that curves and thickens as it rises up to meet the next letter, making the loop lighter and therefore more legible than a large uniform loop. This most magnetic typeface provides 154 unique swash designs (that yield a total of 348 swash variations), 39 alternates, and 15 ligatures.

  3. CA Magic Hour

    CA Magic Hour

    Remember the time when the Concorde was the fastest passenger plane on earth? When it was possible to travel from Paris to New York in 3 ¾ hours? That were cool times. Times when cocktails tasted good and you didn’t think of an eventual headache afterwards. Times when you didn’t have to think how to dress because there was only one way. Straight from that time comes CA Magic Hour. A vintage font from a time from which we could learn a lot today. Optimistic and straight forward, it will speed up your designs. See the full specimen: http://www.cape-arcona.com/fonts/magichour/specimen.pdf

  4. Weekend Warrior Sans Serif Font

    Weekend Warrior Sans Serif Font

    Thanks for checking out Weekend Warrior! This is a font that was made to impress on something strong, sharp yet dynamic. Ideal for; Logos, printed quotes, invitations, image overlays, greeting cards, product packaging, text headers, & whatever else your imagination holds!

  5. KVC Brute

    KVC Brute

    Brute is a heavy, bold, squatty block display font. It's the quiet, beefcake of the group. The one who one minute is chasing a butterfly, and the next is breaking a log over his head. Brute features two options: **Regular** gives you a nice, heavy duty block display font. No frills. **Speed** is the eccentric side. The more aggressive and in your face show-off version. Thank you for your support and for taking a look at **BRUTE**. *please note the texture effect is not part of the font*

  6. 25% OFF Hermes Font

    25% OFF Hermes Font

    ***THE RETRO FUTURISTIC FONT IS HERE*** --- Hermes is one of a kind, it's ***POWERFUL***, ***FUTURISTIC***, and ***SHARP***. It brings you back to that 80s ambiance and also to that futuristic world that you have dreamt of. --- Hermes is really fit for **retro, futuristic, automotive, and gaming** themed designs. Just look how it performs on the preview that I have provided, you will see its capabilities. But it will also work well with other themes. --- ***Tips from the future*** Combine the uppercase and lowercase to create a great customized typography, but if you don't combine it it will still work as awesome as it is combined. So the power is in your hand! --- What makes this font even more ***POWERFUL!!!*** - OTF format of the font provided - 187 Glyph included - PUA encoded - Fonts include **multilingual support** for the following languages; Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Chiga, Cornish, Danish, English, Faroese, Filipino, Friulian, Galician, German, Gusii, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Low German, Luo, Luxembourgish, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde, Malagasy, Malay, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Portuguese, Romansh, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa, Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Scottish Gaelic, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso, Vunjo, Zulu --- I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with with using this font! *Have fun designing!* **Alfiyan**

  7. Krunch Font

    Krunch Font

    Krunch is a sans-serif techno / digital font perfect for headlines, posters and logos. It comes in 2 styles and has a complete western character set of 187 glyphs. --- Also available in Nimatype's Collection of Typefaces https://crmrkt.com/wlbjvq

  8. Bastille


    Bastille is a fun and modern font, to simulate your lovely design. Perfect for many different projects: quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. FEATURES: - Bastille Regular (OTF & WOFF) - Bastille Italic (OTF & WOFF) Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy it

  9. Outrunner Retro Script

    Outrunner Retro Script

    Remember the 80's era once people wearing vibrant colors, go to the disco or watching science fiction movie with colorful posters and listening to the dance music? Yeah...We should revert back to the 80s! --- **Outrunner** is retro classic script font that bring you back at 80's era! This font is suitable for your retro, classic and also modern design : Signature. Logo. Branding. Invitation. Blog Headline. Merchandise and many more. To get the best result combine the font with alternates of opentype features. If you have any question how to use it please contact me --- **Feature :** - Lowercase - Uppercase - Numerals - Alternates - Punctuation - Diacritic --- **File :** Available in OTF and TTF --- How to access all character and glyphs? Please check this link to access opentype and special characters : https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters.html Thanks and don't forget to spread some loves! Cheers!

  10. QUGER


    **Introducing QUGER !** QUGER Horror typefont l It's made in strong on your design. Font is perfect for any horror movie, band logo, branding materials ect File include QUGER. ttf QUGER. otf

  11. Crypton Stone

    Crypton Stone

    Introduce.. Its a Layered type and the name is Crypton Stone Crypton Stone come with 3 layer to combine 1. Crypton Stone Base , 2. Crypton Stone insert, 3. Crypton Stone shadow and 4. one mixed font Tottally cool type for your design, cartoon,automotive , letterhead, logotype, 3d , and poster with modern or vintage style you just combine and than you have a great convex effect for your design. lets play the imagination.. Thanks.

  12. Rockrace Font Family

    Rockrace Font Family

    Introducing our new item, "ROCKRACE". The font family which has 9 different styles that you can combine it as you wish. Recommended for headline or display. Useful for your any design project, especially in sport, techno and minimalism theme. OTF & TTF in Zip file contained : - Rockrace-Normal - Rockrace-Bold - Rockrace-Thin - Rockrace-Curvy - Rockrace-Techno - Rockrace-Italic - Rockrace-Inline - Rockrace-Outlined - Rockrace-Sans Fonts featured : - Uppercase - Lowercaps - Numbers - Punctuation - Symbols - Basic international language. Well, Thank you for visits, like and shares. And feel free to drop me a message if you have any question or advice and let's be friend by finding me on : www.instagram.com/butaprosedur_ | www.facebook.com/buta.prosedur | www.behance.net/butaprosedur

  13. Asphalt Racer font | 50% OFF

    Asphalt Racer font | 50% OFF

    **Asphalt Racer is bold, dynamic, wide format, masculine sports display font. It is suitable for use on narrow sports equipment, sticks, bikes etc. It is all caps font with several alternative characters, stylistic alternates, and ligatures. GRAB IT NOW with 50% discount for you ;) Use it and enjoy it !** *• All of my fonts are made in FontLab Studio and tested in other FontLab apps. I use Adobe Illustrator for drawing postscript curves. Use the OpenType file with postscript outlines if you want to make some adjustments in vector editing applications. Also, use OTF for files intended to print or use with cutting plotter. * *• Use TrueType file for work in Office software or Office-like software intended for presentation on a screen. TTF is also better to use in some older applications that don't support OpenType formats.* *• All of the characters are available in Character map Windows desktop app. In Adobe Illustrator open glyph panel available in menu Window→Type→Glyphs. In Photoshop in menu path Window→Glyphs.* *• OpenType OTF and TrueType TTF formats are included in the download. Contact me if you need Web font files.* • For contextual alternates and ligatures don't forget to click the Standard ligatures button and Contextual alternates button in your app. that you are using. Type CHECKER and copy and paste it for several times to create checker seamless pattern. Thank you!

  14. Bhejeuct gash typeface

    Bhejeuct gash typeface

    **Bhejeuct Gash Typeface** Bhejeuct Gash Typeface its a simple modern typeface,eye catching, more sharp really cool and manly to playing typography, your brand, your poster, Logos, catalog , all about of fashions, art and otomotive. - UPPERCASE - LowerCase - Numeric, - Symbol, - Punctuation characters ======================================================== **check my other BLACKLETTER FONT :** - England + Poster vector https://crmrkt.com/Bqwxw - inuTattoo Script + Poster Vector https://crmrkt.com/R5WQP - The Empire Wars (family font) https://crmrkt.com/pgA2O - The Inumocca complete https://crmrkt.com/9D3eD - Day After End https://crmrkt.com/EBBqWj **check my other VINTAGE FONT :** - Morning Glory https://crmrkt.com/J20ql - Iorek Byrnison (free POSTER vector) https://crmrkt.com/JGE9l - Artdeco (family font) https://crmrkt.com/oaRVD - House Of Glory https://crmrkt.com/r9DGP - Oldiez Font Family + bonus https://crmrkt.com/xa7GK **check my other SCRIPT FONT :** - Bouquet Typeface https://crmrkt.com/x6MPv - Early Morning Typeface https://crmrkt.com/5OVyO - Lemonade font with 5 Badges Bonus https://crmrkt.com/K2Rvx - Flamboyan Lettering https://crmrkt.com/XEExvw - Yellow Orange L + Bonus https://crmrkt.com/xa70K **check my other MODERN FONT :** - Carters https://crmrkt.com/W88Oy - Bhejeuct gash typeface https://crmrkt.com/z1deq - Kathleen Typeface https://crmrkt.com/G00Ao - Akiko & Kiota https://crmrkt.com/W88Ed - Summers Typeface + BONUS vector https://crmrkt.com/PqXa1 ======================================================== **inumoccatype** illustration and typo Studio http://www.behance.net/inumocca http://inumocca.deviantart.com/ E-Mail: [email protected]

  15. CA Spy Royal

    CA Spy Royal

    Spy Royal is a junctionless script typeface and comes in 6 styles. It’s a hybrid between script and so called streamline fonts. The origins are based on an advertising by Japan Airlines, dated around 1954, offering flights to San Francisco, Honolulu and Okinawa in the new DC-6B “Pacific Courier” airplane. Only the letters for the words “JAPAN AIR LINES” were used, so that the creative part was to reimagine a full font out of just a handful of uppercase letters. Originally released in 2004, Spy Royal was now undergoing a major rework and is now republished with additional styles like shadow-lines and 3D-shadow. Its charm is manifold, we think everything related to cars, racing, hot rod, vintage, cocktails, retro, restaurants, gasoline and of course airlines will look great in Spy Royal. Spy Royal includes alternate characters, ligatures and West European diacritics. The full family includes 6 Styles: Regular Shadow Line Shadow Line Bold (for use in smaller font sizes) Shadow (3D Shadow) Shadow Fill (Fill for the 3D Shadow) Shadow Raw (same as Shadow but slightly rough) PDF Documentation/Specimen: http://goo.gl/G0H3zM

  16. Grip2X | Regular + Oblique

    Grip2X | Regular + Oblique

    Grip2X is a sharp and sporty serif display typeface. It's strong appearance will be useful when creating commanding titles and headlines that demand attention. Grip2X is a slightly condensed face, but has the thickness to provide all the stability you need. Grip2X comes in a Regular and Oblique style, with 26 standard characters, numbers 0-9, and several essential glyphs. Get Grip2X now for just 5$!

  17. Scripter


    scripter is vintage meet modern script typeface with geometric touch suitable for logo, automotive, games, posters, etc file included : Scripter (OpenType OTF) Scripter (TrueType TTF)

  18. Fast Track - A Speedy Display Font

    Fast Track - A Speedy Display Font

    **Fast Track** is an all-caps font with a distinct appearance of speed. It works well in vintage racing posters, automotive t-shirts, motorcycle events, garage signs, kid's cards... the possibilities are endless! --- **Files Included:** - .otf font file. Please note: the mockup previews are not included. --- *If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks!*

  19. DRIVER • Retro action typeface

    DRIVER • Retro action typeface

    **BUY THIS ITEM WITH 99% OFF in HUGE TYPOGRAPHIC PACK WITH WEBFONT LICENSE FOR UNLIMITED PAGEVIEWS JUST FOR $19: https://crmrkt.com/GKWJw5 ** ---------------- **Driver** its a 100% hand made vintage typeface for realistic handdrawn type effect. Inspired by retro race posters, and action comics by 60s and 70s. ------------------------------- 5 fonts for your vintage action style: - Driver Regular - Driver Halftone - Driver Comics (bold sans serif font, uppercase - with hand drawn shadow) - Driver Comics Halftone - Driver Handwritten --------------------------------------- So, this is easy way to 100% authentic hand drawn style vintage action type design. Hope you enjoy it, and of course I will be glad to see how you use it - please share your jobs! I always happy to get feedback. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  20. R O A D S T A R

    R O A D S T A R

    **BUY THIS ITEM WITH 99% OFF in HUGE TYPOGRAPHIC PACK WITH WEBFONT LICENSE FOR UNLIMITED PAGEVIEWS JUST FOR $19: https://crmrkt.com/GKWJw5 ** ---------------- **INTRODUCING THE *ROADSTAR* - FASTER DISPLAY FONT FAMILY!** Inspired by classic movies, posters and Spirit of Motorcycle and Vintage Race Car Culture. For all, who loves Steve McQueen or Marlon Brando movies, Triumph, Indian, Harley or Metisse Motorcycles, Chevrolet, Ford or Plymouth race cars! Don't Miss this vintage stuff! Create awesome prints, posters, mugs, and any kind of graphic design! Clear and Rough, Regular and Italic - Create your vintage graphic as you want. Get some of graphic elements for best result! This font are Multi Language. **YOU DON'T NEED EXTENDED LICENSE FOR TYPEFACES ANYMORE** It Mean that you can use it commercially with basic license. **Only $10**



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