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    What is the difference between an ascender and a shoulder? A tail and a loop? Kerning and tracking? Remembering every important typography term can be challenging, so we've summarized some essential principles in this 2-page PDF cheatsheet.

    The PDF file includes the following sections:

    • Letter Anatomy: Basic overview of the different components of a glyph
    • Special Letters & Symbols: Learn to identify alternates, double story glyphs, alternates, and other special characters visually.
    • Spacing: A quick visual recap of the difference between leading, tracking, and kerning.
    • The Baseline: A diagram to help you differentiate between a glyph's x-height, overhang, ascender height, and other sizing terms in relation to the baseline.
    • Variants: Learn some of the many variants a typeface can include.
    • Type Classification: Humanist, Old Style, or Egyptian? Identify historical type styles with this handy list.

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    As always, we hope this resource improves your workflow and simplifies the process of designing layouts with type. What's your favorite typography term or tool? Let us know in the comments area below.

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    Download the PDF


    Download the PDF

    Remember key typography concepts

    Grab this handy cheatsheet summarizing some of the most important typography terms.


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